Excel LinkedIn Ads Overview Report Template

  • Gert K 
Excel LinkedIn Ads Overwiev Report Template
To effectively use any platform and LinkedIn Ads, you need first to understand your marketing goals and then understand the data, by using this LinkedIn Ads Overview Report template. You should know each measured quantity and how they interact with each other. Using the simple LinkedIn Ads overview Report Template, you can start to study your data. You can then expand and the go-ahead to create measures that will suit your marketing needs. From there, your options are limitless.


Using the LinkedIn Ads Overview Report template, you can easily create charts for the LinkedIn Ads in Excel. We used Office 365 Excel version. In this report, we are analyzing the following metrics:

  • Campaign
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Spend
  • Likes
  • Reactions
  • TotalEngagements
  • CPC
  • CMP, and
  • CTR.

Here are some more details about the available metrics. You can find more details about the LinkedIn Ads here.

This report queries the data through our connector and makes it available in real-time.


Please follow the steps shown below and connect your data:

  • Connect your LinkedIn Ads Data to Windsor.ai here.
  • Select at least one LinkedIn Ads account from the dropdown.
  • power bi and excel linkedin ads

  • Download the template
  • Head to the sheet Instructions. Be sure to adjust the date to fit your query.
  • Set up your data and edit the Excel template to accommodate your marketing data reporting needs.

If you are using a template from Windsor.ai for the first time, you will see a message about Privacy levels similar to the one below. In the case you see this message, click on “Ignore Privacy Levels checks for this file.”


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