Data Studio Awin Overview Report

awin data studio report dashboard

Are you working with Awin when it comes to affiliate marketing? We’ve developed a template and connector to connect Awin to Data Studio. Insights are retrieved at a publisher level so you can understand what publishers work best and which don’t. It works just as you would in the Awin dashboard just without swiching platforms. You can combine all your data in one dashboard.

To get started should take less than 5 minutes. In order to get your dashboard up and running you will need an API key and your advertiser ID. Simply head to the API credentials in your Awin dashboard to retrieve it.


This dashboard connects to the following data source

  • Awin

Available metrics and dimensions in this dashboard

Ad Network ConversionsThe Ad Network Reported Conversions
Awin RevenueAwin Revenue
Advertiser IDThe Advertiser ID
Advertiser NameThe Advertiser Name
Bonus CommissionThe Commission of Bonus Transactions
Bonus Transaction RevenueThe Value of Bonus Transactions
Bonus TransactionsThe Number of Bonus Transactions
CampaignThe Name of the Publisher (Duplicate)
ClicksThe Number of Clicks
Confirmed CommissionThe Commission of the Confirmed Transactions
Confirmed RevenueThe Total Value of Confirmed Transactions
Confirmed TransactionsThe Total Number of Confirmed Transactions
CurrencyThe Currency
DateThe Date
Declined CommissionThe Commission of Declined Transactions
Declined RevenueThe Value of Declined Transactions
Declined TransactionsThe Number of Declined Transactions
ImpressionsThe Number of Impressions
Pending CommissionThe Commissions of Pending Transactions
Pending Transaction RevenueThe Value of Pending Transactions
Pending TransactionsThe Number of Pending Transactions
Publisher IDThe ID of the Publisher
Publisher NameThe Name of the Publisher
RegionThe Region
Transaction CommissionThe same as Transaction Commission
Transaction Commission (Duplicate)The Total Commission of all Transactions
Total CostThe same as Transaction Commission
Transaction CommissionThe Total Commission of all Transactions
Transaction RevenueThe Total Value of all Transactions
TransactionsThe Total Number of Transactions
TypeThe Region (duplicate)

To start using it

  1. Configure the Google Data Studio Connector: Awin Insights
  2. Once you have added your API key click Finish
  3. Back in Data Studio click CREATE REPORT
  4. Now your Awin overview dashboard is set up

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