Looker Studio Amazon Ads Dashboard Template

Looker Studio Amazon Ads Dashboard Template

Want to get value from your Amazon Ads data? There’s no better way than to automatically sync your Amazon Ads templates with Looker Studio. Through the data analytics platform, you can visualize your ads and create interactive marketing reports for your business. Connecting Amazon Ads with Looker Studio also means you get a unified view of data from many sources in a single platform, promoting comprehensive reporting.

Benefits of Looker Studio Dashboard for Amazon Ads

You can determine the efficiency of your Amazon Ads campaigns by leveraging the Looker Studio dashboard. Ultimately, the insights you get guide you in developing innovative adverts to attract more customers. Explore additional benefits you will receive for using free Amazon Ads templates in Looker Studio below:


Gain real-time insights on campaign spend

With Looker Studio’s realtime dashboard, you have the latest updates on Amazon Ads metrics like ad spend (ROAS) and cost per acquisition. So, you can quickly identify spending trends, compare performance between different ad options, and gauge whether the money used on campaigns is worth it. The results of the analysis help optimize marketing efforts for better outcomes.


Promote collaboration

Looker Studio’s express dashboard allows you to work collaboratively with other team members by giving everyone access to the latest data simultaneously. This ensures consistency and allows team members to share observations, align on strategies and make joint decisions, improving the efficiency of marketing efforts.


Improve ROI and revenue monitoring

Amazon Ads dashboard templates on Looker Studio permit detailed monitoring and assessment of return on investment (ROI) for your campaigns. By incorporating metrics such as conversion rates, ad spend, and revenue earned, these dashboards enable you to identify areas needing improvement. Moreover, you access real-time updates on the income produced from your ads, monitor conversions, and correlate ad spend with the money earned. As a result, you can allocate financial resources better and optimize ad spending.


Enjoy scalability

Looker Studio scales easily to accommodate the growing ad needs of your business. This means you can incorporate more data sources and Amazon Ads report templates. Consequently, you enjoy constant optimization, grow Amazon Ads strategies, and simplify the process of analyzing and managing your ad performance data.


Access interactive visualizations

When Amazon Ads templates are on Looker Studio, you are able to visualize impression trends and conversion rates through interactive graphs and charts. With features like tooltips and filters, it’s easier to spot trends and patterns. The insights are essential in optimizing Amazon Ads strategies effectively to increase your online visibility.


Improved forecasting

Looker Studio’s predictive analytics feature means you can forecast Amazon Ads performance using historical metrics data. When you have insights into potential outcomes, the Looker Studio dashboard empowers you to make informed decisions on resource allocation and budget planning. Effective money management for your business leads to impressive outcomes.


How to use it

  1. Configure the Looker Studio Connector: Windsor.ai
  2. Once you finish installing the connector open the Amazon Ads Performance Dashboard and make a copy of it (File -> Make a copy)
  3. Select the newly created data source.
  4. Now your dashboard is set up



What is Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads is a platform where Amazon vendors can promote their products or services. It works the same way as Google ads pay-per-click, where payments are only made by sellers when potential customers click on ads. Aside from pay-per-click ads, users can also use ad options like video & audio, sponsored brands, and sponsored products. With Amazon Ads, businesses are able to target their marketing strategies, improve their online visibility, and potentially drive sales.


What is Looker Studio

Looker Studio is a business intelligence developed by Google to help businesses visualize and analyze their data. It makes it easy for users to generate interactive dashboards and reports from multiple sources, leading to better decision-making. Looker Studio allows businesses to share reports with teams and stakeholders in real-time, enhancing collaboration. The platform is also secure and complies with organizational policies to ensure your data isn’t compromised.


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