Google Sheets Google Ads Report Dashboard Template

This Google Ads Report Dashboard template helps you to visualize your Google Ads in Google Sheets in a couple of clicks. Dimensions and metrics visualized in this report are:

  • Campaign Name
  • Date
  • Spend
  • Impressions
  • CPM
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • CPC

There is a list of close to 300 metrics and dimensions available once you start customizing the report. To find the full list head to Available metrics and dimensions.


How to Use This Template

Step 1:

Login or Register on

Step 2:

Choose Google Ads from the Data Sources panel and Sign in with your Google Ads account. Then click on Preview and Destination from the upper side of the screen.

Connect Google Ads


Step 3:

Click on Google Sheets from the Destination panel as shown below and copy your API KEY.

Google Sheets API

Step 4:

Add’s Extension to Google Sheets.


Google sheet extension
Step 5:

Copy the template below by clicking on File -> Make a copy.
Template Link : Google Sheets Google Ads Report Dashboard.


Copy Template file

Step 6:

Under Extensions in the top ribbon of Google Sheets, select “Ad Data & Analytics by“, then “Login” and Paste your API KEY in the pop-up window:


Login on Add-on


Step 7:

Now select “Ad Data & Analytics by” -> Get Data into Sheet, then click on the Edit icon under the GetGoogleAdsData query.




Choose the accounts you want to include and the date range. Now click on Load Data and head over to the Dashboard tab to see your own data.


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