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What are white-label dashboards?

White-label dashboards are analytics dashboards that can be rebranded and customized. The term ‘white label’ indicates that the software can be personalized and rebranded, hiding its third-party origin from the end-user.

If you choose to integrate white-label dashboards into your product, you can either individually embed them onto webpages for your customers or incorporate them as part of a complete white-label analytics module within your software.


What are the reasons for using white-label dashboards?

The main reason for opting for white-label dashboards is to offer your customers a dashboard experience that aligns with your branding, as opposed to that of the analytics vendor. This falls under the umbrella of embedded analytics.

The key advantage of white-label dashboards lies in delivering a seamless user experience with a consistent look and feel across your product or site, regardless of where the dashboards are embedded.


Enhance your business scalability with efficient, visually appealing, and robust data visualization dashboards encompassing all essential KPIs, from PPC and SEO to social media.

Customizable client reporting is facilitated by the White-Label Dashboard.