What is Square Reporting Dashboard?

Square dashboard templates are tools designed to simplify how you create Square data analytics reports. The free Square report templates cover various metrics, including number of transactions, average transaction value, and transaction success rates. Using the free Square templates,you can monitor Square payment processing in real-time or produce automated periodic reports.


Why is Square Reporting Important?

Square reporting helps you monitor performance using real-time dashboards. It also improves operational efficiency by studying item and customer data. With predictive Square analytics, you can plan for your transaction volumes.


Benefits of Using Square Reporting Dashboards

Here are the benefits of using Square reporting dashboards:


Optimize Payment Processing

You can use Square reports to optimize payment processing. Insights about the number of transactions and transaction success rate are imperative in enhancing payment processing. Free Square templates make it easy to optimize transaction fees.


Monitor Transaction Trends

Free Square dashboard templates help you monitor transaction trends. Apart from the number of transactions, Square templates from our Square gallery also monitor transaction decline and transaction success rates. Additionally, the Square dashboard templates capture the average transaction value so you can project revenue generation.


Enhance Item and Customer Management

While Square is not an inventory management or CPD system, the data from item and customer processing can be used to improve customer and item management. Square analytics detect returning customers and analyze customer value for better customer management. The platform also captures item information, including most popular items, so you can plan resource allocation to best performing services or products.


Real-Time Decisions

Use Square dashboard templates to make real-time decisions. With real-time dashboard features, Square templates provide you with reports for performance monitoring and decision-making. Keep in touch with your business operations using the real-time Square reports.


Automated Reports

With the right connector for data integration to the express dashboard, you can create automated reports. Square templates enable you to generate reports automatically by clicking a button. Generating reports with the dashboard is fast and easy.



What is Square?

Square is a financial services platform that enables SMEs to accept card payments. Square provides POS hardware and software. Additionally, Square enables businesses to manage item and customer lists.


What is Square used for?

Square is used for payment processing. With Square, businesses can accept payments from various gateways. Businesses can also analyze data associated with the payments to enhance operational efficiency.


How much is Square?

The key pricing component in Square is the transaction fee, which is 2.9%+30 cents per transaction. That’s all you need to pay when on the Free plan. The Plus plan, which Square recommends, starts from $29 per month, in addition to the 2.9%+30 cents per transaction fee. In the Premium plan, the price is $79 per month plus 2.6%+30 cents transaction fees.


Shopify vs Square

Square and Shopify offer a comprehensive suite of tools for ecommerce businesses, including POS solutions. However, Square is inclined more towards POS in its advanced features while Shopify is inclined more towards ecommerce services. Square is also good when you need to accept payments offline.


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