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About Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads is the self-service advertising platform of the social media giant Twitter and allows advertisers to target content and promotions to Twitter users and its partner networks, a potential audience of 486 million users.

Twitter Ads are available to businesses of all sizes and can be an effective tool for reaching new customers, increasing brand awareness, and driving platform engagement.

Advertisers can also target users based on the accounts they follow and the content they interact with, allowing businesses to reach a highly targeted audience.

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How to export Twitter Ads data in 2023?

Do you plan to connect and visualize your Twitter Ads in data visualisation, data storage, data warehouse or BI tool?

Follow the Tutorial Below:


Step 1:

You need to select Twitter Ads as a Data Source and grant access to Windsor.ai.

Twitter Ads Windsor.ai Onboarding Screen


Step 2:

Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source. For example, you can include metrics such as Cost per Click, Cost per Action or Total Spend.



Step 3:

Select a destination to get Twitter Ads data into

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Data Destinations for Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads metrics and dimensions available

FAQ about Twitter Ads integration via Windsor.ai

How much does it cost to integrate Twitter Ads with Windsor.ai?

Pricing for Twitter Ads can vary depending on your use case and data volume. Windsor.ai offers transparent, volume-based event pricing. Check Windsor.ai’s pricing.


Why do people choose Windsor.ai to integrate Twitter Ads data?

  1. Windsor.ai does the heavy lifting of getting the data in the right place and mapping the attribution and then providing you access to the data through a bunch of different BI tools or their own platform.
  2. The set-up is very easy and the amount of value you can get out of the data is immense.
  3. Robust multi-attribution calculation out of the box.
  4. You can customize the dashboard to suit your analytic needs

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