Connect Plausible Analytics to Power BI

Connecting Plausible Analytics to Power BI is made easier with Leverage our no-code tools to complete the integration within minutes. Get vital insights into your data faster and act on time to remain ahead of your competitors.

Connect Plausible Analytics to Power BI

Why do I need Plausible Analytics and Power BI integration?

Generate shareable reports and dashboards using your Plausible Analytics data. Get important insights into key metrics and make informed decisions that enhance web performance. Identify multiple factors affecting your metrics and leverage opportunities that arise to enhance the overall user experience.


Advanced data modeling

Generate hierarchies and relationships between Plausible Analytics data and other data sources utilizing Power BI’s advanced data modeling capabilities. Discover important patterns and correlations to understand user behavior. Develop appropriate strategies to make the user experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.


Share reports easily

With Power BI, you have access to multiple features for sharing Plausible Analytics reports. Restrict access by activating permissions that let only particular individuals view or edit the report. Alternatively, share the report through a link, grant access to specific recipients, send email notifications, or make the report public.


Interactive dashboards

Use slicers, filters, and drill-downs available in Power BI’s interactive dashboards to explore Plausible Analytics data. Gain deeper insights into user behavior and website performance. Answer targeted questions and optimize website strategies to drive business success.


Notifications and alerts

Create alerts and notifications with the help of Power BI. Know when critical changes in user behavior or website traffic occur and respond on time. You can tailor alerts for certain trends or KPIs to remain informed on key developments. Capitalize on opportunities as they arise and continuously manage website performance in an efficient way.


Save time and costs

Automatically generate reports from your Plausible Analytics data using Power BI’s reporting tools. Save time and resources so you can focus more on what matters more, and that’s data analysis and strategic planning. Make decisions quicker and respond efficiently to the ever-changing business environment.


Comprehensive analysis

With Power BI, you are able to mix Plausible Analytics data with other sources like sales data, customer support data, and CRM systems. Then, you can comprehensively analyze the data sets using the available analytics tools to get a holistic view of your business performance. Comprehend how web traffic affects other business areas and adjust your strategies accordingly.


Analyze traffic sources

Capitalize on Power BI’s analytics capabilities to gauge the traffic sources (e.g., social media, organic search, referrals) driving most visitors to your website. Know which marketing channels to prioritize and allocate resources as needed. 


Track conversion rate

Power BI’s monitoring capabilities help you track conversion rates across different pages, traffic sources, and campaigns in terms of influencing desired actions like purchases or sign-ups. Determine the efficiency of your marketing strategies and content. Know which areas perform best and identify opportunities to enhance conversion rates.

How to connect Plausible Analytics to Power BI

1. Register

Register or login if you already have an account.

 2. Select your source
You need to select Plausible Analytics as a Data Source and Grant Access to

Plausible Analytics source

3. Select Destination

Choose Power BI as the destination.


4. Sync your Data
Select the fields on the right, and click on “Get data” from the WEB in Power BI.

Power Bi click on “Get data” from WEB
Then copy the URL in the box below:

copy URL in box


What is Plausible Analytics?

Plausible Analytics is a web analytics solution for website owners and developers who want to monitor and understand the behavior of visitors on their sites. The tool is privacy-focused, cookieless, and only gathers anonymous user data. This enables it to adhere to GDPR and the European Cookie Law. Plausible Analytics is also user-friendly, with no layers of menus, and doesn’t require users to create custom dashboards, custom reports, or PowerPoint documents. It just offers key metrics and insights that are easy to comprehend. 

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a business analytics tool that enables businesses to analyze, visualize, and share data from different sources. It normally converts the data into interactive reports and dashboards which are then used to make informed decisions that drive business growth. The tool provides multiple visualization options, such as graphs, scatter plots, maps, charts, and more, which can be customized to meet specific needs. Power BI is classified into Power BI service and Power BI desktop. The former allows users to view reports and dashboards utilizing a web browser or mobile apps, while the latter enables users to generate interactive visuals through a Windows computer.

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