Connect Facebook Page Insights to Power BI

Extracting data from Facebook Page Insights for advanced analytics in Power BI should be straightforward. With the connector, exporting data from Facebook Page Insights takes a few minutes. You do not require any coding skills. Automatically sync data to Power BI by following a few interactive steps in our connector.

Connect Facebook Page Insights to Power BI

Why do I need Facebook Page Insights and Power BI integration?

Synchronizing data from Facebook Page Insights to Power BI revolutionizes how you analyze the data from Facebook accounts of your business. The integration gives you insights about page views, impressions, and reach. The data also includes demographic information about the persons who follow or like your page and content. Additionally, analyzing the data highlights the performance differences between organic and paid posts. Here is how integrating and analyzing the Facebook Page Insights in Power BI can impact your business:


Data-driven market segmentation

Integrating Facebook Page Insights data in Power BI creates the opportunity for detailed analytics that can be used in market segmentation. This is possible because integration creates a unified view of all your marketing data in Power BI. The data can then be analyzed together with other customer data, resulting in sharp and precise market segmentation.


Optimize your advertising budget

While Facebook Page Insights data provides information about the audiences for organic versus paid posts, integrating the data in Power BI enables you to analyze the impressions, views, and other activity against advertising spending. The analysis can then be used to inform budgetary allocation for digital advertising, including Facebook Ads.


Automated reports

Synchronizing data enables automated reports. It also enables the preparation of express dashboards that can be used to track Facebook page performance in real-time. The business can then take action to control spending on Facebook ads and influence business outcomes by addressing emerging trends promptly. The dataflow feature in the connector enables automatic data updates that support automated reports.


Data-driven competition strategies

Integrating Facebook Page Insights data can contribute to better competitor analysis and the development of winning competition strategies. Facebook Page Insights shows you some insights from competitors. The data can be analyzed with other unified data in Power BI. The unified view of data results in more insightful competitor analysis for the development of data-driven strategies.

How to connect Facebook Page Insights to Power BI


1. Register

Register or login if you already have an account.

2. Select your source

You need to select Facebook Page Insights as a Data Source and Grant Access to


 3. Select Destination
Choose Power BI as the destination.



4. Sync your Data
Select the fields on the right, and click on “Get data” from the WEB in Power BI.


Power Bi click on “Get data” from WEB  


Then, copy the URL in the box below:
Power BI URL


What is Facebook Page Insights?

Facebook Page Insights is an analytics solution designed to help you track activity on the Facebook page of your business. It enables you to assess the performance of organic and paid posts on the page, including the likes, follows, impressions, and views. Your business can use Facebook Page Insights to enhance its marketing strategies, including Facebook Ads.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft’s Power BI is a business intelligence tool developed as part of Power Apps. Businesses use Power BI to extract, transform, load, and visualize data. With Power BI, businesses can easily create reporting dashboards and present data stories. The dataflow feature also enables the automation of reports.

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