Connect Daisycon to Snowflake in 2023

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Stream all your data from Daisycon to Snowflake

Connect Daisycon to Snowflake in 2023

It is very simple to connect Daisycon to Snowflake, it can be done in a fast and easy manner with


First Step

Follow the Tutorial Below:

  1. Add all the columns that are returned by your connector’s URL. Snowflake Integration 1
  2. Create the WINDSOR_UPLOAD role (name has no importance) Snowflake Integration 2
  3. Create a user and add the previously created role to that user Snowflake Integration 3
  4. Grant rights to the DATABASE to the created user Snowflake Integration 4
  5. Grand the rights to the destination table Snowflake Integration 5
  6. Get the required fields from Snowflake to use the Snowflake destination in Onboard Form


  • Get the username Import Snowflake 1


  • Get the password Import Snowflake 2


  • Get the account Import Snowflake 3


  • Get the warehouse Import Snowflake 4


  • Get the database Import Snowflake 5


  • Get the schema Import Snowflake 6


  • Get the table name Import Snowflake 7


Second step

1.You need to select Daisycon as a Data Source and Grant Access to

Daisycon Power BI Connector


2. In Select Destination select Snowflake as destination

snowflake integration


3. Enter all the credentials required and click Save
Snowflake connector


4. Your data will now be streamed from Daisycon to Snowflake. In case there is an error you will be notified.

Daisycon metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Snowflake

Connect your data


Account IDTEXTYour Daisycon Advertiser ID
Account NameTEXTYour Daisycon Advertiser name
Advertiser IDTEXTDaisycon Ads advertiser ID
Click RawNUMERICClick raw
Click UniqueNUMERICClick unique
Clickout AmountNUMERICClickout amount
Clickout RawNUMERICClickout Raw
Clickout UniqueNUMERICClickout Unique
Cpc AmountNUMERICCpc amount
Cpc RawNUMERICCpc raw
Cpc UniqueNUMERICCpc unique
Currency CodeTEXTCurrency code
Transaction AmountNUMERICTransaction amount
Transaction ApprovedNUMERICTransaction Approved
Transaction Approved AmountNUMERICTransaction approved amount
Transaction Approved PartsNUMERICTransaction approved parts
Transaction Approved Program AmountNUMERICTransaction approved program amount
Transaction DisapprovedNUMERICTransaction Disapproved
Transaction Disapproved AmountNUMERICTransaction disapproved amount
Transaction Disapproved PartsNUMERICTransaction Disapproved parts
Transaction Disapproved Program AmountNUMERICTransaction disapproved program amount
Transaction OpenNUMERICTransaction open
Transaction Open AmountNUMERICTransaction open amount
Transaction Open PartsNUMERICTransaction open parts
Transaction Open Program AmountNUMERICTransaction open program amount
Transaction PartsNUMERICTransaction parts
Transaction Program AmountNUMERICTransaction amount
Transaction UniqueNUMERICTransaction unique
Transaction RevenueNUMERICTransaction revenue

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