Connect ActiveCampaign to Snowflake


Stream marketing data from ActiveCampaign to Snowflake

Connect ActiveCampaign to Snowflake in 2023

It is very simple to connect ActiveCampaign to Snowflake, it can be done in a fast and easy manner with


First Step

Follow the Tutorial Below:

  1. Add all the columns that are returned by your connector’s URL. 
  2. Create the WINDSOR_UPLOAD role (name has no importance)
  3. Create a user and add the previously created role to that user 
  4. Grant rights to the DATABASE to the created user 
  5. Grand the rights to the destination table 
  6. Get the required fields from Snowflake to use the Snowflake destination in Onboard Form
  • Get the username 
  • Get the password 
  • Get the account 
  • Get the warehouse 
  • Get the database 
  • Get the schema 
  • Get the table name 


Second step

1.You need to select ActiveCampaign as a Data Source and Grant Access to

Activecampaign windsor onboarding


2. In Select Destination select Snowflake as destination

snowflake integration


3. Enter all the credentials required and click Save

4. Your data will now be streamed from ActiveCampaign to Snowflake. In case there is an error you will be notified.

ActiveCampaign metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Snowflake

Connect your data


Address address1TEXTAddress address1
Address address2TEXTAddress address2
Address allgroupTEXTAddress allgroup
Address cityCITYAddress city
Address company nameTEXTAddress company name
Address countryCOUNTRYAddress country
Address districtTEXTAddress district
Address IDTEXTAddress ID
Address is default flagTEXTAddress is default flag
Address stateTEXTAddress state
Address zipTEXTAddress zip
Automation cdateDATEAutomation creation date
Automation default screenshotTEXTAutomation default screenshot
Automation enteredTEXTAutomation entered
Automation exitedTEXTAutomation exited
Automation hiddenTEXTAutomation hidden
Automation IDTEXTAutomation ID
Automation mdateDATEAutomation modification date
Automation nameTEXTAutomation name
Automation screenshotTEXTAutomation screenshot
Automation statusTEXTAutomation status
Automation user IDTEXTAutomation user ID
Campaign nameTEXTCampaign name
Campaign activerss intervalTEXTCampaign activerss interval
Campaign activerss itemsTEXTCampaign activerss items
Campaign activerss URLTEXTCampaign activerss URL
Campaign address IDTEXTCampaign address ID
Campaign analytics_campaign_nameTEXTCampaign analytics_campaign_name
Campaign automationTEXTCampaign automation
Campaign base message IDTEXTCampaign base message ID
Campaign basetemplate IDTEXTCampaign basetemplate ID
Campaign bounce IDTEXTCampaign bounce ID
Campaign creation dateDATECampaign creation date
Campaign deletestampTEXTCampaign deletestamp
Campaign embed_imagesTEXTCampaign embed_images
Campaign facebookTEXTCampaign facebook
Campaign form IDTEXTCampaign form ID
Campaign forwardsNUMERICCampaign forwards
Campaign hard bouncesNUMERICCampaign hard bounces
Campaign html unsubNUMERICCampaign html unsub
Campaign html unsub dataTEXTCampaign html unsub data
Campaign IDTEXTCampaign ID
Campaign ip4TEXTCampaign ip4
Campaign last stepTEXTCampaign last step
Campaign date last sent to contactDATEDate the campaign last sent to a contact
NUMERICCampaign link clicks
Campaign mail_cleanupTEXTCampaign mail_cleanup
Campaign mail_sendTEXTCampaign mail_send
Campaign mail transferTEXTCampaign mail transfer
Campaign mailer_log_fileTEXTCampaign mailer_log_file
Campaign manage textTEXTCampaign manage text
Campaign modification dateDATECampaign modification date
Campaign opensNUMERICCampaign opens
Campaign publicTEXTCampaign public
Campaign realcidTEXTCampaign realcid
Campaign recurringTEXTCampaign recurring
Campaign reminder fieldTEXTCampaign reminder field
Campaign reminder formatTEXTCampaign reminder format
Campaign reminder last cron runTEXTCampaign reminder last cron run
Campaign reminder offsetTEXTCampaign reminder offset
Campaign reminder offset signTEXTCampaign reminder offset sign
Campaign reminder offset typeTEXTCampaign reminder offset type
Campaign reminder typeTEXTCampaign reminder type
Campaign repliesNUMERICCampaign replies
Campaign replysysTEXTCampaign replysys
Campaign responder existingTEXTCampaign responder existing
Campaign responder offsetTEXTCampaign responder offset
Campaign responder typeTEXTCampaign responder type
Campaign scheduleTEXTCampaign schedule
Campaign scheduled dateDATECampaign scheduled date
Campaign start sending dateDATEDate the campaign started sending
Campaign segment IDTEXTCampaign segment ID
Campaign total contacts sentNUMERICTotal amount of contacts actually sent this campaign
Campaign send IDTEXTCampaign send ID
Campaign series IDTEXTCampaign series ID
Campaign social sharesNUMERICCampaign social shares
Campaign soft bouncesNUMERICCampaign soft bounces
Campaign sourceTEXTCampaign source
Campaign split contentTEXTCampaign split content
Campaign split offsetTEXTCampaign split offset
Campaign split offset typeTEXTCampaign split offset type
Campaign split typeTEXTCampaign split type
Campaign split winner awaitingTEXTCampaign split winner awaiting
Campaign split winner message IDTEXTCampaign split winner message ID
Campaign statusTEXTCampaign status
Campaign subscriber clicksNUMERICCampaign subscriber clicks
Campaign surveyTEXTCampaign survey
Campaign text unsubNUMERICCampaign text unsub
Campaign text unsub dataTEXTCampaign text unsub data
Campaign thread IDTEXTCampaign thread ID
Campaign determined total contactsNUMERICTotal amount of contacts determined to receive this campaign
TEXTCampaign track links
TEXTCampaign track links analytics
Campaign track readsTEXTCampaign track reads
Campaign track reads analyticsTEXTCampaign track reads analytics
Campaign tweetTEXTCampaign tweet
ActiveCampaign campaign typeTEXTActiveCampaign campaign type
Campaign unique forwardsNUMERICCampaign unique forwards
NUMERICCampaign unique link clicks
Campaign unique opensNUMERICCampaign unique opens
Campaign unique repliesNUMERICCampaign unique replies
Campaign unsub reasonsNUMERICCampaign unsub reasons
Campaign unsubscribesNUMERICCampaign unsubscribes
Campaign updatesDATECampaign updates
Campaign userTEXTCampaign user
Campaign user IDTEXTCampaign user ID
Campaign waitpreviewTEXTCampaign waitpreview
Campaign willrecurTEXTCampaign willrecur
Contact adateDATEContact adate
Contact bounced dateDATEContact bounced date
Contact bounced hardTEXTContact bounced hard
Contact bounced softTEXTContact bounced soft
Contact cdateDATEContact creation date
Contact deletedTEXTContact deleted
Contact edateDATEContact edate
Contact emailTEXTContact email
Contact email domainTEXTContact email domain
Contact email localTEXTContact email local
Contact first nameTEXTContact first name
Contact gravatarTEXTContact gravatar
Contact hashTEXTContact hash
Contact IDTEXTContact ID
Contact ipTEXTContact ip
Contact last nameTEXTContact last name
Contact organizationTEXTContact organization
Contact orgidTEXTContact orgid
Contact phoneTEXTContact phone
Contact rating_tstampTEXTContact rating_tstamp
Contact segmentio_idTEXTContact segmentio_id
Contact sentcntNUMERICContact sentcnt
Contact socialdata_lastcheckTEXTContact socialdata_lastcheck
Contact uaTEXTContact ua
Contact udateDATEContact update date
Deal accountTEXTDeal account
Deal activity countNUMERICDeal activity count
Deal cdateDATEDeal creation date
Deal contactTEXTDeal contact
Deal currencyTEXTDeal currency
Deal customer accountTEXTDeal customer account
Deal descriptionTEXTDeal description
Deal edateDATEDeal edate
Deal groupTEXTDeal group
Deal mdateDATEDeal modification date
Deal next dateDATEDeal next date
Deal next deal IDTEXTDeal next deal ID
Deal next task IDTEXTDeal next task ID
Deal organizationTEXTDeal organization
Deal ownerTEXTDeal owner
Deal percentPERCENTDeal percent
Deal stageTEXTDeal stage
Deal statusTEXTDeal status
Deal task assigneeTEXTDeal task assignee
Deal task automationTEXTDeal task automation
Deal task cdateDATEDeal task creation date
Deal task typeTEXTDeal task type
Deal task done automationTEXTDeal task done automation
Deal task due dateDATEDeal task due date
Deal task edateDATEDeal task edate
Deal task IDTEXTDeal task ID
Deal task noteTEXTDeal task note
Deal task outcome infoTEXTDeal task outcome info
Deal task outcome IDTEXTDeal task outcome ID
Deal task relidTEXTDeal task relid
Deal task reltypeTEXTDeal task reltype
Deal task statusTEXTDeal task status
Deal task titleTEXTDeal task title
Deal task udateDATEDeal task update date
Deal task userTEXTDeal task user
Deal titleTEXTDeal title
Deal valueNUMERICDeal value
Deal win probabilityNUMERICDeal win probability
Deal win probability mdateDATEDeal win probability mdate
List analytics_domainsTEXTList analytics_domains
List analytics_sourceTEXTList analytics_source
List analytics_uaTEXTList analytics_ua
List carboncopyTEXTList carboncopy
List cdateDATEList creation date
List deletestampTEXTList deletestamp
List facebook sessionTEXTList facebook session
List full addressTEXTList full address
List get_unsubscribe_reasonTEXTList get_unsubscribe_reason
List nameTEXTList name
List optinmessageidTEXTList optinmessageid
List optin optoutTEXTList optin optout
List optout confTEXTList optout conf
List p_embed_imageTEXTList p_embed_image
TEXTList p_use_analytics_link
List p_use_analytics_readTEXTList p_use_analytics_read
List p_use_captchaTEXTList p_use_captcha
List p_use_facebookTEXTList p_use_facebook
List p_use_trackingTEXTList p_use_tracking
List p_use_twitterTEXTList p_use_twitter
List privateTEXTList private
List require nameTEXTList require name
List send_last_broadcastTEXTList send_last_broadcast
List sender addr1TEXTList sender addr1
List sender addr2TEXTList sender addr2
List sender cityCITYList sender city
List sender countryCOUNTRYList sender country
List sender nameTEXTList sender name
List sender phoneTEXTList sender phone
List sender reminderTEXTList sender reminder
List sender stateTEXTList sender state
List sender URLTEXTList sender URL
List sender zipTEXTList sender zip
List string IDTEXTList string ID
List subscription_notifyTEXTList subscription_notify
List to_nameTEXTList to_name
List twitter_tokenTEXTList twitter_token
List twitter token secretTEXTList twitter token secret
List update dateDATEList update date
List unsubscription notifyTEXTList unsubscription notify
List userTEXTList user
List user IDTEXTList user ID
Message cdateDATEMessage creation date
Message charsetTEXTMessage charset
Message ed_instanceidTEXTMessage ed_instanceid
Message ed_versionTEXTMessage ed_version
Message encodingTEXTMessage encoding
Message formatTEXTMessage format
Message from emailTEXTMessage from email
Message from nameTEXTMessage from name
Message hiddenTEXTMessage hidden
Message htmlTEXTMessage html
Message html fetchTEXTMessage htmlfetch
Message IDTEXTMessage ID
Message mdateDATEMessage modification date
Message nameTEXTMessage name
Message preheader textTEXTMessage preheader text
Message preview dataTEXTMessage preview data
Message preview mimeTEXTMessage preview mime
Message priorityTEXTMessage priority
Message reply2TEXTMessage reply2
Message subjectTEXTMessage subject
Message textTEXTMessage text
Message text fetchTEXTMessage text fetch
Message userTEXTMessage user
Message user IDTEXTMessage user ID
TodayDATEToday's date

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