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Stream marketing data from Zoho CRM to Snowflake

Connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake in 2023

It is very simple to connect Zoho CRM to Snowflake, it can be done in a fast and easy manner with


First Step

Follow the Tutorial Below:

  1. Add all the columns that are returned by your connector’s URL. 
  2. Create the WINDSOR_UPLOAD role (name has no importance) 
  3. Create a user and add the previously created role to that user 
  4. Grant rights to the DATABASE to the created user 
  5. Grand the rights to the destination table 
  6. Get the required fields from Snowflake to use the Snowflake destination in Onboard Form
  • Get the username 
  • Get the password 
  • Get the account 
  • Get the warehouse 
  • Get the database 
  • Get the schema 
  • Get the table name 


Second step

1.You need to select Zoho CRM as a Data Source and Grant Access to

Zoho CRM Onboarding


2. In Select Destination select Snowflake as destination

snowflake integration


3. Enter all the credentials required and click Save

4.Your data will now be streamed to Snowflake. In case there is an error you will be notified.

Zoho CRM metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Snowflake

Connect your data


Accounts Account NameTEXTAccount Name
Accounts Account NumberTEXTAccount Number
Accounts Account SiteTEXTAccount Site
Accounts Account TypeTEXTAccount Type
Accounts Annual RevenueTEXTAnnual Revenue
Accounts Billing CityCITYBilling City
Accounts Billing CodeTEXTBilling Code
Accounts Billing CountryCOUNTRYBilling Country
Accounts Billing StateTEXTBilling State
Accounts Billing StreetTEXTBilling Street
Accounts Change Log TimeTIMESTAMPChange Log Time
Accounts Created ByTEXTCreated By
Accounts Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Accounts DescriptionTEXTDescription
Accounts EmployeesTEXTEmployees
Accounts Enrich StatusTEXTEnrich Status
Accounts FaxTEXTFax
Accounts Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Accounts IndustryTEXTIndustry
Accounts Last Activity TimeTIMESTAMPLast Activity Time
Accounts Last Enriched TimeTIMESTAMPLast Enriched Time
Accounts LockedTEXTLocked
Accounts Modified ByTEXTModified By
Accounts Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Accounts Account OwnerTEXTAccount Owner
Accounts OwnershipTEXTOwnership
Accounts Parent AccountTEXTParent Account
Accounts PhoneTEXTPhone
Accounts RatingTEXTRating
Accounts Account ImageTEXTAccount Image
Accounts Shipping CityCITYShipping City
Accounts Shipping CodeTEXTShipping Code
Accounts Shipping CountryCOUNTRYShipping Country
Accounts Shipping StateTEXTShipping State
Accounts Shipping StreetTEXTShipping Street
Accounts Sic CodeTEXTSic Code
Accounts TagTEXTTag
Accounts Ticker SymbolTEXTTicker Symbol
Accounts WebsiteTEXTWebsite
Call AgendaTEXTCall Agenda
Call DurationTEXTCall Duration
Call Duration (In Seconds)TEXTCall Duration (In Seconds)
Call PurposeTEXTCall Purpose
Call ResultTEXTCall Result
Call Start TimeTIMESTAMPCall Start Time
Call TypeTEXTCall Type
Caller IdTEXTCaller Id
Calls Created ByTEXTCreated By
Calls Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Cti EntryTEXTCti Entry
Calls DescriptionTEXTDescription
Dialled NumberTEXTDialled Number
Calls Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Calls Modified ByTEXTModified By
Calls Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Outgoing Call StatusTEXTOutgoing Call Status
Call OwnerTEXTCall Owner
Calls ReminderTEXTReminder
Scheduled In CrmTEXTScheduled In Crm
Calls SubjectTEXTSubject
Calls TagTEXTTag
Voice RecordingTEXTVoice Recording
TEXTRelated To
Calls Contact NameTEXTContact Name
Actual CostTEXTThe actual cost spent on the campaign
Budgeted CostTEXTThe planned amount to be spent on the campaign
Campaigns Campaign NameTEXTName of the Campaign
Campaigns Created ByTEXTCreated By
Campaigns Created TimeTIMESTAMPDate and time at which the record was created. This is a system-generated field. You cannot modify it.
Campaign CurrencyTEXTThe currency in which the revenue is generated
Campaigns DescriptionTEXTDescription about the Campaign
End DateDATEThe date on which the Campaign ends
Exchange RateTEXTRepresents the exchange rate of the currency of the campaign amount
Expected ResponseTEXTExpected response
Campaigns Expected RevenueTEXTRepresents the expected revenue of the campaign.
Campaigns IdTEXTThe unique ID of the campaign
Campaigns LayoutTEXTLayout
Campaigns Modified ByTEXTModified By
Campaigns Modified TimeTIMESTAMPDate and time at which the record was last modified. This is a system-generated field. You cannot modify it.
Num SentTEXTThe number of leads/contacts to whom the campaign details have been sent
Campaigns Campaign OwnerTEXTCampaign Owner
Parent CampaignTEXTRepresents the details of the parent campaign, if any
Start DateDATEThe date on which the Campaign starts
Campaigns StatusTEXTRepresents the status of the campaign
Campaigns TagTEXTTag
Campaigns TypeTEXTRepresents the type of Campaign
Cases Account NameTEXTAccount Name
Cases Add CommentTEXTAdd Comment
Case NumberTEXTCase Number
Case OriginTEXTCase Origin
Cases CommentsTEXTComments
Cases Created ByTEXTCreated By
Cases Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Cases Deal NameTEXTDeal Name
Cases DescriptionTEXTDescription
Cases EmailTEXTEmail
Cases Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Cases Internal CommentsTEXTInternal Comments
Cases LockedTEXTLocked
Cases Modified ByTEXTModified By
Cases Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Cases No. Of CommentsTEXTNo. Of Comments
Cases Case OwnerTEXTCase Owner
Cases PhoneTEXTPhone
Cases PriorityTEXTPriority
Cases Product NameTEXTProduct Name
TEXTRelated To
Cases Reported ByTEXTReported By
Cases SolutionTEXTSolution
Cases StatusTEXTStatus
Cases SubjectTEXTSubject
Cases Cases TagTEXTTag
Cases TypeTEXTType
Contacts Account NameTEXTAccount Name
Contacts Ad campaign nameTEXTAd campaign name
Contacts Ad click dateDATEAd click date
Contacts Ad networkTEXTAd Network
Contacts Adgroup nameTEXTAdgroup name
Contacts AdgroupidTEXTAdgroupid
Contacts AdidTEXTAdid
Contacts AssistantTEXTName of the contact's assistant
Contacts Asst phoneTEXTPhone number of the Contact's assistant, if any
Contacts Average time spent minutesTIMESTAMPAverage time spent minutes
Contacts Change Log TimeTIMESTAMPChange Log Time
Contacts Contact Click typeTEXTClick type
Contacts Conversion export statusTEXTConversion export status
Contacts Conversion exported onTEXTConversion exported on
Contacts Cost per clickTEXTCost per click
Contacts Contact Cost per conversionTEXTCost per conversion
Contacts Created ByTEXTCreated By
Contacts Created timeTIMESTAMPDate and time at which the record was created. This is a system-generated field. You cannot modify it.
Contacts Date of birthDATEDate of birth of the Contact in mm/dd/yyyy format
Contacts Days visitedTEXTThe number of days the contact visited Zoho CRM
Contacts DepartmentTEXTRepresents the department of the contact
Contacts Contact DescriptionTEXTDescription of the Contact
Contacts Contact Device typeTEXTDevice type
Contacts EmailTEXTEmail ID of the contact
Contacts Email opt outTEXTSpecifies whether the contact has opted out of email notifications from Zoho CRM
Contacts Enrich StatusTEXTEnrich Status
Contacts FaxTEXTFax number of the Contact
Contacts First nameTEXTRepresents the first name of the Contact
Contacts First visited timeTIMESTAMPDate and time at which the Contact first visited Zoho CRM. This is a system-generated field. You cannot modify it.
Contacts First visited urlTEXTThe URL address of the page that the contact visited first. This is a system-generated field. You cannot modify it.
Contacts Full nameTEXTRepresents the full name of the Contact
Contacts GadconfigidTEXTGadconfigid
Contacts GclidTEXTGCL ID
Home PhoneTEXTHome Phone
Contacts IdTEXTUnique ID of the Contact
Contacts Contact KeywordTEXTkeyword
Contacts Last activity timeTIMESTAMPThe date and time at which the record was last used in an operation. This is a system-generated field. You cannot modify it.
Contacts Last Enriched TimeTIMESTAMPLast Enriched Time
Contacts Last nameTEXTLast name of the Contact. This is a mandatory field.
Contacts Last visited timeTIMESTAMPThe date and time at which the Contact last visited Zoho CRM. This is a system-generated field. You cannot modify it.
Contacts Lead sourceTEXTContacts Lead Source
Contacts LockedTEXTLocked
Contacts Mailing cityCITYRepresents address details of the Contact
Contacts Mailing countryCOUNTRYThe other address of the contact, if any
Contacts Mailing stateTEXTPrimary mailing address of the contact
Contacts Mailing streetTEXTRepresents address details of the Contact
Contacts Mailing zipTEXTRepresents address details of the Contact
Contacts MobileTEXTMobile number of the Contact
Contacts Modified ByTEXTModified By
Contacts Modified timeTIMESTAMPDate and time at which the record was last modified. This is a system-generated field. You cannot modify it.
Contacts Number of chatsTEXTThe number of times the contact has had a chat with the Zoho CRM team. This is a system-generated field. You cannot modify it.
Contacts Other cityCITYRepresents address details of the Contact
Contacts Other countryCOUNTRYThe other address of the contact, if any
Contacts Other phoneTEXTThe other phone number of the contact, if any
Contacts Other stateREGIONThe other address of the contact, if any
Contacts Other streetTEXTRepresents address details of the Contact
Contacts Other zipTEXTRepresents address details of the Contact
Contact OwnerTEXTContact Owner
Contacts PhoneTEXTThe phone number of the Contact
Contacts Reason for conversion failureTEXTReason for conversion failure
Contacts Contact ReferrerTEXTReferrer
Contacts Reporting toTEXTReporting to
Contacts SalutationTEXTMr., Ms, Mrs., or others
TEXTSearch partner network
Contacts Secondary emailTEXTAlternate email address of the contact
Contacts Skype idTEXTThe Skype ID of the Contact
Contacts Contact TagTEXTName and ID of the Contact who referred this Contact
Contacts Contact TitleTEXTTitle/job position of the Contact
Contacts TwitterTEXTThe Twitter handle of the contact
Contacts Unsubscribed modeTEXTUnsubscribed mode
Contacts Unsubscribed timeTIMESTAMPUnsubscribed time
Contacts Vendor nameTEXTVendor Name
Contacts Visitor scoreTEXTScore for the contact obtained from SalesIQ
Contacts ZcampaignidTEXTZcampaignid
DateDATEDate at which the record was created.
Deals Account NameTEXTAccount Name
Deals Ad Campaign NameTEXTAd Campaign Name
Deals Ad Click DateDATEAd Click Date
Deals Ad NetworkTEXTAd Network
Deals Adgroup NameTEXTAdgroup Name
Deals AdgroupidTEXTAdgroupid
Deals AdidTEXTAdid
Deals AmountNUMERICAmount
Deals Campaign SourceTEXTCampaign Source
Deals Change Log TimeTIMESTAMPChange Log Time
Deals Click TypeTEXTClick Type
Deals Closing DateDATEClosing Date
Deals Contact NameTEXTContact Name
Deals Conversion Export StatusTEXTConversion Export Status
Deals Conversion Exported OnTEXTConversion Exported On
Deals Cost Per ClickTEXTCost Per Click
Deals Cost Per ConversionTEXTCost Per Conversion
Deals Created ByTEXTCreated By
Deals Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Deals Deal NameTEXTDeal Name
Deals DescriptionTEXTDescription
Deals Device TypeTEXTDevice Type
Deals Expected RevenueTEXTExpected Revenue
Deals GadconfigidTEXTGadconfigid
Deals GclidTEXTGclid
Deals Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Deals KeywordTEXTKeyword
Deals KeywordidTEXTKeywordid
Deals Last Activity TimeTIMESTAMPLast Activity Time
Deals Lead Conversion TimeTIMESTAMPLead Conversion Time
Deals Lead SourceTEXTLead Source
Deals LockedTEXTLocked
Deals Modified ByTEXTModified By
Deals Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Deals Next StepTEXTNext Step
Deals Overall Sales DurationTEXTOverall Sales Duration
Deals Deal OwnerTEXTDeal Owner
Deals Probability (%)TEXTProbability (%)
Deals Reason For Conversion FailureTEXTReason For Conversion Failure
Deals Sales Cycle DurationTEXTSales Cycle Duration
TEXTSearch Partner Network
Deals StageTEXTStage
Deals TagTEXTTag
Deals TypeTEXTType
Deals ZcampaignidTEXTZcampaignid
Events All DayTEXTAll Day
Check-In AddressTEXTCheck-In Address
Check-In ByTEXTCheck-In By
Check-In CityCITYCheck-In City
Check-In CommentTEXTCheck-In Comment
Check-In CountryCOUNTRYCheck-In Country
Check-In StateTEXTCheck-In State
Checked In StatusTEXTChecked In Status
Check-In Sub-LocalityTEXTCheck-In Sub-Locality
Check-In TimeTIMESTAMPCheck-In Time
Events Created ByTEXTCreated By
Events Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Events DescriptionTEXTDescription
Events TitleTEXTTitle
Events Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Events LatitudeTEXTLatitude
Events LongitudeTEXTLongitude
Events Modified ByTEXTModified By
Events Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Events HostTEXTHost
Events ParticipantsTEXTParticipants
Events RepeatTEXTRepeat
Event ReminderTEXTReminder
Events Participants ReminderTEXTParticipants Reminder
Events FromTIMESTAMPFrom
Events TagTEXTTag
Events LocationTEXTLocation
TEXTRelated To
Events Contact NameTEXTContact Name
Events Zip CodeTEXTZip Code
First Visited TimeTIMESTAMPFirst Visited Time
First Visited URLTEXTFirst Visited URL
First NameTEXTFirst Name
Invoices Account NameTEXTAccount Name
Invoices AdjustmentTEXTAdjustment
Invoices Billing CityCITYBilling City
Invoices Billing CodeTEXTBilling Code
Invoices Billing CountryCOUNTRYBilling Country
Invoices Billing StateTEXTBilling State
Invoices Billing StreetTEXTBilling Street
Invoices Contact NameTEXTContact Name
Invoices Created ByTEXTCreated By
Invoices Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Invoices DescriptionTEXTDescription
Invoices DiscountTEXTDiscount
Invoices Due DateDATEDue Date
Invoices Excise DutyTEXTExcise Duty
Invoices Grand TotalTEXTGrand Total
Invoices Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Invoice DateDATEInvoice Date
Invoices Invoice NumberTEXTInvoice Number
Invoices Invoiced ItemsTEXTInvoiced Items
Invoices LockedTEXTLocked
Invoices Modified ByTEXTModified By
Invoices Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Invoices Invoice OwnerTEXTInvoice Owner
Invoices Purchase OrderTEXTPurchase Order
Invoices Sales CommissionTEXTSales Commission
Invoices Sales OrderTEXTSales Order
Invoices Shipping CityCITYShipping City
Invoices Shipping CodeTEXTShipping Code
Invoices Shipping CountryCOUNTRYShipping Country
Invoices Shipping StateTEXTShipping State
Invoices Shipping StreetTEXTShipping Street
Invoices StatusTEXTStatus
Invoices Sub TotalTEXTSub Total
Invoices SubjectTEXTSubject
Invoices TagTEXTTag
Invoices TaxTEXTTax
Invoices Terms And ConditionsTEXTTerms And Conditions
Last NameTEXTLast Name
Lead StatusTEXTLead Status
Leads Ad Campaign NameTEXTAd Campaign Name
Leads Ad Click DateDATEAd Click Date
Leads Ad NetworkTEXTAd Network
Adgroup NameTEXTAdgroup Name
Leads AdidTEXTAdid
Leads Annual RevenueTEXTAnnual Revenue
Average Time Spent (Minutes)TEXTAverage Time Spent (Minutes)
Leads Change Log TimeTIMESTAMPChange Log Time
Leads CityCITYCity
Leads Click TypeTEXTClick Type
Leads Conversion Export StatusTEXTConversion Export Status
Leads Conversion Exported OnTEXTConversion Exported On
Is ConvertedTEXTIs Converted
Converted AccountTEXTConverted Account
Converted ContactTEXTConverted Contact
Converted Date TimeTIMESTAMPConverted Date Time
Converted DealTEXTConverted Deal
Cost Per ClickTEXTCost Per Click
Leads Cost Per ConversionTEXTCost Per Conversion
Leads CountryCOUNTRYCountry
Created ByTEXTCreated By
Leads Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Days VisitedTEXTDays Visited
Leads DescriptionTEXTDescription
Leads TitleTEXTTitle
Leads Device TypeTEXTDevice Type
Leads EmailTEXTEmail
Email Opt OutTEXTEmail Opt Out
Enrich StatusTEXTEnrich Status
Leads First NameTEXTFirst Name
First VisitTIMESTAMPFirst Visit
First Page VisitedTEXTFirst Page Visited
Leads Full NameTEXTFull Name
Leads GadconfigidTEXTGadconfigid
Leads GclidTEXTGclid
Leads Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Leads IndustryTEXTIndustry
Leads KeywordTEXTKeyword
Leads KeywordidTEXTKeywordid
Last Activity TimeTIMESTAMPLast Activity Time
Leads Last Enriched TimeTIMESTAMPLast Enriched Time
Leads Last NameTEXTLast Name
Most Recent VisitTIMESTAMPMost Recent Visit
Lead Conversion TimeTIMESTAMPLead Conversion Time
Leads Lead SourceTEXTLead Source
Leads Lead StatusTEXTLead Status
Leads LockedTEXTLocked
Leads Modified ByTEXTModified By
Leads Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
No. Of EmployeesTEXTNo. Of Employees
Number Of ChatsTEXTNumber Of Chats
Lead OwnerTEXTLead Owner
Leads RatingTEXTRating
Reason For Conversion FailureTEXTReason For Conversion Failure
Leads ReferrerTEXTReferrer
Leads SalutationTEXTSalutation
TEXTSearch Partner Network
Secondary EmailTEXTSecondary Email
Skype IdTEXTSkype Id
Leads StateTEXTState
Leads StreetTEXTStreet
Leads TagTEXTTag
Leads TwitterTEXTTwitter
Unsubscribed ModeTEXTUnsubscribed Mode
Unsubscribed TimeTIMESTAMPUnsubscribed Time
Visitor ScoreTEXTVisitor Score
Leads WebsiteTEXTWebsite
Leads Zip CodeTEXTZip Code
Onboarding CompletedTEXTOnboarding Completed
Onboarding StartedTEXTOnboarding Started
Price ActiveTEXTActive
Price Created ByTEXTCreated By
Price Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Price DescriptionTEXTDescription
Price Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Price LockedTEXTLocked
Price Modified ByTEXTModified By
Price Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Price Book OwnerTEXTPrice Book Owner
Price Book NameTEXTPrice Book Name
Price Pricing DetailsTEXTPricing Details
Price Pricing ModelTEXTPricing Model
Price TagTEXTTag
Commission RateTEXTCommission Rate
Products Created ByTEXTCreated By
Products Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Products DescriptionTEXTDescription
Products Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Products Modified ByTEXTModified By
Products Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Product OwnerTEXTProduct Owner
Product ActiveTEXTProduct Active
Products Product CategoryTEXTProduct Category
Product CodeTEXTProduct Code
Products Product NameTEXTProduct Name
Quantity In DemandTEXTQuantity In Demand
Quantity In StockTEXTQuantity In Stock
Qty OrderedTEXTQty Ordered
Product ImageTEXTProduct Image
Reorder LevelTEXTReorder Level
Sales End DateDATESales End Date
Sales Start DateDATESales Start Date
Support End DateDATESupport End Date
Support Start DateDATESupport Start Date
Products TagTEXTTag
Products TaxTEXTTax
Unit PriceTEXTUnit Price
Usage UnitTEXTUsage Unit
Products Vendor NameTEXTVendor Name
Purchase AdjustmentTEXTAdjustment
Purchase Billing CityCITYBilling City
Purchase Billing CodeTEXTBilling Code
Purchase Billing CountryCOUNTRYBilling Country
Purchase Billing StateTEXTBilling State
Purchase Billing StreetTEXTBilling Street
Purchase CarrierTEXTCarrier
Purchase Contact NameTEXTContact Name
Purchase Created ByTEXTCreated By
Purchase DescriptionTEXTDescription
Purchase DiscountTEXTDiscount
Purchase Due DateDATEDue Date
Purchase Excise DutyTEXTExcise Duty
Purchase Grand TotalTEXTGrand Total
Purchase Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Purchase LockedTEXTLocked
Purchase Modified ByTEXTModified By
Purchase Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Purchase Order OwnerTEXTPurchase Order Owner
Purchase Po DateDATEPo Date
Purchase Po NumberTEXTPo Number
Purchase ItemsTEXTPurchase Items
Purchase Sales CommissionTEXTSales Commission
Purchase Shipping CityCITYShipping City
Purchase Shipping CodeTEXTShipping Code
Shipping CountryCOUNTRYShipping Country
Purchase Shipping StateTEXTShipping State
Purchase Shipping StreetTEXTShipping Street
Purchase StatusTEXTStatus
Purchase Sub TotalTEXTSub Total
Purchase SubjectTEXTSubject
Purchase TagTEXTTag
Purchase TaxTEXTTax
Purchase Terms And ConditionsTEXTTerms And Conditions
Purchase Vendor NameTEXTVendor Name
Quotes Account NameTEXTAccount Name
Quotes AdjustmentTEXTAdjustment
Quotes Billing CityCITYBilling City
Quotes Billing CodeTEXTBilling Code
Quotes Billing CountryCOUNTRYBilling Country
Quotes Billing StateTEXTBilling State
Quotes Billing StreetTEXTBilling Street
Quotes CarrierTEXTCarrier
Quotes Contact NameTEXTContact Name
Quotes Created ByTEXTCreated By
Quotes Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Quotes Deal NameTEXTDeal Name
Quotes DescriptionTEXTDescription
Quotes DiscountTEXTDiscount
Quotes Grand TotalTEXTGrand Total
Quotes Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Quotes Modified ByTEXTModified By
Quotes Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Quote OwnerTEXTQuote Owner
Quote NumberTEXTQuote Number
Quote StageTEXTQuote Stage
Quoted ItemsTEXTQuoted Items
Quotes Shipping CityCITYShipping City
Quotes Shipping CodeTEXTShipping Code
Quotes Shipping CountryCOUNTRYShipping Country
Quotes Shipping StateTEXTShipping State
Quotes Shipping StreetTEXTShipping Street
Quotes Sub TotalTEXTSub Total
Quotes SubjectTEXTSubject
Quotes TagTEXTTag
Quotes TaxTEXTTax
Quotes Terms And ConditionsTEXTTerms And Conditions
Valid UntilTEXTValid Until
Sales Account NameTEXTAccount Name
Sales AdjustmentTEXTAdjustment
Sales Billing CityCITYBilling City
Sales Billing CodeTEXTBilling Code
Sales Billing CountryCOUNTRYBilling Country
Sales Billing StateTEXTBilling State
Sales Billing StreetTEXTBilling Street
Sales CarrierTEXTCarrier
Sales Contact NameTEXTContact Name
Sales Created ByTEXTCreated By
Sales Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Sales Deal NameTEXTDeal Name
Sales DescriptionTEXTDescription
Sales DiscountTEXTDiscount
Due DateDATEDue Date
Excise DutyTEXTExcise Duty
Sales Grand TotalTEXTGrand Total
Sales Record IdTIMESTAMPRecord Id
Sales LockedTEXTLocked
Sales Modified ByTEXTModified By
Sales Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Sales Ordered ItemsTEXTOrdered Items
Sales Order OwnerTEXTSales Order Owner
Purchase OrderTEXTPurchase Order
Quote NameTEXTQuote Name
Sales Sales CommissionTEXTSales Commission
Sales Shipping CityCITYShipping City
Sales Shipping CodeTEXTShipping Code
Sales Shipping CountryCOUNTRYShipping Country
Sales Shipping StateTEXTShipping State
Sales Shipping StreetTEXTShipping Street
So NumberTEXTSo Number
Sales Orders StatusTEXTStatus
Sales Sub TotalTEXTSub Total
Sales SubjectTEXTSubject
Sales TagTEXTTag
Sales TaxTEXTTax
Sales Terms And ConditionsTEXTTerms And Conditions
Solutions Add CommentTEXTAdd Comment
Solutions AnswerTEXTAnswer
Solutions CommentsTEXTComments
Solutions Created ByTEXTCreated By
Solutions Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Solutions Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Solutions LockedTEXTLocked
Solutions Modified ByTEXTModified By
Solutions Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Solutions No. Of CommentsTEXTNo. Of Comments
Solution OwnerTEXTSolution Owner
Solutions Product NameTEXTProduct Name
Solutions PublishedTEXTPublished
Solutions QuestionTEXTQuestion
Solution NumberTEXTSolution Number
Solution TitleTEXTSolution Title
Solutions StatusTEXTStatus
Solutions TagTEXTTag
Tasks Closed TimeTIMESTAMPClosed Time
Tasks Created ByTEXTCreated By
Tasks Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Tasks DescriptionTEXTDescription
Tasks Due DateDATEDue Date
Tasks Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Tasks LockedTEXTLocked
Tasks Modified ByTEXTModified By
Tasks Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Tasks Task OwnerTEXTTask Owner
Tasks PriorityTEXTPriority
Tasks RepeatTEXTRepeat
Tasks ReminderTEXTReminder
Tasks Send Notification EmailTEXTSend Notification Email
Tasks StatusTEXTStatus
Tasks SubjectTEXTSubject
Tasks TagTEXTTag
TEXTRelated To
Tasks Contact NameTEXTContact Name
Trial Started DateDATETrial Started Date
Vendors CategoryTEXTCategory
Vendors CityCITYCity
Vendors CountryCOUNTRYCountry
Vendors Created ByTEXTCreated By
Vendors Created TimeTIMESTAMPCreated Time
Vendors DescriptionTEXTDescription
Vendors EmailTEXTEmail
Vendors Gl AccountTEXTGl Account
Vendors Record IdTEXTRecord Id
Vendors LockedTEXTLocked
Vendors Modified ByTEXTModified By
Vendors Modified TimeTIMESTAMPModified Time
Vendor OwnerTEXTVendor Owner
Vendors PhoneTEXTPhone
Vendor ImageTEXTVendor Image
Vendors StateTEXTState
Vendors StreetTEXTStreet
Vendors TagTEXTTag
Vendors Vendor NameTEXTVendor Name
Vendors WebsiteTEXTWebsite
Vendors Zip CodeTEXTZip Code
TodayDATEToday's date

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