Toggl Connector is your most trusted connector when it comes to integrating your Toggl data with other systems to get insights. The Toggl connector eliminates coding, making the data integration process easier and faster.

About Toggl

Toggl is a tool designed to track time so that individuals or teams can determine the amount of time they spend completing certain activities. By knowing where their billable hours go, users can improve time management and eventually increase their productivity. Toggl is user-friendly and features several pricing plans, each offering distinctive features. There is also a free option for those who would want to test the platform first before investing their money. Many users love Toggl due to its versatility. It easily integrates with other tools, generates reports with a few clicks, supports offline tracking, offers API for custom integrations, etc.


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Step 1:

You need to select Toggl as a Data Source and grant access to

Toggl source

Step 2:

Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source. For example, you can include metrics such as Cost per Click, Cost per Action or Total Spend.



Step 3:

Select a destination to get Toggl data into

select destination

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Data Destinations for Toggl

Toggl metrics and dimensions available

Detailed Information About Toggl

With Toggl, you can manage your teams to help them keep organized. We are talking about setting reminders, viewing a team’s bandwidth from a single dashboard, sending email alerts related to project deadlines, and more. This is even possible with the free plan, where you can create numerous projects without limits. Want help with workload management? This is easy with Toggl. Rather than requiring daily check-ins, you can just check the team’s Toggl data to identify members who can handle more tasks. If you are a manager, it’s also possible to create user groups and regulate access by group; this eliminates unnecessary clicks.


Toggl has strong reporting capabilities. Three types of reports are available: summary, detailed, and weekly. For the first option, you are allowed to review the total tracked time and filter it. In case you want to see every person’s individual time entry, then you can use the detailed report feature. With weekly reports, it’s possible to review tracked time in a week. Toggl is also great with payroll, project budgeting, billing, and invoicing.


At best, Toggl eliminates guesswork and makes everything clear. This means you can easily identify productive areas and those that are lacking. As a result, you can make necessary adjustments that will eventually push your business forward.

FAQ about Toggl integration via

How much does it cost to integrate Toggl with connector offers price-friendly packages, and you are sure to find the one that aligns with your budget. The cost mainly depends on the use case, data volume, destinations, etc. Visit’s pricing page to learn more.


Why do people choose to integrate Toggl data? connector is the preferred option because:

  • It enables you to synchronize and get your data in the right place easily, maps attribution, and allows you to access data through various BI tools.
  • The dashboard is customizable, which means you can modify it the way you want.
  • Setup is very easy and you get a great amount of value from your data.
  • Offers easy multi-attribution calculations that are robust and ready to use.


How long does it take to connect Toggl to the destination?

It will take you about 5 minutes to perform the integration. This is because features an intuitive interface, and you are not required to write any code to complete the process.

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