Dremio Connector

The Windsor.ai no-code connector for Dremio integrates your data lakehouse with data analytics tools for fast self-service analytics. The connector is easy to use and works through a few simple click-through steps. Windsor.ai Dremio connector saves the time spent on data integrations and enables more focus on insights.

About Dremio

Dremio is a data lakehouse that supports self-service analytics. As a data lakehouse, Dremio enables you to connect to all your data warehouses, query, analyze, and work with the data without having to transfer or move the data. The data lakehouse property of Dremio is important because it demonstrates how Dremio saves money by eliminating the need for unnecessary data storage investments. By allowing users to work with the original datasets without having to migrate the data, Dremio allows for the fast processing of data by multiple users at the same time without compromising its integrity in storage.

Dremio Connector

Start analyzing your Dremio data in minutes

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Follow the Tutorial Below:


Step 1:

You need to select Dremio as a Data Source and grant access to Windsor.ai.

Dremio source

Step 2:

Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source. For example, you can include metrics such as Cost per Click, Cost per Action or Total Spend.



Step 3:

Select a destination to get Dremio data into

select destination

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Data Destinations for Dremio

Detailed Information About Dremio

Dremio provides self-service SQL analytics. That means that users can create queries based on data stored in databases or warehouses without having to download or transfer the data. Dremio connects to both on-premise and cloud-based data storage solutions. Best performance is achieved when accessing cloud storage solutions such as Dremio Cloud. Dremio considers that connection to the Dremio query is the first step businesses take towards migrating to cloud storage solutions.


Dremio creates a unified view of your data without actually migrating or moving the data. This means the different business functions, branches, or divisions can get the same view of the data even when it is not stored in the same database. Further, the users can use and analyze that data to inform business decisions. The key advantage of Dremio is that it allows you to maintain the architecture of your data while smoothing the process of sharing the data across teams, departments, or divisions. Users can simply query the data, create the needed data tables, and analyze the data without changing the underlying datasets or having to send or transfer the data.


Overall, Dremio ensures a unified view of data by simplifying the discovery and access to data in your repositories. Dremio also ensures that the governance of data is driven by community-based standards reflected in its three open data plans, which include Apache Parquet, Apache Iceberg, and Apache Arrow. Simply stated, Dremio does not hold your data. Instead, it allows flexibility in how you govern and manage access to it. The outcome is fast access to data while ensuring its security and governance.

FAQ about Dremio integration via Windsor.ai

How much does it cost to integrate Dremio with Windsor.ai?

The pricing for the Windsor.ai Dremio connector depends on your usage. Windsor considers various inputs in the pricing, including the number of data sources and number of users. The pricing method is transparent. Visit the pricing page to learn more.


Why do people choose Windsor.ai to integrate Dremio data

  1. A hassle-free connector that requires no coding skills to extract data.
  2. Transparent and flexible pricing to suit different needs and specifications.
  3. Short time-to-insights, allowing speedy analytics and decisions.


How long does it take to connect Dremio data to the destination?

It takes about 5 minutes to connect Dremio data to the destination.

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