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Notion workspace can generate rich data. You can study and analyze the data by sending it to spreadsheets and business intelligence tools using the Notion connector. The connector integrates easily into your workspace and requires no coding skills to synchronize data.

About Notion

Notion is an AI-powered workspace designed for next-generation startups and established organizations. It has been described as the AI everything application, pointing to the centrality of AI in how Notion works. A high-level overview shows Notion as an agile application that lets you design your workspace by adding all the functions and applications you need without any coding. With Notion, designing your workspace is like playing because you simply write any feature or application into existence.

Notion connector

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Step 1:

You need to select Notion as a Data Source and grant access to

Notion source

Step 2:

Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source. For example, you can include metrics such as Cost per Click, Cost per Action or Total Spend.



Step 3:

Select a destination to get Notion data into

select destination

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Data Destinations for Notion

Notion metrics and dimensions available

Detailed Information About Notion

Notion is an application that helps you organize all the functions you need in a workspace. Organizations that have used Notion indicate that it is a single application that replaces multiple other applications. That is because Notion interactively creates many types of functions and applications by just typing on the workspace. For instance, users can create documents, chat, edit pictures, and complete other similar tasks by simply typing in the workspace. The only thing that users need to do is to identify a text block by a particular format.


The real power of Notion comes out in collaborative activities. Through Notion, organizations and teams can create projects, invite collaborators, assign responsibilities, set performance goals, and monitor performance all in one system. The users can interact and exchange ideas on the same platform through chat features. Additionally, users can share and work on the same data collaboratively. For organizations that work from different geographical locations, Notion is a tool that can ensure operational continuity by ensuring that remote workers from multiple parts of the world work on the same files at different times.


The best way to summarize information about Notion is to describe it as a single application that does not limit what you do. If you can imagine it, you can do it in Notion. As you work on the Notion workspace, you will create and generate a lot of data about your operations. You can analyze that data using business intelligence tools to inform your data-driven decisions.

FAQ about Notion integration via

How much does it cost to integrate Notion with

Pricing is based on the level of your activity. considers the number of accounts, users, and data destinations. Visit our pricing page to learn more.


Why do people use to integrate Notion data?

  1. The connector links any data source to any destination. There is no data source or destination that cannot integrate.
  2. The connector is interactive and codeless. You do not require technical experience to transfer data with our connector.
  3. The data integration process is highly automated. The connector does all the heavy lifting so you can extract data with ease.


How long does it take to connect Notion to the destination?

The entire data integration process takes about 5 minutes. The connector is fast, accurate, and efficient.

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