CallRail Connector no-code connector automatically syncs your CallRail data with any destination of your choice. Be it a business intelligence platform, data warehouse, or spreadsheet, the connector ensures the integration is complete within minutes. This means you can perform detailed analytics faster and use the insights to enhance your call services and increase sales.

About CallRail

CallRail is software that helps businesses track calls. It identifies the source of the call and monitors it, as well as records the call conversation, caller behavior, and outcomes. As a result, users can gain insights into the campaigns and channels (online forms, inbound calls, chats or text) driving phone leads. This helps in making informed decisions about budget allocation and optimizing marketing efforts to increase lead conversion rates.

CallRail also supports automated marketing analytics for assessing inbound leads and links them to the organization’s marketing ROI. Again, this helps identify effective and ineffective campaigns, saving users time, finances, and manual effort. 


Start analyzing your CallRail data in minutes

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Step 1:

You need to select CallRail as a Data Source and grant access to

Callrail source

Step 2:

Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source. For example, you can include metrics such as Cost per Click, Cost per Action or Total Spend.



Step 3:

Select a destination to get CallRail data into

select destination

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CallRail metrics and dimensions available

Detailed Information About CallRail

CallRail gives you a chance to customize each lead’s experience with individualized hold messaging, call routing, and other automations according to the campaign source. When you tailor interactions, you ensure every caller gets pertinent information and a stress-free experience. Eventually, customer satisfaction and engagement is increased.


By facilitating automatic conversion analysis, CallRail allows your business to transcribe and assess call content to pinpoint caller intent, key topics, and sentiment. Consequently, you understand the needs of your clients and enhance service quality. Lead scoring, on the other hand, means you can evaluate and assign scores to leads using call content and outcomes. This allows you to prioritize high-quality leads for follow-up and maximize campaign efforts and sales.


With CallRail, you can modify your keywords and messaging when you evaluate the keywords clients and prospects use on calls. By comprehending customer preferences and language, you are able to enhance engagement and drive better outcomes. CallRail easily integrates with over 700 marketing tools, including HubSpot, Slack, Google Ads, WordPress, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. This is essential in improving customer experiences and ROI. 


CallRail is an ideal choice for any business that desires to enhance its call services. With its help, you can know what your clients want and continuously improve your services to keep them satisfied and build loyalty.

FAQ about CallRail integration via

How much does it cost to integrate CallRail with

The cost of data integration with the connector is based on data volume, use case, data sources, destinations, etc. There’s also a free plan to help you explore the connector’s features without financial commitment. Visit’s pricing page to discover more.


Why do people choose to integrate CallRail data?

Here’s why people work with

  • It allows you to export data to the preferred destination with a few clicks.
  • The platform maps the attribution and then enables you to access the data through various BI tools.
  • You can tailor the dashboard to meet your analytic needs.
  • The setup process to extract data is incredibly easy, and the insights you can extract from the data are immensely valuable.


How long does it take to connect CallRail to the destination? connector has a friendly interface that is easy to navigate to export data seamlessly. This means you can complete the task within 5 minutes. 

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