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Stream marketing data from Taboola to Snowflake

Connect Taboola to Snowflake in 2023

It is very simple to connect Taboola to Snowflake, it can be done in a fast and easy manner with


First Step

Follow the Tutorial Below:

  1. Add all the columns that are returned by your connector’s URL. 
  2. Create the WINDSOR_UPLOAD role (name has no importance) 
  3. Create a user and add the previously created role to that user 
  4. Grant rights to the DATABASE to the created user 
  5. Grand the rights to the destination table 
  6. Get the required fields from Snowflake to use the Snowflake destination in Onboard Form
  • Get the username 
  • Get the password 
  • Get the account 
  • Get the warehouse 
  • Get the database 
  • Get the schema 
  • Get the table name 

Second step

1. You need to select Taboola as a Data Source and Grant Access to

Taboola Onboarding


2. In Select Destination select Snowflake as destination

snowflake integration


3. Enter all the credentials required and click Save

4. Your data will now be streamed from Taboola to Snowflake. In case there is an error you will be notified.

Taboola metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Snowflake

Connect your data

CPA Actions Num (copy of `cpa_actions_num`)NUMERICTotal number of actions (conversions)
Conversions Value (copy of `conversions_value`)NUMERICTotal revenue from conversions
Campaign NameTEXTHuman-readable campaign name.
CampaignTEXTA numeric string. Represents the unique ID of a campaign.
Campaigns NumNUMERICNumber of campaigns (visible for relevant dimensions only e.g. day, week, month)
ClicksNUMERICTotal clicks
Conversions ValueNUMERICTotal revenue from conversions
CPANUMERICCost Per Action (Conversion) = Spent/Conversions (considers all conversions)
CPA Actions NumNUMERICTotal number of actions (conversions)
CPA Actions Num From ClicksNUMERICTotal number of click through actions (conversions) --Look-back window is configurable per conversion rule (default = 30 days)
CPA Actions Num From ViewsNUMERICTotal number of view through actions (conversions) --Look-back window is 24 hours (fixed)
CPA ClicksNUMERICClick Cost Per Action (Conversion) = Spent/Click Through Conversions (considers conversions attributed via click throughs only)
CPA Conversion RateNUMERICConversion Rate (%) = Conversions/Clicks*100 (considers all conversions)
CPA Conversion Rate ClicksNUMERICClick Conversion Rate (%) = Click Through Conversions/Clicks (considers conversions attributed via click throughs only)
CPA Conversion Rate ViewsNUMERICView Conversion Rate (%) = View Through Conversions/Clicks (considers conversions attributed via view throughs only)
CPA ViewsNUMERICView Cost Per Action (Conversion) = Spent/View Through Conversions (considers conversions attributed via view throughs only)
CPCNUMERIC(Actual) Cost Per Click= spent/clicks
CPMNUMERICCost Per 1000 Impressions= spent/impressions * 1000
CTRPERCENTClick Through Rate (%)= clicks/impressions * 100
CurrencyTEXTThe currency for columns of type Money
DateDATEThe start date for the reporting period.
ImpressionsNUMERICTotal impressions
ROASPERCENTReturn On Ad Spend (%)
Spend (duplicate of `spent`)NUMERICTotal spent (on campaign bidding) (duplicate)
SpentNUMERICTotal spent (on campaign bidding)
Total CostNUMERICThe Media Spend (Duplicate)
VCPMNUMERICCost Per 1000 Viewable Impressions= spent/visible_impressions * 1000
VCTRPERCENTViewable Click Through Rate (%)= clicks/visible_impressions
Visible ImpressionsNUMERICTotal viewable impressions
TodayDATEToday's date

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