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Stream marketing data from Adalyser to Snowflake

Connect Adalyser to Snowflake in 2023

It is very simple to connect Adalyser to Snowflake, it can be done in a fast and easy manner with


First Step

Follow the Tutorial Below:

  1. Add all the columns that are returned by your connector’s URL. 
  2. Create the WINDSOR_UPLOAD role (name has no importance) 
  3. Create a user and add the previously created role to that user 
  4. Grant rights to the DATABASE to the created user 
  5. Grand the rights to the destination table 
  6. Get the required fields from Snowflake to use the Snowflake destination in Onboard Form
  • Get the username 
  • Get the password 
  • Get the account 
  • Get the warehouse 
  • Get the database 
  • Get the schema 
  • Get the table name 

Second step

1.You need to select Adalyser as a Data Source and Grant Access to

Adalyser Power BI Connector


2. In Select Destination select Snowflake as destination

snowflake integration

3. Enter all the credentials required and click Save

4. Your data will now be streamed from Adalyser to Snowflake. In case there is an error you will be notified.

Adalyser metrics and dimensions available for streaming into Snowflake

Connect your data

Ad GroupTEXTThe Ad Group
Appt CountNUMERICThe Appt Count
Audience NameTEXTThe Audience Name
Avg Sales ValueNUMERICThe Avg Sales Value
ChannelTEXTThe Channel
Client IDTEXTClient ID
Client NameTEXTClient Name
Client CostNUMERICThe Client Cost
CPL Sources DesktopTEXTThe CPL Sources Desktop
CPL Sources MobileTEXTThe CPL Sources Mobile
CPS Sources DesktopTEXTThe CPS Sources Desktop
CPS Sources MobileTEXTThe CPS Sources Mobile
CreativeTEXTThe Creative
Data SourceTEXTThe name of the Windsor connector returning the row
DateDATEThe Date
DayTEXTThe Day
Day of monthTEXTDay of the month
DaypartTEXTThe Daypart
Gross CostNUMERICThe Gross Cost
ImpactsNUMERICThe Impacts
Lead Actions NewTEXTThe Lead Actions New
Lead Actions ReturningTEXTThe Lead Actions Returning
Lead Attribute 4TEXTThe Lead Attribute 4
Lead Attribute 5TEXTThe Lead Attribute 5
Lead BaselineNUMERICThe Lead Baseline
Lead Origins DirectTEXTThe Lead Origins Direct
TEXTThe Lead Origins Organic Search
TEXTThe Lead Origins Paid Search
Lead Sale Conv RatePERCENTThe Lead Sale Conv Rate
Lead Sources DesktopTEXTThe Lead Sources Desktop
Lead Sources MobileTEXTThe Lead Sources Mobile
Lead UpliftTEXTThe Lead Uplift
Lead CountNUMERICThe Lead Count
LengthTEXTThe Length
TEXTThe Link Key
MarketTEXTThe Market
MonthTEXTNumber of the month
PlatformTEXTThe Platform
Position (text)TEXTThe Position
Product nameTEXTThe Product
ProgrammeTEXTThe Programme
ROI (adalyser)PERCENTThe ROI
Sale Attribute 4TEXTThe Sale Attribute 4
Sale Attribute 5TEXTThe Sale Attribute 5
Sale CountNUMERICThe Sale Count
Sale Origins DirectTEXTThe Sale Origins Direct
TEXTThe Sale Origins Organic Search
TEXTThe Sale Origins Paid Search
Sale Sources DesktopTEXTThe Sale Sources Desktop
Sale Sources MobileTEXTThe Sale Sources Mobile
Sale Value Actions NewTEXTThe Sale Value Actions New
Sale Value Actions ReturningTEXTThe Sale Value Actions Returning
Sale Value Attribute 4TEXTThe Sale Value Attribute 4
Sale Value Attribute 5TEXTThe Sale Value Attribute 5
Sale Value Origins DirectTEXTThe Sale Value Origins Direct
TEXTThe Sale Value Origins Organic Search
TEXTThe Sale Value Origins Paid Search
Sale Value Sources DesktopTEXTThe Sale Value Sources Desktop
Sale Value Sources MobileTEXTThe Sale Value Sources Mobile
Sales ValueNUMERICThe Sales Value
Sales HouseTEXTThe Sales House
SourceTEXTThe name of the Windsor connector returning the row
StatusTEXTThe Status
TimeTEXTThe Time
TimezoneTEXTThe Timezone
TodayDATEToday's date
TypeTEXTThe Type
WeekTEXTWeek (Sun-Sat).
Day of week and day numberTEXTWeekday number and name combined (Sun-Sat).Numbered from 0 Sunday to 6 Saturday.
Day of week and day number, ISOTEXTWeekday number and name combined, ISO format (Mon-Sun).Numbered from 1 Monday to 7
Week ISOTEXTWeek, ISO format (Mon-Sun).
Week StartTEXTThe Week Start
YearmonthTEXTYear and month, e.g. 2024|3
Year of weekTEXTThe year that contains first day of the week (Sun-Sat).
Year of week, ISOTEXTThe year that contains first day of the ISO week (Mon-Sun).
Year weekTEXTYear and week for US weeks (Sun-Sat), e.g. 2024|15
Year week ISOTEXTYear and week for ISO weeks (Mon-Sun), e.g. 2024|20

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