Connect PrestaShop to Looker Studio

Connect PrestaShop to Looker Studio to unleash the full potential of your data. Windsor automates the integration, saving you time and resources. The hard work of writing code is also eliminated, ensuring a seamless and easy connection. Just follow a few steps as directed by the Windsor platform and connect PrestaShop to Looker Studio within minutes. 

Connect PrestaShop to Looker Studio

Why do I need PrestaShop and Looker Studio integration?


Gain important insights into your e-commerce activities. Understand how your business is doing and how it compares to competitors. Make informed decisions, fine-tune your marketing strategies, and enhance overall efficiency across the organization. Use resources appropriately, improve productivity, and potentially maximize your returns.


Monitor metrics in real time

Use monitoring capabilities offered by Looker Studio to track major metrics as they change. Closely follow sales trends, website traffic, inventory levels, and other vital metrics in real-time. React quickly to market changes while noting opportunities that arise and capitalizing on them. Identify risks and formulate measures to counteract them.


Predictive analytics

By integrating PrestaShop data into Looker Studio, you get a chance to apply analytics techniques like machine learning and predictive modeling to it. Forecast upcoming trends in sales and pinpoint potential customer attrition patterns. Empower your business to make informed decisions after anticipating future market dynamics.


Enhanced decision-making

Merge PrestaShop with data from other sources that feature information on customer surveys, marketing campaigns, social media, etc., in Looker Studio to understand business dynamics. Use visualization tools to get a holistic view of your e-commerce operations and uncover correlations and insights not apparent in isolated datasets. Develop a culture of proactive decision-making that grows your business continually.


Optimize pricing strategies

Use Looker Studio’s analytics features to assess PrestaShop sales data, including transaction history and consumer behavior, along with external aspects like demand trends and pricing. Gain vital insights into clients’ willingness to pay for products/services. Dynamically modify your pricing strategies and identify pricing thresholds. Ensure your pricing decisions match market dynamics, maximize profitability, and remain competitive.


Enhance operational efficiency

Leverage advanced analytics capabilities available on Looker Studio to analyze PrestaShop data, including website performance metrics, order processing times, and inventory management. Note areas of inefficiencies and any hurdles present in your e-commerce activities. Address these issues by improving website responsiveness, optimizing supply chain logistics, or modifying customer support processes. Improve overall operational efficiency and offer a seamless customer experience.


Customer segmentation

Transferring PrestaShop data to Looker Studio allows you to use segmentation features to classify customers according to their demographics, behaviors, and preferences. As a result, you can formulate targeted marketing campaigns aligning with your specific characteristics and interests. Improve customer engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty, and eventually, your profitability.


Analyze customer lifetime value

With Looker Studio’s lifetime value (LTV) dashboard, you can compute and gauge customer lifetime value using data from PrestaShop. Explore their frequency of transactions, purchase data, and average order value. Identify high-value clients, develop retention strategies, and distribute resources efficiently to maximize revenue in the long term.



To set up the connector, the user should have:

How to connect PrestaShop to Looker Studio

1. Register

Register or login if you already have an account.

 2. Select your source
You need to select PrestaShop as a Data Source and Grant Access to

PrestaShop to Looker Studio

3. Select the fields on the right.
Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source.

4. Select Destination

Go to “Select Destination” and Choose Looker Studio.

5. Sync and authorize data
Select “connect” and authorize access to your data source.


What is PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is described as the first CRM that is tailor-made for B2B SaaS companies. The platform enables businesses to capture and analyze all subscription-based data. Such data may include sales leads, trials, and subscriptions. Since the data exists in separate data silos, PrestaShop plays the role of integrating the data from other applications and creating a unified dataset for advanced analytics. The features of PrestaShop allow for data exports to other applications, including Looker Studio.

What is Looker Studio?

Looker Studio is an online data analytics software by Google. Looker Studio allows users to import data from different applications for advanced data analytics and visualization. The power of Looker Studio is anchored in the dataflow designs since users can automate the syncing of data with little coding experience. Businesses that use Looker Studio enjoy the benefits of an online analytics platform that enables collaboration among teams.

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