Connect CoinMarketCap to Looker Studio

Windsor is your go-to solution for connecting CoinMarketCap and Looker Studio. With its no-coding tools, you can easily sync the two platforms in minutes. Unlock the power of real-time cryptocurrency insights to empower your business with informed decisions. Streamline your business workflow by automating data retrieval and visualization processes to provide access to updated information and trends.

Connect CoinMarketCap to Looker Studio

Why do I need CoinMarketCap and Looker Studio integration?

CoinMarketCap and Looker Studio integration aids in advanced analytics and customization of reporting to meet your needs. Gain access to real-time data updates on cryptocurrency trends and prices. Monitor cryptocurrency markets and help investors and traders get up-to-date information to aid in making informed decisions.


Extensive cryptocurrency analysis

By integrating CoinMarketCap with Looker Studio, you can leverage additional features, such as data connectors, to merge data from different markets. Use date range controls to better understand cryptocurrency historical data trends. Leverage the insights to comprehensively analyze and compare various cryptocurrency prices, assets, trading volumes, and market capitalization.


Data-driven decision making

Harness metrics and indicators, such as trading volumes and price movements over time, to make data-driven decisions in cryptocurrency and investments. Optimize Looker Studio’s interactive dashboard to understand market dynamics better, identify opportunities, and manage risks more effectively. Visualize these dynamics through Looker Studio to spot trends, anomalies, and changes and make decisions based on such insights.


Streamlined reporting

Consolidating CoinMarketCap with Looker Studio allows you to capitalize on features like report templates that visualize your data quickly. The reporting embedding features aid you in including your reports on a webpage for easier accessibility by your team. Use drag-and-drop report editors to share data with charts such as pie, line, and bar charts to make reports more interactive.


Portfolio performance monitoring

Optimize Looker Studio features, such as a customizable dashboard, to create a compelling data display modified in a way that is meaningful to your business. Showcase the performance of your cryptocurrency portfolio from CoinMarketCap as it happens in real time. Monitor the value of your investment and compare the performance of various assets to identify changes needed in your portfolio.


Market segment analysis

Integrating CoinMarketCap’s aspects, such as market capitalization and trading volume, with Looker Studio’s advanced analytics helps you analyze market segments and assess investors’ behaviors to gain more insights into various trends within the cryptocurrency market. Tap into Looker Studio’s analysis tools, like sentiment analysis, to explore the perspective of news articles correlated to cryptocurrencies.


Automated reporting

Looker Studio’s features, such as the report interface, enable automatic report delivery, allowing you to automate and distribute reports. Combining CoinMarketCap with Looker Studio aids you in automating reports that need routine updates with the latest market data. This saves you time and effort from the tedious manual report generation and distribution.


Risk management

You can tap into Looker Studio’s features, like visualization, which allows you to envision risk metrics like correlation coefficients and volatility using CoinMarketCap data. Keep track of these metrics in real-time to aid you in identifying and effectively alleviating any risks associated with cryptocurrency investments.



To set up the connector, the user should have:

How to connect CoinMarketCap to Looker Studio

1. Register

Register or login if you already have an account.

 2. Select your source
You need to select CoinMarketCap as a Data Source and Grant Access to

3. Select the fields on the right.
Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source.

4. Select Destination

Go to “Select Destination” and Choose Looker Studio.

5. Sync and authorize data
Select “connect” and authorize access to your data source.


What is CoinMarketCap?

CoinMarketCap is a well-known market data platform that provides extensive information on myriad cryptocurrencies. It compiles market capitalization, real-time data, trading volume, historical price charts, key cryptocurrency metrics, and circulating supply. The platform’s homepage provides a live cryptocurrency price tracker sorted by market capitalization. It proffers tools like Blockchain Explorer to search and verify transactions, an application programming interface, and a converter to compare rates of coins against fiat currencies.

What is Looker Studio?

Formerly known as Google Data Studio, Looker Studio is a free tool used to convert data into informative, easy-to-read, and shareable insights. The platform offers customizable dashboards and automated reporting tools, making collaboration easy. Data visualizations through Looker Studio aid in advanced analytics for informed decisions. Looker Studio also helps review data from different sources without programming, an essential feature that helps organizations synchronize and centralize data for effective decision-making.

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