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Directly connect Outbrain to Google Data Studio, in minutes, and in an easy-to-use format.

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All your marketing data in one place, just in a few clicks.

In just a few clicks, integrates all of your marketing data. Simply select and authenticate the connectors you want to use. You don’t even need to write a single line of code to connect your data. You can blend and visualize your marketing data in your preferred reporting platform after a few minutes of setup.

Automate and save time.

No more using CSV dumps and spreadsheets to bring together data from different platforms. automates collecting all marketing data and minimizes time spent on preparing and formatting, saving you a lot of time and boosting the quality of your reports.
Spend less time on manual data loading and spreadsheets. Focus on what matters: Growing your business!
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Use all your data where and when you need it.

We make sure that all the data we integrate is fresh and accessible to marketers, whenever they want. You can push your data from to a variety of data destinations, including cloud storage services (Google BigQuery, Amazon S3, Azure, Snowflake), data visualization tools (Google Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau), and spreadsheets (Excel, Google Sheets).

About Outbrain

Outbrain is a native advertising platform that helps businesses promote their products and services through native ads, or “recommendations,” on a network of websites, including high-traffic news and entertainment sites. Outbrain helps advertisers to connect with consumers discovering content on the open web while driving revenue for online publishers displaying feeds of content and ads. Outbrain ads appear as a feed of recommended content that matches the look & feel of the specific web page which is also known as the Outbrain Smartfeed. Outbrain ads reach approximately 1 billion users, and the company drives 344 billion recommendations per month across 55+ countries and partners with media platforms such as CNN, Fox News, MSN, Sky News, and Bloomberg.


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About Google Data Studio

Looker Studio or formerly known as Google Data Studio is a data visualization platform that helps businesses convert data into customizable informative reports and dashboards. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for users to create interactive reports and visualizations with their data. Data analysis using Google Data Studio provides businesses with valuable information that they can use to make informed decisions about their operations.


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Why integrate Outbrain with Google Data Studio?

  • The advanced visualization features of Google Data Studio enable businesses to visualize their Outbrain ads in a variety of formats, including charts, graphs, and maps which makes it easier to understand and analyze trends and patterns in the data.


  • There are millions of metrics in an advertising platform. The custom dashboards and reports created in Google Data Studio can help you highlight the metrics that are most important to your business, such as clicks, impressions, or conversions.


  • Businesses can use Google Data Studio to share Outbrain data reports with team members or stakeholders, making it easier to collaborate on advertising strategy.


  • Google Data Studio allows businesses to integrate their Outbrain data with data from other sources, such as Google Analytics or other advertising platforms. This can provide a more comprehensive view of their advertising performance and help them make more informed decisions.

About the Outbrain - Looker Studio Connector

The Outbrain Looker Studio Connector pulls Metrics and Dimensions from Outbrain. The Insights are retrieved at the campaign level. 

Once the user successfully logs into the connector he can then choose the metrics and dimensions he is interested to create a report on.


To set up the connector, the user should have:

  • Access to an active Outbrain account (Visit our privacy policy and terms of use)
  • Google account for Outbrain to Looker Studio integration.
  • A Windsor account. Start your free trial now.

How to connect Outbrain to Google Data Studio?

Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source. For example, you can include metrics such as Impressions, ROAS, or Total Conversions.

select fields on the right

Go to “Select Destination” and choose Google Data Studio.

Once done, select “connect” and authorize access to your data source. Outbrain Google Data Studio connector All your marketing data in one place

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  • Connect all your marketing, CRM, and analytics data from 50+ platforms and stream it to any spreadsheet tool, BI platform, or data warehouse.
  • The setup is done in minutes. No coding is required.
  • Currently, we support more than 3000 dimensions and metrics.
  • See the value and return on every marketing touchpoint.
  • Our marketing attribution software platform provides marketers with a 15-44% increase in marketing ROI.

Google Data Studio Templates for Outbrain

Do you plan to connect and visualize your Outbrain data in Google Data Studio

These free and customizable Google Data Studio Outbrain templates will assist you in visualizing your data for easy reporting and analysis.

Google Data Studio Tutorials for Outbrain

Would you like to take your Google Data Studio Outbrain dashboards to the next level? 

Here are some of our favorite tutorials to help you:

Available Outbrain Metrics and Dimensions

Ad Network ConversionsNUMERICThe Ad Network Reported Conversions
Ad Network RevenueNUMERICThe Ad Network Reported Revenue
Average ValueNUMERICThe average amount of money reported for conversions from clicks: sum_value / conversions
CampaignTEXTThe Campaign Name
Campaign IDTEXTThe ID number of the campaign
ClicksNUMERICThe Number of Clicks
Conversion Rate from ClicksPERCENTThe average rate of conversions from clicks per click (percentage): (conversions / clicks) / 100
ConversionsNUMERICThe number of conversions from clicks
Cost Per AcquisitionNUMERICThe average CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for conversions from clicks: spend / conversions
Click Through RatePERCENTThe average CTR (Click Through Rate) percentage: (clicks / impressions) / 100
DateDATEThe Date
Effective Cost Per ClickNUMERICThe effective (calculated) average CPC (Cost Per Click): spend / clicks
ImpressionsNUMERICThe Number of Impressions
Return on Ad SpendPERCENTTotal conversion value attributed to clicks, divided by spend: sum_value / spend
SpendNUMERICThe Media Spend
Sum ValueNUMERICThe total amount of money reported for conversions from clicks
Total Average ValueNUMERICThe average amount of money reported for all conversions: total_sum_value / total_conversions
Total ConversionsNUMERICThe total number of conversions
Total Cost Per AcquisitionNUMERICThe average CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) for all conversions: spend / total_conversions
Total Return on Ad SpendNUMERICTotal conversion value attributed to clicks or views, divided by spend: total_sum_value / spend
Total Sum ValueNUMERICThe total amount of money reported for all conversions
Total CostNUMERICThe Media Spend
View Average ValueNUMERICThe average amount of money reported for view-through conversions: view_sum_value / view_conversions
View-Through Conversion RateNUMERICThe average rate of view-through conversions per viewable impression (percentage)
View-Through ConversionsNUMERICThe number of view-through conversions
View Sum ValueNUMERICThe total amount of money reported for view-through conversions