Pipedrive Looker Studio connector by Windsor.ai


About the Connector

The connector pulls metrics and dimensions from Pipedrive. The insights are retrieved at stage and lead level.

Once user successfully logs into the connector its possible to choose the metrics and dimensions to create a report on.


The user should have a Pipedrive API key in order to use this connector.

Available Metrics and Dimensions

NameTypeDescriptionObject Type
Activity FlagBOOLEANThe activity flagstages;
Add TimeDATETime when the lead was added.leads; stages;
Company EmailTEXTThe company emailleads;
Creator IDNUMERICThe Creator IDleads;
Deal ProbabilityNUMERICThe deal probabilitystages;
Expected Close DateDATEThe expected close date.leads;
Is ArchivedBOOLEANThe lead is archived or not.leads;
Label IDsOBJECTThe label IDsleads;
Lead IDTEXTThe Lead IDleads;
Lead TitleTEXTThe Lead titleleads;
Next Activity IDNUMERICThe next activity IDleads;
Order NumberNUMERICThe order numberstages;
Pipedrive Lead Owner IDNUMERICThe Owner IDleads;
Person IDNUMERICThe person IDleads;
Organization IDNUMERICThe organization IDleads;
Pipedrive Pipeline IDNUMERICThe pipeline IDstages;
Pipeline Deal ProbabilityBOOLEANThe pipeline deal probabilitystages;
Pipeline NameTEXTThe pipeline namestages;
Rotten DaysNUMERICThe rotten daysstages;
Rotten FlagBOOLEANThe rotten flagstages;
Source NameTEXTThe source nameleads;
Stage IDNUMERICThe stage IDstages;
Stage NameTEXTThe stage namestages;
Update TimeDATETime when the lead was updated.leads; stages;
Value AmountNUMERICThe value's amountleads;
Value CurrencyTEXTThe value's currencyleads;
Visible ToTEXTVisible toleads;
Was SeenBOOLEANThe lead was seen or not.leads;