Connect Aha! to Looker Studio

Do you want to get the best from Aha! data? Leverage Windsor’s no-code tools to connect it to the analytics platform Looker Studio. Easily and expertly perform in-depth analysis when you export data to Looker Studio, and look forward to an effective project management journey. A non-expert? No problem. Follow our straightforward automated process and sync seamlessly.

Connect Aha! to Looker Studio

Why do I need Aha! and Looker Studio integration?

The most effective way to gain insights into your Aha! data is to host it on an analytics platform. Looker Studio’s advanced, intuitive, and highly interactive features convert Aha! data into a very informative, easy-to-read and understandable form to streamline project management. Enjoy benefits like:


Enhanced collaboration

The integration synchronizes all your product data within Looker Studio. Everyone has access to data at the same time, facilitating collaboration among teams and departments. With better collaboration, teams can make better decisions, conduct coordinated strategic initiatives, and act on project issues better.


Powerful analytics

You can gain deeper insights when you export Aha! data into the powerful Looker Studio platform. Track product development metrics in real-time, condense lengthy project data into brief summaries, and apply data modeling techniques to come up with insights. Make better decisions by gaining access to the most accurate, up-to-date, and easily understandable information. 


Comprehensive decision-making

Aha! is an effective tool to gain insights into your overall product management. However, you can still miss a lot of insights if you ignore other data sources that add insights to a project. Looker Studio allows you to comprehensively analyze Aha! data alongside other data sources such as Google Sheets, BigQuery, and more. View this data more comprehensively and capture all insights for transformed decision-making.


Streamlined reporting

Your project data needs to be constantly reported and shared with multiple stakeholders almost simultaneously to guide the next steps. You can automate anything with Looker Studio, be it the workflows, reports, and project performance. Generate customized reports, view data through interactive dashboards, and visualize through various tools such as charts for better presentability. Share reports as soon as they are generated with all the stakeholders and unlock shared decision-making capabilities. 


Manage resources better

Monitor how resources are used throughout the project management cycle by synchronizing Aha! data with Looker Studio. Clean, aggregate, and report on crucial data such as resource allocation, backlog, hours spent, and task completion rates. Determine how best to apportion resources and streamline their use. You can also leverage Looker Studio’s analytics to visualize resource use trends and make better predictions, including future needs.


Improved project performance

Looker Studio makes everything seamless and strategically directs project management teams to goals and targets. From giving them timely reports to highlighting performance issues, project teams understand what to work on and at what time. Resource planning and coordination improve with the help of Looker Studio’s powerful analytics. Project efficiency becomes the norm, reflected in the overall performance and achievement of organizational goals.



To set up the connector, the user should have:

How to connect Aha! to Looker Studio

1. Register

Register or login if you already have an account.

 2. Select your source
You need to select Aha! as a Data Source and Grant Access to

 Aha source

3. Select the fields on the right.
Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source.

4. Select Destination

Go to “Select Destination” and Choose Looker Studio.

5. Sync and authorize data
Select “connect” and authorize access to your data source.


What is Aha!?

Aha! is a web-based roadmap and project planning software to help teams manage product development and define strategy. Project teams use Aha! to align their product development initiatives with the strategic goals of the organization. Using Aha! allows teams to gain clarity on what to build and prioritize features necessary to achieve the overall business objectives. As such Aha! addresses common project issues such as poor planning and lack of strategic direction.

What is Looker Studio?

Looker Studio is an online tool that turns raw data into informative, interactive, and easy-to-read insights to aid in informed decision-making. Previously known as Google Data Studio, Looker Studio allows the generation of user-friendly reports, customized dashboards, and visualizations through charts, graphs and more. Users can connect Looker Studio to multiple data sources, allowing comprehensive analysis and insights.

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