Connect Datadog to Looker Studio

Without the correct tool, managing and monitoring your IT infrastructure and other applications may be hard. You can even lose competitiveness and fail to meet customer demands if you get it wrong. So, what’s the solution? Connect your Datadog to Looker Studio using Windsor as your connector. Leverage Looker’s many tools to gain important insights into your data and stay on top of your competitors.

Connect Datadog to Looker Studio

Why do I need Datadog and Looker Studio integration?

Enjoy multiple benefits that come with integrating Datadog into Looker Studio. Manage and monitor your complex IT environment more efficiently by capitalizing on Looker Studio’s diverse and customizable tools. With Windsor as the connector, an unforgettable experience is guaranteed.


Merged data analysis

Combine Datadog’s data collection capabilities and Looker Studio’s analytics tools. Gain deeper insights into various aspects of your IT infrastructure and applications. Make some changes in your company in response to the findings if necessary. Watch as your operations become more efficient and your business takes a positive trajectory.


Comprehensive visibility

Datadog already offers comprehensive visibility into your IT environment, but connecting it to Looker Studio stretches this visibility. With data from many other sources like financial databases, CRM systems, and marketing platforms, Looker helps you understand your operations and performance holistically. As a result, you can make sound decisions and foster proactive management of both technical and business aspects of operations.


Customized reporting

Even though Datadog is able to capture large volumes of monitoring data, let’s face it. Assessing and presenting this info in a way that makes sense can be challenging. This is where Looker Studio comes in. It features exciting reporting capabilities, enabling your company to formulate reports and dashboards customized to your needs. In the end, you can extract reasonable insights from your Datadog data.


Improved decision making

Datadog and Looker Studio integration makes the correlation of monitoring data with KPIs and business metrics possible. Now, you have a contextual understanding of the effect of infrastructure performance on your business outcomes. Making informed decisions becomes possible.


Simplified workflow

When you connect Datadog to Looker Studio, you give your company a chance to simplify your workflows, especially in the areas of data analysis and monitoring. You don’t need to switch between multiple tools. Access all pertinent data and insights within one platform and enhance your business’s efficiency and collaboration.


Streamlined collaboration

By integrating monitoring data within Looker Studio, team collaboration is enhanced. Eliminate the inconvenience of sharing screenshots or links to individual Datadog dashboards. Access and have eye-opening discussions about your data within Looker Studio through streamlined communication.



To set up the connector, the user should have:

How to connect Datadog to Looker Studio

1. Register

Register or login if you already have an account.

 2. Select your source
You need to select Datadog as a Data Source and Grant Access to

Source Datadog

3. Select the fields on the right.
Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source.

4. Select Destination

Go to “Select Destination” and Choose Looker Studio.

5. Sync and authorize data
Select “connect” and authorize access to your data source.



What is Datadog?

Datadog is a tool used to monitor and analyze the performance of the organization’s infrastructure, logs, and applications in real time. This helps organizations spot and resolve any performance issues on time for smooth operations. Datadog gathers data from multiple sources, including cloud services, containers, servers, databases, etc., and utilizes them to formulate customizable alerts, dashboards, and reports. Consequently, users get a comprehensive view of their entire infrastructure for improved decision-making. Powerful communication and collaboration tools are available to enable teams to share information and collaborate on problem-solving. 

What is Looker Studio?

This is a free online tool that turns data into customizable, insightful reports and dashboards. Through visual tools like geo maps, pie charts, bubble graphs, paginated data tables, etc., Looker Studio enables individuals and businesses to tell their data stories to different stakeholders. Users can also share their insights with others and invite them to edit or view reports, enhancing collaboration. With Looker Studio, it’s easy to report on data from a range of sources without coding. These include data from social media platforms, Google consumer products, flat files, and more.

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