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Analyze Your Marketing Metrics from Linkedin Pages in GDS

Why integrate Linkedin Pages with Google Data Studio?

  • Google Data Studio avoids you from manually collecting data from data sources, ensures data accuracy, and provides a regular update on the performance and insights of your LinkedIn Page. This can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual reporting.


  • Google Data Studio makes it simple to monitor and track key metrics for your LinkedIn Page, such as reach and engagement, allowing you to determine which types of content are resonating with your target audience and which are not, and to make data-driven decisions about their content strategy.


  • Google Data Studio allows multiple users to access and edit a dashboard, which can improve collaboration and decision-making within your team. This allows different team members to contribute their insights and perspectives, leading to better decisions.


  • You can use Google Data Studio to build a dashboard that combines data from LinkedIn Insights with data from other sources, such as Instagram Insights or Facebook Insights, to create a comprehensive target audience persona.


About the Linkedin Pages Google Data Studio Connector

The Linkedin Pages Google Data Studio Connector pulls metrics and dimensions for Instagram Insights. The Insights are retrieved at the campaign and ad levels.

Once the user successfully logs into the connector he can then choose the metrics and dimensions he is interested to create a report on.


To set up the connector, the user should have:

How to connect Linkedin Pages to Google Data Studio?

Do you plan to connect and visualize your Linkedin Pages in Google Data Studio? Follow the Tutorial Below:

Select the fields on the right to later use in your data source. For example, you can include metrics such as Cost per Click, Cost per Action or Total fields on the right

Go to “Select Destination” and choose Looker Studio.

select looker studio

Once done, select “connect” and authorize access to your data source.

LinkedIn Pages Google Data Studio Connector

Linkedin Pages metrics & dimensions available for streaming into Google Data Studio

About Page ViewsNUMERICAbout page views
About Unique Page ViewsNUMERICAbout unique page views
Account IDTEXTThe organization identifier.
Account NameTEXTThe locale-specific name of the entity.
All Desktop Page ViewsNUMERICAll desktop page views
All Desktop Unique Page ViewsNUMERICAll desktop unique page views
All Mobile Page ViewsNUMERICAll mobile page views
All Mobile Unique Page ViewsNUMERICAll mobile unique page views
All Page ViewsNUMERICAll page views
All Unique Page ViewsNUMERICAll unique page views
Follower Counts by AssociationNUMERICFollower Counts by Association
Organic Follower Counts by AssociationNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by Association
NUMERICPaid Follower Counts by Association
Follower Counts by Association TypeTEXTFollower Counts by Association
NUMERICCareers page banner promo clicks
Careers Page Employees ClicksNUMERICCareers page employees clicks
Careers Page Jobs ClicksNUMERICCareers careers page jobs clicks
NUMERICCareers page promo links clicks
Careers Page ViewsNUMERICCareers page views
Careers Unique Page ViewsNUMERICCareers unique page views
Follower Counts by CountryNUMERICFollower Counts by Country
Organic Follower Counts by CountryNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by Country
NUMERICPaid Follower Counts by Country
Follower Counts by Country IdCOUNTRYFollower Counts by Country
CTRPERCENTClick-Through Rate
Desktop About Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop about page views
Desktop About Unique Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop about unique page views
Desktop Careers Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop careers page views
Desktop Careers Unique Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop careers unique page views
Desktop Custom Button Click CountsNUMERICDesktop custom button click counts
Desktop Insights Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop insights page views
Desktop Insights Unique Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop insights unique page views
Desktop Jobs Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop jobs page views
Desktop Jobs Unique Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop jobs unique page views
Desktop Life At Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop life at page views
Desktop Life At Unique Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop life at unique page views
Desktop Overview Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop overview page views
Desktop Overview Unique Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop overview unique page views
Desktop People Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop people page views
Desktop People Unique Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop people unique page views
Desktop Products Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop products page views
Desktop Products Unique Page ViewsNUMERICDesktop products unique page views
Organic growth of the organization's followers per dayNUMERICGrowth of the organization's followers over day through organic.
NUMERICGrowth of the organization's followers over day through ads.
Follower Counts by FunctionNUMERICFollower Counts by Function
Organic Follower Counts by FunctionNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by Function
NUMERICPaid Follower Counts by Function
Follower Counts by Type of FunctionTEXTFollower Counts by Type of Function
Follower Counts by IndustryNUMERICFollower Counts by Industry
Organic Follower Counts by IndustryNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by Industry
NUMERICPaid Follower Counts by Industry
Follower Counts by Industry TypeTEXTFollower Counts by Industry Type
Insights Page ViewsNUMERICInsights page views
Insights Unique Page ViewsNUMERICInsights unique page views
Jobs Page ViewsNUMERICJobs page views
Jobs Unique Page ViewsNUMERICJobs unique page views
Life At Page ViewsNUMERICLife at page views
Life At Unique Page ViewsNUMERICLife at unique page views
Mobile About Page ViewsNUMERICMobile about page views
Mobile About Unique Page ViewsNUMERICMobile about unique page views
Mobile Careers Page Employees ClicksNUMERICMobile careers page employees clicks
Mobile Careers Page Jobs ClicksNUMERICMobile careers page jobs clicks
NUMERICMobile careers page promo links clicks
Mobile Careers Page ViewsNUMERICMobile careers page views
Mobile Careers Unique Page ViewsNUMERICMobile careers unique page views
Mobile Custom Button Click CountsNUMERICMobile custom button clicks
Mobile Insights Page ViewsNUMERICMobile insights page views
Mobile Insights Unique Page ViewsNUMERICMobile insights unique page views
Mobile Jobs Page ViewsNUMERICMobile jobs page views
Mobile Jobs Unique Page ViewsNUMERICMobile jobs unique page views
Mobile Life At Page ViewsNUMERICMobile life at page views
Mobile Life At Unique Page ViewsNUMERICMobile life at unique page views
Mobile Overview Page ViewsNUMERICMobile overview page views
Mobile Overview Unique Page ViewsNUMERICMobile overview unique page views
Mobile People Page ViewsNUMERICMobile people page views
Mobile People Unique Page ViewsNUMERICMobile people unique page views
Mobile Products Page ViewsNUMERICMobile products page views
Mobile Products Unique Page ViewsNUMERICMobile products unique page views
Organization DescriptionTEXTThe locale-specific description of the entity.
Organization Follower CountNUMERICNumber of organization followers.
OrganizationTEXTThe organization identifier.
Organization NameTEXTThe locale-specific name of the entity.
Organization Primary TypeTEXTType of primary organization being used in the lookup. Possible values - NONE,SCHOOL,BRAND
Organization StatusTEXTStatus of the organization, such as operating or out of business.
Organization Vanity NameTEXTEntity's unique name used in URLs.
Organization WebsiteTEXTThe locale-specific website of the entity.
Overview Page ViewsNUMERICOverview page views
Overview Unique Page ViewsNUMERICOverview unique page views
People Page ViewsNUMERICPeople page views
People Unique Page ViewsNUMERICPeople unique page views
Post IDTEXTPost ID (could be Share ID or UGC post ID)
Products Page ViewsNUMERICProducts page views
Products Unique Page ViewsNUMERICProducts unique page views
Follower Counts by RegionNUMERICFollower Counts by Region
Organic Follower Counts by RegionNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by Region
NUMERICPaid Follower Counts by Region
Follower Counts by Region NameREGIONFollower Counts by Region Name
Follower Counts by SeniorityNUMERICFollower Counts by Seniority
Organic Follower Counts by SeniorityNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by Seniority
NUMERICPaid Follower Counts by Seniority
Follower Counts by Seniority TypeTEXTFollower Counts by Seniority
Share ActivityTEXTURN of the activity associated with this share. Activities act as a wrapper around shares and articles to represent content in the LinkedIn feed.
Share Audience Type All FollowersBOOLEANMake share visible to everyone, even guests on LinkedIn (default="true")
Share Change ActorTEXTThe entity authorized the change.
Share Clicks CountNUMERICNumber of clicks (per day).
Share Comment CountNUMERICNumber of comments (per day).
Share Comment Mentions CountNUMERICNumber of mentions of the organizational entity in a comment across LinkedIn. The field does not have a value when individual share statistics are requested.
Share CountNUMERICNumber of shares.
Share Created TimeDATEWhen the event created.
Share DescriptionTEXTContent description. This field is displayed to a small percentage of members on the mobile web version of the site. It is not displayed on the desktop site or native mobile apps. Maximum of 256 characters.
Share EditedBOOLEANA flag that indicates if this share was edited by a member.
Share Engagement RatePERCENTNumber of organic clicks, likes, comments, and shares over impressions.
Share EntityTEXTURN of the content being shared. Typical URN format is urn:li:digitalmediaAsset:C551DAQFRc4PDJV0OBg or urn:li:richMediaSummary:{id} (deprecated).
Share IDTEXTUnique ID for the share.
Share Impression CountNUMERICNumber of impressions.
Share Last Modified ActorTEXTThe entity authorized the last change.
Share Last Modified TimeDATEWhen the event last time modified.
Share Like CountNUMERICNumber of likes. This field can become negative when members who liked a sponsored share later unlike it. The like is not counted since it is not organic, but the unlike is counted as organic.
Share Media CategoryTEXTThe type of media represented by contentEntities.
Share Mention CountNUMERICNumber of mentions of the organizational entity in a share across LinkedIn. The field does not have a value when individual share statistics are requested.
Share OwnerTEXTOwner of the share.
Share Target FunctionsNUMERICRestrict share to specific functions. Not applicable to member shares.
Share Target GeoLocationsNUMERICRestrict share to specific geoLocations. Not applicable to member shares. Supported URN types - countryGroup, country, state, and region.
Share Target IndustriesNUMERICRestrict share to specific industries. Not applicable to member shares.
Share Target Interface LocalesNUMERICRestrict share to specific user locales. Not applicable to member shares.
Share Target LocationsNUMERICRestrict share to specific locations. Not applicable to member shares. Supported URN types - countryGroup, country, state, and region.
Share Target SenioritiesNUMERICRestrict share to specific seniorities. Not applicable to member shares.
Share TextTEXTUnique ID for the share.
Share TitleTEXTContent title. Either Share URL or share text is shown when no title is provided.
Share Unique Impressions CountNUMERICNumber of unique impressions.
Share URLTEXTURL of the content being shared.
Follower Counts by Staff Count RangeNUMERICFollower Counts by Staff Count Range
Organic Follower Counts by Organic Staff Count RangeNUMERICFollower Counts by Organic Staff Count Range
NUMERICFollower Counts by Paid Staff Count Range
Follower Counts by Staff Count Range NameTEXTFollower Counts by Staff Count Range Name
UGC Post IDTEXTUnique UGC post ID
TodayDATEToday's date

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