Case Study:

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About the company Group (formerly known as Bravofly Rumbo Group) is a publicly-traded, Switzerland-based multinational travel company with a number of wholly-owned subsidiaries. The subsidiaries operate under a number of names, including:


an Italian search engine for inexpensive flights;


a Spain-based search engine for flights, car rentals, and and accommodations for travelers, with services available in English, Spanish, and several other languages;


a Switzerland-based company offering services similar to those offered by Rumbo;


founded in France, the company offers services like those seen on Bravofly and Rumbo’s websites. It has a particularly strong market presence in France;


a London-based unit that provides new media campaign design and management, as well as advertising services for travel and tourism companies; and

a comprehensive leisure and travel company, offering reservations of flights, hotels, car rentals, theatre tickets, comedy shows, tourist events, and much more.

The problem: data silos hindering systematic operational analysis, as well as complex financial management.

The Group had many different data sources for their affiliate marketing programs, and every subsidiary output their data in different formats. This added some difficulty in pulling-out comprehensive attribution modeling statistics from the valuable data. As well, the Group’s internal financial reporting relied on a variety of different systems, which added additional complex calculations to conduct a thorough financial overview.

“Now we see exactly what is going on in our business and can drill deeper whenever needed easily in the dashboards with the full data-sets.”

The solution

“ Group turned to Windsor.AI for solutions. We delivered what they needed.”

First, we consulted with the client to determine what their requirements were. Group needed an easy-to-use, visual tool for both upper management and those working directly on marketing campaigns. Once we had established what was needed, we proposed a number of different solutions. The client chose one for their needs.

Next, we created a visual dashboard with adaptable displays for information. It generates high-level overviews for supervisors, as well as more-detailed reports to help the campaign managers investigate what’s working and what could use some tweaks. We made sure this worked with the client’s existing workflow by consulting with campaign managers directly.

One mouse-click on any area of the dashboard would bring up the detailed data and analysis from the high-level summary. This gave easy access to the affiliate marketing component data, making it easy to drill down and investigate whenever anyone wanted more details and deeper understanding. The dashboard also gave more clarity for attribution modeling, as the component data illustrated when and where important consumer onboarding was made. Using the sharing tools, any staff member could access the dashboard as they needed it.

For Group, marketing decisions are now easier to make, since the results from their affiliate marketing campaigns are now crystal clear. Now they can better concentrate marketing resources on those areas where they’ll have the biggest impact.

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