Case Study - Cognita


Cognita Schools Worldwide
With some 70 schools in Europe, Latin America and Asia, Cognita educates more than 40,000 students worldwide.


For the marketing teams of their schools, the big challenge is that some decisions were made on approximations with no concrete data to back up the assumptions.

Michelle Wong, Regional Brand and Marketing Lead at Cognita Asia recognised the need for the schools to better understand the customer journey as well as how parents interact with various marketing channels; ultimately quantifying the most effective allocation of the marketing budgets.

The decision-making process of selecting the right school and education for the child is a complex one. That means that the customer journey can be a long one before making the final “purchase decision”.

at a glance

  • Group of 71 schools globally
  • Presence in 80 countries in Europe, Asia, South America
  • 40,000 Students from 94 nationalities

“We are finally able to connect the dots between all the money we spend on marketing campaigns and school enrolments. We can clearly see ROI using Attribution Insights.”
Michelle Wong, Regional Brand and Marketing Lead at Cognita Asia.


Through the Attribution Insights Platform, Cognita schools in Singapore and Hong Kong were able to optimise paid search spend, understand their leads’ online behavior, and increase spend on keywords that they know are strong conversion generators. filled in the gaps in the company’s marketing data and a platform which could help them in making data-driven decisions.
For example, Michelle Wong said some campaigns had a high CPA, so just looking at media it could be assumed that these campaigns were unprofitable. However, after implementing Attribution Insights, it was revealed those campaigns actually had a high conversion rate and were producing positive ROAS.

Thanks to this, the schools were able to optimise and drive the most profitable leads, instead of just a high volume of leads.
When parents of prospective students come to the schools site, the schools’ Marketing teams are able to see where they came from (organic, paid, social, etc) and what pages they viewed on the site.
Bottom line: Cognita schools in Singapore and Hong Kong can now see the value that each marketing campaign is having on their overall business revenue and growth. As a result, they have grown online applications while reducing cost per lead acquisition.


  • More than doubled online applications year on year
  • Quality of leads was increased, resulting in an increase in the range of 21-28%
  • Minimised unprofitable campaigns and increased profitable campaigns

WINDSOR.AI’s clients typically improve marketing ROI by up to 30%, free themselves of unprofitable campaigns, and focus their marketing with data-driven customer journey insights.
Our secret? Ground-breaking, artificial-intelligence-based historic and real-time data analysis, with attribution modelling that tells you what works and what doesn't.

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