Case Study - iProspect


iProspect is a global, award-winning marketing agency that drives digital performance for many of the world’s largest brands. A trusted partner with an in-depth understanding of consumer behavior, iProspect reshapes brand strategies to meet the fast-paced demands of the convergent world with a focus on exceeding the client’s business objectives.
iProspect delivers personal, adaptive and valuable digital experiences utilizing proprietary solutions including: paid and natural search, content generation, data & insights, social media management, structured data and feeds, performance display, mobile strategy, video, conversion optimization and affiliates.


  • Disparate and decentralised data: iProspect needed to integrated the data between Analytics and the CRM system to understand metrics such as cost per revenue. This was impossible with the existing setup
  • Lack of visibility: iProspect needed a customizable cross channel performance view both for internal and client-facing reports.
  • More time for Insights and Analytics: Initially, when iProspect started working with a lot of the reports were created weekly and the team spent a lot of time on repetitive tasks such as downloading costs data from the advertising platforms and matching them with conversion data

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iProspect at a glance

  • The worlds leading performance agency
  • Part of the Dentsu Aegis Network
  • Key brands in Hong Kong are Burberry, Adidas, General Motors and the Hilton Group

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“With performance and the customer at the heart of what we do, our dashboards are now truly the beating heart of the agency” Lawrence Yang, Managing Director Hong Kong & Regional Director APAC iProspect

THE SOLUTION: connected CRM and Analytics data with a unique identifier. Then both data from the Analytics and CRM platform is loaded and the whole customer journey is connected.
Unique Opportunity Level Customer Journeys
In a second step the data is modeled using a data-driven model and conversion credits are allocated to each touchpoint.
The conversion data is then enriched with the costs from the various advertising channels which are integrated through API's or scheduled reports. This freed up a lot of time on repetitive tasks and let the team focus on what matters: improving performance.
Once enough data was collected, the platform started to propose budget re-allocation and bid optimisation recommendations on a channel, campaign and even keyword level.
Multi Channel Contribution and Proposed Media Mix


  • iProspect had savings of 1 FTE within 2 weeks of getting started
  • iProspect has full transparency into customer journeys across all touch-points including CRM
  • iProspect now has realtime visibility of the media performance across all channels

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