Noteworthy Datorama Alternatives in 2021

datorama alternatives
First, we’d just like to give a quick nod to the team at Datorama. They have built a great product to help businesses be more data-driven.
If you’re here because you’re evaluating Datorama, or looking for Datorama alternatives you’re already doing the right thing:
Choosing a product that will help you increase your marketing performance.
So what are the noteworthy Datorama alternatives?
Let’s check out features and product stuff in 5 different platforms (which we get into further down).
Datorama g2 review 1

Datorama g2 review 1

The founding team at Datorama built a one stop solution for all marketing data focusing on larger brands and big agencies. Other competing companies built platforms to solve single problems with marketing data (e.g. data extraction). Further vendors focus on making jobs easier for data teams beyond marketing data.
Let’s dive deeper and give you clear answers that should help you.
Noteworthy Datorama Alternatives in 2020

Datorama (by Salesforce)

Datorama Overview

datorama hero


Datorama is an analytics and data visualisation platform which allows marketers to extract, transform and visualise all their marketing data. They offer many data source integrations (unfortunately the list is not public). Datorama has been acquired by Salesforce in 2018.

Datorama Features

Datorama product
Datorama’s product offers a one stop solution and offers ETL (extract, transform load) capabilities (which they call data harmonisation), hosting of data and dashboards. Further on, there was a recent launch of an app marketplace where developers can list their apps. It’s not clear how many apps are listed but it looks interesting.
Understanding the exact features from the website copy is rather high level
Feature summary
  • Connect and extract data from >400 sources (list not found)
  • Hosting of data
  • Dashboarding solution
  • Recommendation engine for marketing optimisations

Datorama Pricing

Datoramas pricing is not available on their website but a simple web search lists the pricing on the Salesforce website.

datorama pricing 2 1

The pricing starts at $3,000 org/mo as in the above table. The various offered tiers have a different user and row count included. Once the row or user count exceeds what is included in the chosen tier add-ons have to be purchased. Looking at the reviews they don’t offer a free trial

Datorama Rating

datorama rating


Datorama has a 4 star rating based on 84 reviews on Most of the reviews are positive. I went through them and share some of the call outs below

Datorama g2 review 2

Somehow the app store does not seems large but that’s most likely caused by it’s recent launch.

Datorama g2 review 3

For this agency and also in other reviews on G2 there is a repeating topic: Why is the pricing based on rows? It seems to not resonate so well with the buyers as they have to delete old data. This means that it’s harder for them to look at longer date-rangesDatorama g2 review 4

Datorama Rocks! All in all, they have a pretty good fan base out there with people believing in the product.

Datorama Alternatives


Datorama logox2 1Image result for windsor.aifunnel io logoadverity gmbh logoImage result for supermetricsstitch logo
Free trialnoyesyesyesyesyes
Pricingfrom $3,000/moStarts free


On request onlyStarts freeStarts free
Data source integrations400+30+


API accessyesyes


ETL functionalityyesyesyesyesyesyes
Attribution modelingnoyesnoyesnono
Cross-platform data blendingyesyesyesyesyesyes
Customer journeynoyesnoyesnono
Google Ads Optimizationnoyesnononono
SupportEmail, forum & help center articlesEmail & live chatLive chat & help center articles24/7 live chat & phoneE-Mail & forumEmail & forum – Data integration and attribution modelling

Buying marketing platforms is usually never the most complex part.
Connecting all the tools together into an engine which provides actionable insights can be. combines these pieces and brings it all together. Features provides more than ETL and data hosting. It offers attribution modelling functionality. This means that you can give credit to each touch-point in the conversion journey. Other tools look only at the last touch-point.
You might have worked with Google Analytics conversion data before. If you did, you would have looked at last click data. Chances are, that if you are evaluating Datorama you will have a complex media buy with multiple channels. That’s where attribution becomes important to look into.
Feature summary:
  • ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) functionality
  • Attribution modeling
  • Cross-platform data blending
  • Customer journey visualization
  • TV Ads performance
  • Google Ads Optimization
  • Dashboards
  • Email and live chat support Pricing has a transparent pricing competitive pricing. All data sources are included and the API is open to integrate with any extra tool.
Multi-touch attribution and the optimisation suggestions come with every plan. The longer the look back (aka date range), the more you will need to pay.
The unlimited date range is available for the Professional plan of $499/mo. For professional and basic plans, the date range is 60 and 30 days accordingly.
The Enterprise & Agencies plan contains an enterprise SLA, a dedicated account manager and enterprise onboarding. The pricing for this plan is on request (contact us). offers a 30-days free trial and a free plan for all it’s functionality. Rating is newer to the list so there are not too many G2 or Capterra reviews. It currently has only 12 reviews on G2 with a 5 start ranking.
The client list contains well known brands. vs. Datorama is useful if you want to have an open platform, a complex media buy and a need to store large amounts of data.
Compared to Datorama, offers customer journey insights, allows you to use your existing BI tools (Data Studio, Power BI, Tableau, …) and a more competitive pricing.
If you have in house talent with Datorama knowledge and the budget, it makes sense to go with Datorama. — Data integration platform with 500+ data sources provides a data integration platform with 500+ data sources. It allows you to load data from any marketing platform, normalise it (aka harmonise it) and visualise data in your favourite BI tool (Power BI, Data Studio, Tableau, …).
(funnel hero) Feature Overview offers an ETL platform. In their terminology they use the abbreviation CTF (Collect-Transform-Feed).
(funnel feature)
In the transformation stage data cleansing happens. Examples of this can be date transformations (1/3/2020 to 01-03-2020) or the removal of currency symbols. Once done, the data feed is available for visualisation or export to a spreadsheet or data warehouse.
Feature summary:
  • ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) functionality;
  • Cross-platform data blending;
  • Dashboards;
  • Live chat support & Help center articles. Pricing

The pricing depends on your monthly ad spend. If you are below €100’000 monthly spend you will have to pay €499/mo. From €100,000 to €300,000 you will pay €799. From €300,000 to €600,000 you will pay €999. Anything above or in case you’re looking for an agency deal, you will need to talk to their sales team.
Looking at the reviews, there are a couple of complaints about the pricing, but generally speaking, people are happy with Rating seem to have many satisfied customers with a 4.5 rating based on 74 reviews on G2.
Looking a bit more detailed into the reviews, negative reviews are about pricing. All in all, they seem to have happy customers. vs. Datorama

Funnel and Datorama offer a similar functionality on the data integration side. The number of integrated platforms is similar. We were not able to compare the platforms as Datorama doesn’t have the list available to the public.
Visualisation wise, Funnel does not offer dash-boarding. If you don’t have a BI tool yet and want all from one vendor, Datorama wins this part of the comparison.
Pricing wise wins the comparison by a long way. A starting price of $3,000/month vs. €499/month.

Adverity – Data integration and visualisation

Adverity offers a data integration and data visualisation platform. Like Datorama, it let’s you connect all marketing data and visualise it in it’s own platform. It also let’s you visualise data in your favorite BI platform such as Data Studio or Power BI
As of March 2020 more than 400 data sources are supported.

Adverity Features

Adverity has three pillars to it’s offerings:
  • Integration of data sources
  • Integration of data warehouses (data destinations in their terminology)
  • Visualisation of data in external platforms
Adverity features
By reading reviews it looks like they focus both on providing data integration and dashboards. In contrast to that, on the website most of the content portrays the plaform as ETL only.
They offer 400+ integrations to marketing tools. The data is then pushed into a data warehouse. From there it’s visualised in any BI tool.
Features summary:
  • Integration of all marketing data
  • Transformation of data and storage in data warehouse of choice
  • Making the data available in a business intelligence tool

Adverity Pricing

Adverity is the only company on this list without a public pricing page. To understand how much it costs you will need to talk to their sales team.
The only information on the web about their pricing can be found on G2 reviews and Capterra reviews:
Adverity pricing2
Adverity pricing3
To sum up the pricing
  • Complex, a combination of number of sources, number of accounts, amount of data and how the data is used.

Adverity vs. Datorama

Adverity and Datorama have a similar offering. Both have 400+ integrations and offer data integration and data visualisation.
Functionality wise it’s a tie. Pricing wise as there is no pricing information available for Adverity, Datorama wins. Datorama provides a public pricing.

Supermetrics – All your marketing metrics in one place

Supermetrics provides lightweight integration to 40+ marketing data sources. It pulls data from marketing sources into BI tools, a data warehouse or spreadsheets. The focus of the software is on PPC, SEO, social and web analytics.

Supermetrics Features

Supermetrics have different products for data destinations. This means that each connector is an own product

Looking at the website, Google Sheets and Google Data Studio are their top integrations
Below these, a few less popular ones are listed.
There is not too much information about their functionality here. To make it simple, Supermetrics extracts data from marketing sources into the above destinations. Other destinations will need to use the Supermetrics API.
Feature summary:
  • ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) functionality;
  • Cross-platform data blending;
  • Email & Forum support.

Supermetrics Pricing

Supermetrics pricing starts on the lower end. But it is tricky.
It’s hard to decide really.
There are different variations of the product to buy. To simplify: You pay for what you need. But with complex needs, you’ll likely face the problem of purchasing more modules and higher costs.
For instance, the pricing here seems appealing. $39/mo is not a big deal, right?
But let’s switch to monthly pricing and take a closer look. With the lowest price option, you have only one data source to connect to Google Data Studio.
So to load data from different sources into Data Studio, you’ll end up paying $126/mo.
So let’s break down the options you have with Supermetrics:
  • Integrate 1 data source with Google Data Studio for about $50/mo
  • Integrate Google Analytics with Google Sheets for free;
  • Integrate different data sources with Google Sheets, Data Studio, or Excel for $126+/mo
  • Integrate 1 data source with Big Query for $190+/mo or go for a custom plan for different sources
  • Load data from various sources into your destinations via API with a custom pricing plan
  • Pay for manual data uploads from CSV or other sources listed below.
It gives you the flexibility to choose what to pay for, but it also can be hard and expensive to get everything you need.

Supermetrics Rating

supermetrics rating g2

Supermetrics has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on G2 based on 35 review and most of their clients are happy.


Supermetrics positive review

Supermetrics positive review on


It seems to do the job quite well. Some fo their customers have a few critical points:

  • The cusotmer support is hard to get hold of
  • The initial setup is complicated and tricky to set up
  • The pricing is too complex


Supermetrics negative review

Supermetrics review on


Recently there also have been reviews from earlier users which are unhappy with the new pricing (apparently it was increased).

supermetrics review g2

Supermetrics review about pricing on


Supermetrics vs. Datorama

This is a difficult one as the platforms are so different. To make it simple: If you want to integrate your data without any transformation or visualisation out of the box, Supermetrics wins.
If you are looking at a single tool to centralised data aggregation and visualisation, choose Datorama.
Pricing wise we are comparing $50/mo with $3000/mo so the difference is huge.

Stitch- All your data. Where you want it. In minutes.

Stitch is an advanced ETL solution that is flexible and secure. With an open-source code, it allows to integrate with tools even if they’re not supported. In addition, they offer GDPR and HIPAA compliance. This can be vital for larger business when making a decision, especially healthcare.

Stitch Features

The list seems to be full of features. But those are actually details of their ETL functionality. This explains the complexity of the solution.
Feature overview:
  • Extensibility
  • Orchestration
  • Security & Compliance
  • Performance & Reliability
  • Embedding
  • Transformation & Quality
To simplify, they pull the data from the sources you use into the data warehouse or a reporting tool you need. The platforms encrypts and gives you advanced control over your data.
Features Summary:
  • ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) functionality
  • Cross-platform data blending
  • Email & Forum support

Stitch Pricing

Stich’s pricing, same with Datorama, depends on how many data rows you have. For up to 5 million data rows/mo, they have a free plan. Bot only “free” data sources are available in the free plan. You can see the integrations here:
For more than 5 million rows, the pricing starts from $100/mo and goes up to $1,250/mo for 300 million rows.
Worth saying, the standard plan is currently limited to 10 data sources and 1 destination. For more, you’d need to contact sales for an Enterprise plan.

Stitch Rating

On G2, Stitch has a 4.8/5 rating based on 48 public reviews. It is a robust ETL solution, and people are happy with it.

Stitch vs. Datorama

It depends on the data sources you need and the amount of data you have. If you have up to 5 sources that are on Stitch’s integration list, you can go for a free plan with Stitch.
If you are looking for non marketing data integration and security, Stitch is the recommended choice here.
Pricing wise Stitch wins the comparison too.


We only cover a fraction of the available data integration and visualisation solutions in this article. There are many more out there. My recommendation for you is to give the tools you see fit a try (the ones with free trials). Many of the competitors in this article focus on different parts of the marketing data landscape.
Some of the tools have crucial features for enterprises, which are not needed for smaller and medium businesses.
Some of the tools provide attribution modeling you might be looking for.
I hope this article will help you make an informed decision on which platform to go with.