Case Study - eClicks


eCLICKS is a trusted partner in developing customised, datadriven digital strategies that drive results.
Since 2006, eCLICKS have worked with numerous well known brands across Australia and New Zealand.
eCLICKS offering covers the full digital arena including paid and organic search strategies, remarketing, conversion rate optimisation, analytics and social media marketing.


  • Transparency: eClicks manages large media buys on multiple channels but making decisions on business outcomes was impossible with Google Analytics data alone.
  • Double counting of conversions: Within paid social and paid search the numbers looked good but did not match with the clients numbers.
  • Multiple platforms take credit for the same conversion.Heavy reliance on last-click: Besides looking at intra-channel data, optimisations were done manually and based on last-click Google Analytics data.

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eCLICKS at a glance

  • Google Premier Partner in Australia & New Zealand
  • Digital Performance Agency, founded in 2006

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“ has helped us to decrease the CPA of two of our clients campaigns by 19%. The level of insight is something we’ve never had before and has allowed us to base our optimisation decisions on concrete data” James Ambler, Digital Performance Director eClicks


With Attribution Insights eClicks is able to connect the data from all advertising platforms, analytics and CRM and run customer lifetime value optimisations in a fully automated way. The optimisations are based on a data-driven attribution model and take into account the historical performance of the channels as well as impression share metrics.
conversion rate
Cross-channel conversion rates to opportunity
As paid social activities are a big part of the media-buys, it was important to also have optimisations done on an ad set and even ad level, which was possible with the integrations across all channels.
facebook conversions
Optimisation on Ad Set level


  • Cost per acquired customer and cost per opportunity were measured for the first time down to the keyword and ad level.
  • Optimisations reduced overall the cost per CRM opportunity by 19%
  • eClicks automated 50% of a FTE by using the automated media optimiser

WINDSOR.AI’s clients typically improve marketing ROI by up to 30%, free themselves of unprofitable campaigns, and focus their marketing with data-driven customer journey insights.
Our secret? Ground-breaking, artificial-intelligence-based historic and real-time data analysis, with attribution modelling that tells you what works and what doesn't.

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