Reddit Ads Field Reference

Sample[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=campaign,clicks,spend,impressions,date,source&_renderer=csv


account_attribution_typeTEXTAccount Attribution TypeThe Account Attribution Type
account_click_attribution_windowTEXTAccount Click Attribution WindowThe Account Click Attribution Window
account_currencyTEXTAccount currencyThe currency this account uses (ISO-4217)
account_idTEXTAccount IDThe Account ID
account_nameTEXTAccount NameThe Account Name
account_view_attribution_windowTEXTAccount View Attribution WindowThe Account View Attribution Window
ad_click_urlTEXTAd Click URLThe Ad's click URL
ad_configured_statusTEXTAd Configured StatusThe status that the user has configured this ad to have. Can differ from the effective; status depending on the context such as pending billing information.;
ad_effective_statusTEXTAd Effective StatusThe calculated status determining the real status of this ad.
ad_group_configured_statusTEXTAd Group Configured StatusThe status of the ad group configured by the account owner.
ad_group_effective_statusTEXTAd Group Effective StatusThe calculated status determining the real status of this ad group.
ad_group_idTEXTAd Group IDAd Group ID
ad_group_nameTEXTAd Group NameAd group name
ad_idTEXTAd IDThe id of the Ad
ad_nameTEXTAd NameThe name of the Ad
ad_rejection_reasonTEXTAd Rejection ReasonThe reason why the ad was rejected
ad_search_termTEXTAd Search TermThe 'Search Term' that is displayed on a promoted trend
app_install_add_payment_info_countNUMERICApp install add payment info countApp install add payment info count
app_install_add_payment_info_cvrNUMERICApp install add payment info cvrApp install add payment info cvr
app_install_add_payment_info_ecpaNUMERICApp install add payment info ecpaApp install add payment info ecpa
app_install_add_to_cart_countNUMERICApp install add to cart countApp install add to cart count
app_install_add_to_cart_cvrNUMERICApp install add to cart cvrApp install add to cart cvr
app_install_add_to_cart_ecpaNUMERICApp install add to cart ecpaApp install add to cart ecpa
app_install_app_launch_countNUMERICApp install app launch countApp install app launch count
app_install_app_launch_cvrNUMERICApp install app launch cvrApp install app launch cvr
app_install_app_launch_ecpaNUMERICApp install app launch ecpaApp install app launch ecpa
app_install_completed_tutorial_countNUMERICApp install completed tutorial countApp install completed tutorial count
app_install_completed_tutorial_cvrNUMERICApp install completed tutorial cvrApp install completed tutorial cvr
app_install_completed_tutorial_ecpaNUMERICApp install completed tutorial ecpaApp install completed tutorial ecpa
app_install_install_countNUMERICApp install install countApp install install count
app_install_install_cvrNUMERICApp install install cvrApp install install cvr
app_install_install_ecpaNUMERICApp install install ecpaApp install install ecpa
app_install_level_achieved_countNUMERICApp install level achieved countApp install level achieved count
app_install_level_achieved_cvrNUMERICApp install level achieved cvrApp install level achieved cvr
app_install_level_achieved_ecpaNUMERICApp install level achieved ecpaApp install level achieved ecpa
app_install_mmp_add_payment_info_countNUMERICApp install mmp add payment info countApp install mmp add payment info count
app_install_mmp_add_payment_info_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp add payment info cvrApp install mmp add payment info cvr
app_install_mmp_add_payment_info_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp add payment info ecpaApp install mmp add payment info ecpa
app_install_mmp_add_to_cart_countNUMERICApp install mmp add to cart countApp install mmp add to cart count
app_install_mmp_add_to_cart_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp add to cart cvrApp install mmp add to cart cvr
app_install_mmp_add_to_cart_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp add to cart ecpaApp install mmp add to cart ecpa
app_install_mmp_app_launch_countNUMERICApp install mmp app launch countApp install mmp app launch count
app_install_mmp_app_launch_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp app launch cvrApp install mmp app launch cvr
app_install_mmp_app_launch_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp app launch ecpaApp install mmp app launch ecpa
app_install_mmp_completed_tutorial_countNUMERICApp install mmp completed tutorial countApp install mmp completed tutorial count
app_install_mmp_completed_tutorial_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp completed tutorial cvrApp install mmp completed tutorial cvr
app_install_mmp_completed_tutorial_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp completed tutorial ecpaApp install mmp completed tutorial ecpa
app_install_mmp_install_countNUMERICApp install mmp install countApp install mmp install count
app_install_mmp_install_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp install cvrApp install mmp install cvr
app_install_mmp_install_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp install ecpaApp install mmp install ecpa
app_install_mmp_level_achieved_countNUMERICApp install mmp level achieved countApp install mmp level achieved count
app_install_mmp_level_achieved_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp level achieved cvrApp install mmp level achieved cvr
app_install_mmp_level_achieved_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp level achieved ecpaApp install mmp level achieved ecpa
app_install_mmp_purchase_countNUMERICApp install mmp purchase countApp install mmp purchase count
app_install_mmp_purchase_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp purchase cvrApp install mmp purchase cvr
app_install_mmp_purchase_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp purchase ecpaApp install mmp purchase ecpa
app_install_mmp_reinstall_countNUMERICApp install mmp reinstall countApp install mmp reinstall count
app_install_mmp_reinstall_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp reinstall cvrApp install mmp reinstall cvr
app_install_mmp_reinstall_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp reinstall ecpaApp install mmp reinstall ecpa
app_install_mmp_roasNUMERICApp install mmp roasApp install mmp roas
app_install_mmp_search_countNUMERICApp install mmp search countApp install mmp search count
app_install_mmp_search_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp search cvrApp install mmp search cvr
app_install_mmp_search_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp search ecpaApp install mmp search ecpa
app_install_mmp_sign_up_countNUMERICApp install mmp sign up countApp install mmp sign up count
app_install_mmp_sign_up_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp sign up cvrApp install mmp sign up cvr
app_install_mmp_sign_up_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp sign up ecpaApp install mmp sign up ecpa
app_install_mmp_spend_credits_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp spend credits cvrApp install mmp spend credits cvr
app_install_mmp_spend_credits_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp spend credits ecpaApp install mmp spend credits ecpa
app_install_mmp_total_install_countNUMERICApp install mmp total install countApp install mmp total install count
app_install_mmp_total_install_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp total install cvrApp install mmp total install cvr
app_install_mmp_total_install_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp total install ecpaApp install mmp total install ecpa
app_install_mmp_view_content_countNUMERICApp install mmp view content countApp install mmp view content count
app_install_mmp_view_content_cvrNUMERICApp install mmp view content cvrApp install mmp view content cvr
app_install_mmp_view_content_ecpaNUMERICApp install mmp view content ecpaApp install mmp view content ecpa
app_install_purchase_countNUMERICApp install purchase countApp install purchase count
app_install_purchase_cvrNUMERICApp install purchase cvrApp install purchase cvr
app_install_purchase_ecpaNUMERICApp install purchase ecpaApp install purchase ecpa
app_install_revenueNUMERICApp install revenueApp install revenue
app_install_roas_doubleNUMERICApp install roas doubleApp install roas double
app_install_search_countNUMERICApp install search countApp install search count
app_install_search_cvrNUMERICApp install search cvrApp install search cvr
app_install_search_ecpaNUMERICApp install search ecpaApp install search ecpa
app_install_sign_up_countNUMERICApp install sign up countApp install sign up count
app_install_sign_up_cvrNUMERICApp install sign up cvrApp install sign up cvr
app_install_sign_up_ecpaNUMERICApp install sign up ecpaApp install sign up ecpa
app_install_skan_install_countNUMERICApp install skan install countApp install skan install count
app_install_skan_install_cvrNUMERICApp install skan install cvrApp install skan install cvr
app_install_skan_install_ecpaNUMERICApp install skan install ecpaApp install skan install ecpa
app_install_skan_reinstall_countNUMERICApp install skan reinstall countApp install skan reinstall count
app_install_skan_reinstall_cvrNUMERICApp install skan reinstall cvrApp install skan reinstall cvr
app_install_skan_reinstall_ecpaNUMERICApp install skan reinstall ecpaApp install skan reinstall ecpa
app_install_skan_total_install_countNUMERICApp install skan total install countApp install skan total install count
app_install_skan_total_install_cvrNUMERICApp install skan total install cvrApp install skan total install cvr
app_install_skan_total_install_ecpaNUMERICApp install skan total install ecpaApp install skan total install ecpa
app_install_spend_credits_countNUMERICApp install spend credits countApp install spend credits count
app_install_spend_credits_cvrNUMERICApp install spend credits cvrApp install spend credits cvr
app_install_spend_credits_ecpaNUMERICApp install spend credits ecpaApp install spend credits ecpa
app_install_total_conversionsNUMERICApp install total conversionsApp install total conversions
app_install_view_content_countNUMERICApp install view content countApp install view content count
app_install_view_content_cvrNUMERICApp install view content cvrApp install view content cvr
app_install_view_content_ecpaNUMERICApp install view content ecpaApp install view content ecpa
campaignTEXTCampaignThe Campaign Name
campaign_configured_statusTEXTCampaign Configured StatusThe status that the user has configured this campaign to have. Can differ from the effective; status depending on the context such as pending billing information.;
campaign_effective_statusTEXTCampaign Effective StatusThe calculated status determining the real status of this campaign.
campaign_idTEXTCampaign IDThe ID of the Campaign
campaign_nameTEXTCampaign NameThe Campaign Name
campaign_objectiveTEXTCampaign ObjectiveThe calculated status determining the real status of this campaign.
clicksNUMERICClicksThe Number of Clicks
comment_downvotesNUMERICComment downvotesComment downvotes
comment_page_viewsNUMERICComment page viewsComment page views
comment_submissionsNUMERICComment submissionsComment submissions
comment_upvotesNUMERICComment upvotesComment upvotes
conversion_add_to_cart_avg_valueNUMERICConversion add to cart avg valueConversion add to cart avg value
conversion_add_to_cart_clicksNUMERICConversion add to cart clicksConversion add to cart clicks
conversion_add_to_cart_ecpaNUMERICConversion add to cart ecpaConversion add to cart ecpa
conversion_add_to_cart_total_itemsNUMERICConversion add to cart total itemsConversion add to cart total items
conversion_add_to_cart_total_valueNUMERICConversion add to cart total valueConversion add to cart total value
conversion_add_to_cart_viewsNUMERICConversion add to cart viewsConversion add to cart views
conversion_add_to_wishlist_avg_valueNUMERICConversion add to wishlist avg valueConversion add to wishlist avg value
conversion_add_to_wishlist_clicksNUMERICConversion add to wishlist clicksConversion add to wishlist clicks
conversion_add_to_wishlist_ecpaNUMERICConversion add to wishlist ecpaConversion add to wishlist ecpa
conversion_add_to_wishlist_total_itemsNUMERICConversion add to wishlist total itemsConversion add to wishlist total items
conversion_add_to_wishlist_total_valueNUMERICConversion add to wishlist total valueConversion add to wishlist total value
conversion_add_to_wishlist_viewsNUMERICConversion add to wishlist viewsConversion add to wishlist views
conversion_lead_avg_valueNUMERICConversion lead avg valueConversion lead avg value
conversion_lead_clicksNUMERICConversion lead clicksConversion lead clicks
conversion_lead_ecpaNUMERICConversion lead ecpaConversion lead ecpa
conversion_lead_viewsNUMERICConversion lead viewsConversion lead views
conversion_page_visit_clicksNUMERICConversion page visit clicksConversion page visit clicks
conversion_page_visit_ecpaNUMERICConversion page visit ecpaConversion page visit ecpa
conversion_page_visit_viewsNUMERICConversion page visit viewsConversion page visit views
conversion_purchase_avg_valueNUMERICConversion purchase avg valueConversion purchase avg value
conversion_purchase_clicksNUMERICConversion purchase clicksConversion purchase clicks
conversion_purchase_ecpaNUMERICConversion purchase ecpaConversion purchase ecpa
conversion_purchase_viewsNUMERICConversion purchase viewsConversion purchase views
conversion_roasNUMERICConversion roasConversion roas
conversion_search_clicksNUMERICConversion search clicksConversion search clicks
conversion_search_ecpaNUMERICConversion search ecpaConversion search ecpa
conversion_search_viewsNUMERICConversion search viewsConversion search views
conversion_sign_up_clicksNUMERICConversion sign up clicksConversion sign up clicks
conversion_sign_up_ecpaNUMERICConversion sign up ecpaConversion sign up ecpa
conversion_sign_up_viewsNUMERICConversion sign up viewsConversion sign up views
conversion_signup_avg_valueNUMERICConversion signup avg valueConversion signup avg value
conversion_view_content_clicksNUMERICConversion view content clicksConversion view content clicks
conversion_view_content_ecpaNUMERICConversion view content ecpaConversion view content ecpa
conversion_view_content_viewsNUMERICConversion view content viewsConversion view content views
cpcNUMERICCPCThe Cost-per-click
cpmNUMERICCPMThe Cost per thousand impressions
ctrPERCENTCTRThe Click-through rate
datasourceTEXTData SourceThe name of the Windsor connector returning the row
dateDATEDateThe Date
day_of_monthTEXTDay of monthDay of the month
impressionsNUMERICimpressionsThe Number of Impressions Served
lead_total_valueNUMERICTotal Value (Lead)Total Value (Lead)
monthTEXTMonthNumber of the month
purchase_averageNUMERICAverage Value of purchasesAverage Value of purchases
purchase_total_itemsNUMERICTotal size of the purchaseTotal size of the purchase
purchase_total_valueNUMERICTotal Value (Purchase)Total Value (Purchase)
roasPERCENTROASPurchase ROAS (Return On Ad Spend)
signup_total_valueNUMERICTotal Value (Signup)Total Value (Signup)
sourceTEXTSourceThe name of the Windsor connector returning the row
spendNUMERICSpendThe Media Spend in USD
todayDATETodayToday's date
totalcostNUMERICTotal CostThe Media Spend in USD
video_completion_rateNUMERICVideo completion rateVideo completion rate
video_fully_viewable_impressionsNUMERICVideo fully viewable impressionsVideo fully viewable impressions
video_plays_expandedNUMERICVideo plays expandedVideo plays expanded
video_plays_with_soundNUMERICVideo plays with soundVideo plays with sound
video_startedNUMERICVideo startedVideo started
video_view_ratePERCENTVideo view rateVideo view rate
video_viewable_impressionsNUMERICVideo viewable impressionsVideo viewable impressions
video_watched_100_percentNUMERICVideo watched 100 percentVideo watched 100 percent
video_watched_10_secondsNUMERICVideo watched 10 secondsVideo watched 10 seconds
video_watched_25_percentNUMERICVideo watched 25 percentVideo watched 25 percent
video_watched_3_secondsNUMERICVideo watched 3 secondsVideo watched 3 seconds
video_watched_50_percentNUMERICVideo watched 50 percentVideo watched 50 percent
video_watched_5_secondsNUMERICVideo watched 5 secondsVideo watched 5 seconds
video_watched_75_percentNUMERICVideo watched 75 percentVideo watched 75 percent
video_watched_95_percentNUMERICVideo watched 95 percentVideo watched 95 percent
viewable_impressionsNUMERICViewable impressionsViewable impressions
weekTEXTWeekWeek (Sun-Sat).
week_dayTEXTDay of week and day numberWeekday number and name combined (Sun-Sat).Numbered from 0 Sunday to 6 Saturday.
week_day_isoTEXTDay of week and day number, ISOWeekday number and name combined, ISO format (Mon-Sun).Numbered from 1 Monday to 7
week_isoTEXTWeek ISOWeek, ISO format (Mon-Sun).
year_monthTEXTYearmonthYear and month, e.g. 2024|3
year_of_weekTEXTYear of weekThe year that contains first day of the week (Sun-Sat).
year_of_week_isoTEXTYear of week, ISOThe year that contains first day of the ISO week (Mon-Sun).
year_weekTEXTYear weekYear and week for US weeks (Sun-Sat), e.g. 2024|15
year_week_isoTEXTYear week ISOYear and week for ISO weeks (Mon-Sun), e.g. 2024|20