The Trade Desk Field Reference


The The Trade Desk connector fetches TTD data on a advertiser and campaign level.

A sample URL on how to query data:[API_KEY]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=campaign,date,campaign_budget,campaign_budget_impressions,advertiser


advertiserTEXTAdvertiser nameThe name of the advertiser.
advertiser_availabilityTEXTAvailability of advertiserAvailability state of the Advertiser.
advertiser_descriptionTEXTDescription of advertiserAn optional description of the advertiser.
advertiser_domainTEXTDomain of advertiserThe domain address for the Advertiser.
advertiser_idTEXTAdvertiser idThe platform ID of the advertiser.
advertiser_keywordsTEXTKeywords of advertiserKeywords that classify the Advertiser.
TEXTLogo of advertiserThe URL for the Advertiser's logo or brand image.
advertiser_vetting_statusTEXTVetting status of advertiserVetting status of the advertiser.
campaignTEXTCampaignThe Campaign Name
campaign_availabilityTEXTCampaign AvailabilityWhether the campaign is active and available for normal operation or archived and hidden from normal view.
campaign_budgetNUMERICBudget of campaignThe maximum amount the Campaign may spend.
campaign_budget_impressionsNUMERICBudget for impressions of compaignThe maximum amount of impressions the Campaign should buy.
campaign_creation_timeTEXTCreation time of campaignThe time in UTC the Campaign was created.
campaign_custom_cpa_click_weightNUMERICCustom CPA click weightWeight to assign to click through pixels when calculating Custom CPA.
campaign_custom_viewthroug_weightNUMERICCustom CPA viewthroug weightWeight to assign to view pixels when calculating Custom CPA.
campaign_daily_budgetNUMERICDaily budget udget of campaignThe maximum amount that the campaign should spend per day, if possible.
campaign_daily_budget_impressionsNUMERICBudget for impressions of compaig dailyThe total number of impressions the Campaign should buy in a single day, if able.
campaign_descriptionTEXTCampaign descriptionAn optional description of the Campaign.
campaign_end_dateDATEEnd date of campaignThe date and time (in UTC) that the Campaign should stop spending if it has not yet exhausted its budget.
campaign_idTEXTCampaign IDThe ID of the Campaign.
campaign_objectiveTEXTObjectiv of campaign.The campaign objective.
campaign_primary_channelTEXTPrimary channel of campaign.The campaign primary channel.
campaign_purchase_order_numberTEXTPurchase order number of campaign.A property that you can use for internal reference. For example, a Purchase Order Number.
campaign_start_dateDATEStart date of campaignThe date and time (in UTC) that the Campaign should start spending.
campaign_typeTEXTType of campaign.The type of the Campaign, options are currently either Standard (default) or ProgrammaticGuaranteed.
campaign_update_timeDATELast update time of campagin.The time in UTC the Campaign was last updated.
dateDATEDateThe Date
partner_idTEXTPartner IDThe ID of the partner who owns this advertiser.
todayDATETodayToday's date