Klaviyo Field Reference



https://connectors.windsor.ai/klaviyo?api_key=[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=email,first_name,last_name,organization,created&_renderer=csv


account_idTEXTAccount IDKlaviyo account ID
address1TEXTAddress Line 1The primary address line of the object
address2TEXTAddress Line 2The secondary address line of the object
campaignTEXTCampaign NameCampaign name
campaign_idTEXTCampaign IdCampaign id
cityTEXTCityThe city of the object
click_rateNUMERICClick rateClick rate of e-mails
clicksNUMERICClicksNumber of unique e-mail clicks
conversionsNUMERICConversionsTotal Value of placed orders
conversions_avg_valueNUMERICAverage Conversion ValueAverage value of placed orders
countryCOUNTRYCountryThe country of the object
createdTEXTCreated atCampaign creation time
created_atDATECreated Date/TimeThe time stamp of the object creation
dateDATEDateDate of metric type data
emailTEXTEmail addressThe email address of the object
firstnameTEXTFirst NameThe first name of the object
from_emailTEXTFrom E-mailFrom e-mail
from_nameTEXTFrom NameFrom name
idTEXTIDThe ID of the object
lastnameTEXTLast NameThe last name of the object
latitudeTEXTLatitudeThe latitude of the object
longitudeTEXTLongitudeThe longitude of the object
members_countNUMERICMembersTotal number of members in lists for the period
objectTEXTObject TypeThe type of the object (e.g. Person)
open_rateNUMERICOpen rateOpen rate of E-mails
opensNUMERICOpensNumber of unique e-mail opens
ordered_productNUMERICOrdered ProductTotal amount of Ordered product
ordered_product_avg_valueNUMERICOrdered Product Average ValueOrdered product average value
ordered_product_valueNUMERICOrdered Product ValueOrdered product value
organization_nameTEXTOrganization NameThe organization of the object
phoneTEXTPhone NumberThe phone number of the object
received_emailsNUMERICReceived e-mailsNumber of e-mails received
regionTEXTRegionThe region of the object
sent_atTEXTSent atCampaign sent time
statusTEXTStatusCampaign status
subjectTEXTSubjectCampaign subject
timezoneTEXTTime ZoneThe time zone of the object
titleTEXTTitleThe title of the object
total_clicksNUMERICTotal ClicksTotal number of e-mail clicks
total_conversionsNUMERICTotal ConversionsTotal amount of placed orders
total_opensNUMERICTotal OpensTotal number of e-mail opens
zipTEXTZIP CodeThe zip code of the object