Line Field Reference


The Line connector pulls message an follower data from Line.

A sample URL to query message data:[API_KEY]&fields=date,account_id,channel_id,account_name,basic_id,message__broadcast,message__api_broadcast,message__api_push,message__status,message__chat

A sample URL to query follower data:[API_KEY]&fields=date,account_id,channel_id,account_name,basic_id,followers__status,followers__followers,followers__blocks,display_name



account_idTEXTaccount idSame as channel_id
account_nameTEXTaccount nameSame as channel_id
basic_idTEXTbasicIdBot's basic IDbot_info
channel_idTEXTchannel idUnique identifier for the channel
dateDATEDateThe Date
display_nameTEXTdisplay nameBot's display namebot_info
followers__blocksNUMERICblocksThe number of users blocking the account as of the specified date. The number decreases when a user unblocks the account.insight_followers
followers__followersNUMERICfollowersThe number of times, as of the specified date, that a user added this LINE Official Account as a friend for the first time. The number doesn't decrease even if a user later blocks the account or when they delete their LINE account.insight_followers
followers__statusTEXTinsight_followers_statusStatus of the counting process of number of followers. One of: ready, unready, out_of_serviceinsight_followers
followers__targeted_reachesNUMERICtargeted_reachesThe number of users, as of the specified date, that the LINE Official Account can reach through targeted messages based on gender, age, and/or region. This number only includes users who are active on LINE or LINE services and whose demographics have a high level of certainty.insight_followers
message__api_broadcastNUMERICapi_broadcastNumber of broadcast messages sent with the Send broadcast message Messaging API operation.insight_message_delivery
message__api_multicastNUMERICapi_multicastNumber of multicast messages sent with the Send multicast message Messaging API operation.insight_message_delivery
message__api_narrowcastNUMERICapi_narrowcastNumber of narrowcast messages sent with the Send narrowcast message Messaging API operation.insight_message_delivery
message__api_pushNUMERICapi_pushNumber of push messages sent with the Send push message Messaging API operation.insight_message_delivery
message__api_replyNUMERICapi_replyNumber of replies sent with the Send reply message Messaging API operation.insight_message_delivery
message__auto_responseNUMERICauto_responseNumber of auto-response messages sent.insight_message_delivery
message__broadcastNUMERICbroadcastNumber of messages sent to all of this LINE Official Account's friends (broadcast messages).insight_message_delivery
message__chatNUMERICchatNumber of messages sent from LINE Official Account Manager Chat screen.insight_message_delivery
message__statusTEXTinsight_message_delivery_statusStatus of the counting process of message deliveries. One of: ready, unready, out_of_serviceinsight_message_delivery
message__targetingNUMERICtargetingNumber of messages sent to some of this LINE Official Account's friends, based on specific attributes (targeted messages).insight_message_delivery
message__welcome_responseNUMERICwelcome_responseNumber of greeting messages sent.insight_message_delivery