Apple Search Ads Field Reference

Sample[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=date,campaign,clicks,installs,spend,impressions&_renderer=csv
The Apple Search Ads connector lets you pull Apple Search ads data on a campaign level. If you specify the fields date_from and date_to it will filter for a absolute date range (example: &date_from=2021-10-01&date_to=2021-10-10 instead of &date_preset=last_7d would return data from October 1st to October 10th 2021 instead of the last 7 days).


account_idTEXTAccount IDThe Account ID
account_nameTEXTAccount NameThe Account Name
ad_group_display_statusTEXTAd Group Display StatusThe state of the operation.
ad_group_idTEXTAd Group IdThe unique identifier for the ad group the search term belongs to.
ad_group_nameTEXTAd Group NameThe name of the ad group, which is unique within the campaign. Responses don't include deleted ad groups.
ad_group_serving_state_reasonsTEXTAd Group Serving State ReasonsA list of reasons that displays when an ad group isn't running.
ad_group_serving_statusTEXTAd Group Serving StatusThe status of whether the ad group is serving.
ad_group_statusTEXTAd Group StatusThe status of the ad group.
appTEXTAppThe App Name
automated_keywords_opt_inBOOLEANAutomated Keywords Opt InThe parameter for enabling and disabling Search Match. If true, the system automatically adds optimized keywords in addition to those you explicitly add to the ad group.
campaignTEXTCampaignThe Campaign Name
campaign_idTEXTCampaign IDThe Campaign ID
clicksNUMERICClicksThe Number of Clicks
conversion_ratePERCENTConversion RateThe Conversion Rate
countries_or_regionsTEXTCountry or RegionA group of countries and regions.
cpaNUMERICCost Per AcquisitionThe Average Cost Per Acquisition
cpa_goalNUMERICCpa GoalThe cost-per-acquisition goal.
cpmNUMERICCost Per Thousand ImpressionsThe Average Cost Per Thousand Impressions
cptNUMERICCost Per TapThe Average Cost Per Tap
currencyTEXTCurrencyCampaign currency
dateDATEDateThe Date
default_bid_amountNUMERICDefault Bid AmountThe default maximum cost per tap or impression bid for the ad group.
deletedBOOLEANDeletedAn indicator of whether the search term is soft-deleted.
end_timeDATEEnd TimeThe scheduled end date and time for the ad group.
impressionsNUMERICImpressionsThe Number of Impressions
installsNUMERICInstallsThe Number of installs
keywordTEXTKeywordThe targeting or negative keywords.
keyword_display_statusTEXTKeyword Display StatusThe state of the keyword display operation.
keyword_idNUMERICKeyword IdThe unique identifier for a keyword that belongs to an ad group.
lat_off_installsNUMERICLat off installsThe Lat Off Installs
lat_on_installsNUMERICLat on installsThe Lat On Installs
match_typeTEXTMatch TypeAn automated keyword and bidding strategy. See Ad Groups for Search Match use cases.
new_downloadsNUMERICNew DownloadsThe Number of New Downloads
number_of_installsNUMERICNumber of InstallsThe Number of installs
org_idNUMERICOrg IdThe identifier of the organization that owns the campaign. Your orgId is the same as your account in the Apple Search Ads UI.
re_downloadsNUMERICRe DownloadsThe Number of Re Downloads
search_term_sourceTEXTSearch Term SourceThe source of the keyword to use as a search term.
search_term_textTEXTSearch Term TextThe search terms to use for app searches.
spendNUMERICSpendThe Media Spend
start_timeDATEStart TimeThe scheduled start date and time for the ad group.
tapsNUMERICTapsThe Number of Taps
totalcostNUMERICTotal CostThe Media Spend
ttrPERCENTTap Through RateThe Tap Through Rate