Sendinblue Field Reference

Sample[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=date,name,viewed,delivered,clickers,sent



To get the names of custom fields to use them in query:[API_KEY]



ab_testingBOOLEANA/B testingStatus of A/B Test for the campaign. abTesting = false means it is disabled, & abTesting = true means it is enabledcampaign
campaignTEXTCampaignName of the campaigncampaign
clickersNUMERICNumber of total clicksNumber of total clicks for the campaigncampaign
complaintsNUMERICNumber of complaintsNumber of complaints (Spam reports) for the campaigncampaign
contact_created_atDATEContact Created AtCreation UTC date-time of the contactcontact
contact_idTEXTContact IDID of the contactcontact
contact_list_idsTEXTContact List IDsArray of contact list idscontact
contact_modified_atDATEContact Modified AtLast modification UTC date-time of the contactcontact
created_atDATECreated atCreation UTC date-time of the campaigncampaign
datasourceTEXTData SourceThe name of the Windsor connector returning the row
dateDATEDateThe Date
day_of_monthTEXTDay of monthDay of the month
deferredNUMERICNumber of deferred emails for the campaignNumber of deferred emailscampaign
deliveredNUMERICNumber of delivered emailsNumber of delivered emails for the campaigncampaign
emailTEXTEmailEmail address of the contact for which you requested the detailscontact
email_blacklistedBOOLEANBlacklist status for Email.Blacklist status for email campaigns (true=blacklisted, false=not blacklisted)contact
estimated_viewsNUMERICRate of recipients without privacy protection (all emails)Rate of recipients without any privacy protection option enabled in their email client, applied to all delivered emailscampaign
folder_idTEXTFolder IDID of the folderlist
TEXTFooterFooter of the campaigncampaign
hard_bouncesNUMERICNumber of harbounceNumber of harbounce for the campaigncampaign
TEXTHeaderHeader of the campaigncampaign
inline_image_activationBOOLEANInline image activationStatus of inline image. inlineImageActivation = false means image can’t be embedded, & inlineImageActivation = true means image can be embedded, in the emailcampaign
list_created_atDATEList Created atCreation UTC date-time of the listlist
list_idTEXTList IDThe unique ID of the recipient listlist
list_nameTEXTList NameThe unique nmae of the recipient listlist
mirror_activeBOOLEANMirror activeStatus of mirror links in campaign. mirrorActive = false means mirror links are deactivated, & mirrorActive = true means mirror links are activated, in the campaigncampaign
modified_atDATEModified atUTC date-time of last modification of the campaigncampaign
monthTEXTMonthNumber of the month
nameTEXTNameName of the campaigncampaign
recurringBOOLEANRecurringType of trigger campaign.recurring = false means contact can receive the same Trigger campaign only once, & recurring = true means contact can receive the same Trigger campaign several timescampaign
reply_toTEXTReply toEmail defined as the "Reply to" of the campaigncampaign
return_bounceNUMERICTotal number of non-delivered campaignsTotal number of non-delivered campaigns for a particular campaign idcampaign
scheduled_atDATEScheduled atUTC date-time on which campaign is scheduledcampaign
send_at_best_timeBOOLEANSend at best timeIt is true if you have chosen to send your campaign at best time, otherwise it is falsecampaign
sender_idNUMERICSender idcampaign
sentNUMERICNumber of sent emailsNumber of sent emails for the campaigncampaign
sent_dateDATESent dateSent UTC date-time of the campaign. Only available if 'status' of the campaign is 'sent'campaign
TEXTShare linkLink to share the campaign on social mediascampaign
sms_blacklistedBOOLEANBlacklist status for SMS.Blacklist status for SMS campaigns (true=blacklisted, false=not blacklisted)contact
soft_bouncesNUMERICNumber of softbounceNumber of softbounce for the campaigncampaign
sourceTEXTSourceThe name of the Windsor connector returning the row
split_ruleNUMERICSplit ruleThe size of your ab-test groups. Only available if `abTesting` flag of the campaign is `true`campaign
statusTEXTStatusStatus of the campaigncampaign
subjectTEXTSubjectSubject of the campaign. Only available if `abTesting` flag of the campaign is `false`campaign
subject_aTEXTSubject ASubject A of the ab-test campaign. Only available if `abTesting` flag of the campaign is `true`campaign
subject_bTEXTsubject BSubject B of the ab-test campaign. Only available if `abTesting` flag of the campaign is `true`campaign
tagTEXTTagTag of the campaigncampaign
test_sentBOOLEANTest sentRetrieved the status of test email sendingcampaign
to_fieldTEXTTo fieldCustomisation of the "to" field of the campaigncampaign
todayDATETodayToday's date
total_blacklistedNUMERICTotal BlacklistedNumber of total blacklistedlist
total_subscribersNUMERICTotal SubscribersNumber of total subscriberslist
trackable_viewsNUMERICRecipients without privacy protectionRecipients without any privacy protection option enabled in their email clientcampaign
trackable_views_rateNUMERICRate of recipients without privacy protectionRate of recipients without any privacy protection option enabled in their email clientcampaign
transactional_email_event_dateDATETransactional Email Event DateUTC date-time on which the event has been generatedtransactional_email_event
transactional_email_event_emailTEXTTransactional Email Event EmailEmail address which generates the eventtransactional_email_event
transactional_email_event_eventTEXTTransactional Email EventEvent which occurredtransactional_email_event
transactional_email_event_fromTEXTTransactional Email Event Template FromSender email from which the emails are senttransactional_email_event
transactional_email_event_ipTEXTTransactional Email Event IPIP from which the user has opened the email or clicked on the link (only available if the event is opened or clicks)transactional_email_event
TEXTTransactional Email Event LinkIP from which the user has opened the email or clicked on the link (only available if the event is opened or clicks)transactional_email_event
transactional_email_event_message_idTEXTTransactional Email Event Message IDMessage ID which generated the eventtransactional_email_event
transactional_email_event_reasonTEXTTransactional Email Event ReasonReason of bounce (only available if the event is hardbounce or softbounce)transactional_email_event
transactional_email_event_subjectTEXTTransactional Email Event SubjectSubject of the eventtransactional_email_event
transactional_email_event_tagTEXTTransactional Email Event TagTag of the email which generated the eventtransactional_email_event
transactional_email_event_template_idTEXTTransactional Email Event Template IDID of the template (only available if the email is template based)transactional_email_event
transactional_email_report_blockedNUMERICTransactional Email Report BlockedNumber of blocked emails for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_clicksNUMERICTransactional Email Report ClicksNumber of clicks for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_dateDATETransactional Email Report DateDate of the statisticstransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_deliveredNUMERICTransactional Email Report DeliveredNumber of delivered emails for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_hard_bouncesNUMERICTransactional Email Report Hard BouncesNumber of hardbounces for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_invalidNUMERICTransactional Email Report InvalidNumber of invalid emails for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_opensNUMERICTransactional Email Report OpensNumber of openings for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_requestsNUMERICTransactional Email Report RequestsNumber of requests for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_soft_bouncesNUMERICTransactional Email Report Soft BouncesNumber of softbounces for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_spam_reportsNUMERICTransactional Email Report Spam ReportsNumber of complaints (spam reports) for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_unique_clicksNUMERICTransactional Email Report Unique ClicksNumber of unique clicks for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_unique_opensNUMERICTransactional Email Report Unique OpensNumber of unique openings for the datetransactional_email_report
transactional_email_report_unsubscribedNUMERICTransactional Email Report UnsubscribedNumber of unsubscribed emails for the datetransactional_email_report
typeTEXTTypeType of campaigncampaign
unique_clicksNUMERICNumber of unique clicksNumber of unique clicks for the campaigncampaign
unique_subscribersNUMERICUnique SubscribersNumber of unique subscriberslist
unique_viewsNUMERICNumber of unique openings for the campaignNumber of unique openingscampaign
unsubscriptionsNUMERICNumber of unsubscriptionNumber of unsubscription for the campaigncampaign
viewedNUMERICNumber of openingsNumber of openings for the campaigncampaign
weekTEXTWeekWeek (Sun-Sat).
week_dayTEXTDay of week and day numberWeekday number and name combined (Sun-Sat).Numbered from 0 Sunday to 6 Saturday.
week_day_isoTEXTDay of week and day number, ISOWeekday number and name combined, ISO format (Mon-Sun).Numbered from 1 Monday to 7
week_isoTEXTWeek ISOWeek, ISO format (Mon-Sun).
winner_criteriaTEXTWinner criteriaCriteria for the winning version. Only available if `abTesting` flag of the campaign is `true`campaign
year_monthTEXTYearmonthYear and month, e.g. 2024|3
year_of_weekTEXTYear of weekThe year that contains first day of the week (Sun-Sat).
year_of_week_isoTEXTYear of week, ISOThe year that contains first day of the ISO week (Mon-Sun).
year_weekTEXTYear weekYear and week for US weeks (Sun-Sat), e.g. 2024|15
year_week_isoTEXTYear week ISOYear and week for ISO weeks (Mon-Sun), e.g. 2024|20