Google PageSpeed Insights Field Reference


The Google PageSpeed Insights connector allows to pull PageSpeed scores on a URL level.

A sample URL to retrieve the data is[your API key]&fields=date,timestamp,account_id,account_name,desktop_score,mobile_score,lcp,fid,cls,fcp,ttfb


account_idTEXTAccount IDURL of the page
account_nameTEXTAccount NameURL of the page
clsNUMERICCumulative layout shift (cls)Cumulative layout shift (cls)DESKTOP
dateDATEDateThe Date
desktop_scoreNUMERICPS Insights Desktop ScorePS Insights Desktop ScoreDESKTOP
fcpNUMERICFirst Contentful paint (fcp)First Contentful paint (fcp)DESKTOP
fidNUMERICFirst input delay (fid)First input delay (fid)DESKTOP
lcpNUMERICLargest contentful paint (lcp)Largest contentful paint (lcp)DESKTOP
mobile_scoreNUMERICPS Insights Mobile ScorePS Insights Mobile ScoreMOBILE
ttfbNUMERICTime to first byte (ttfb)Time to first byte (ttfb)DESKTOP