Mailchimp Field Reference

Sample,campaign_id,campaign_title,campaign_type,click_rate,clicks_total,date,emails_sent,forwards_count,forwards_opens,last_click,last_open,list_id,list_is_active,list_name,open_rate,opens_total,preview_text,rss_last_send,send_time,subject_line,unique_clicks,unique_opens,unique_subscriber_clicks&api_key=[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d

The Mailchimp connector lets you pull Mailchimp campaign and URL performance data. An example for querying campaign reports can be found above. If you specify the fields date_from and date_to it will query the data for absolute date ranges.


abuse_reportsNUMERICAbuse ReportsThe number of abuse reports generated for this campaign.
campaign_idTEXTCampaign IDA string that uniquely identifies this campaign.
campaign_titleTEXTCampaign TitleThe title of the campaign.
campaign_typeTEXTCampaign TypeThe type of campaign (regular, plain-text, ab_split, rss, automation, variate, or auto).
click_ratePERCENTClick RateThe number of unique clicks divided by the total number of successful deliveries.
clicks_totalNUMERICClicks TotalThe total number of clicks for the campaign.
dateDATEDateThe Date (copy of send_time, but this represents date only with no time)
emails_sentNUMERICEmails SentThe total number of emails sent for this campaign.
forwards_countNUMERICForward CountHow many times the campaign has been forwarded.
forwards_opensNUMERICForwards OpensHow many times the forwarded campaign has been opened.
last_clickDATELast ClickThe date and time of the last recorded click for the campaign in ISO 8601 format.
last_openDATELast OpenThe date and time of the last recorded open in ISO 8601 format.
list_idTEXTList IDThe unique list id.
list_is_activeTEXTList Is ActiveThe status of the list used, namely if it's deleted or disabled.
list_nameTEXTList NameThe name of the list.
open_ratePERCENTOpen RateThe number of unique opens divided by the total number of successful deliveries.
opens_totalNUMERICOpens TotalThe total number of opens for a campaign.
preview_textTEXTPreview TextThe preview text for the campaign.
rss_last_sendDATERSS Last SendFor RSS campaigns, the date and time of the last send in ISO 8601 format.
send_timeTIMESTAMPSend TimeThe date and time a campaign was sent in ISO 8601 format.
subject_lineTEXTSubject LineThe subject line for the campaign.
unique_clicksNUMERICUnique ClicksThe total number of unique clicks for links across a campaign.
unique_opensNUMERICUnique OpensThe total number of unique opens.
unique_subscriber_clicksNUMERICUnique Subscriber ClicksThe total number of subscribers who clicked on a campaign.
unsubscribedNUMERICUnsubscribedThe total number of unsubscribed members for this campaign.
urlTEXTURLThe URL for the link in the campaign.
url_campaign_idTEXTURL Campaign IdThe campaign id.
url_click_percentagePERCENTURL Click PercentageThe percentage of total clicks a link generated for a campaign.
url_idTEXTURL IDThe unique id for the link.
url_last_clickDATEURL Last ClickThe date and time for the last recorded click for a link in ISO 8601 format.
url_total_clicksNUMERICURL Total ClicksThe number of total clicks for a link.
url_unique_click_percentagePERCENTURL Unique Click PercentageThe percentage of unique clicks a link generated for a campaign.
url_unique_clicksNUMERICURL Unique ClicksNumber of unique clicks for a link.
todayDATETodayToday's date