Zendesk Field Reference


This connector fetches data from Zendesk on a contact/user level.

https://connectors.windsor.ai/zendesk?api_key=[API Key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=name,phone,email


confirmedBOOLEANConfirmedIndicates whether the user's account has been confirmed or not.
created_atDATECreated atTimestamp of creation in UTC (ISO8601 format).
deleted_atDATEDeleted atTimestamp of deletion in UTC (ISO8601 format) in case the user has been deleted.
emailTEXTEmailEmail address of the user.
groupTEXTGroupGroup the user belongs to. The group entry includes a unique identifier and a name.
idTEXTIDUnique identifier of user
identity_typeTEXTIdentity TypeThe user can be either a person (an agent) or an integration (an internal system user). Possible values: person, integration
invitedBOOLEANInvitedIndicates whether an invitation has been sent to the user or not. Usually true.
nameTEXTNameFull name of the user.
phoneTEXTPhone NumberContact phone number of the user.
reports_toNUMERICReports toUnique identifier of the manager of the user.
roleTEXTRoleRole of the user. Notice that this attribute has no connection with role based access control and permissions. It indicates whether the user is an admin or a regular user. Possible values: user, admin
rolesTEXTRolesAn array of roles assigned to the user. Each entry in the array includes a unique identifier of the role and it's name. You can expect unique values in the array. RBAC API is not yet public.
statusTEXTStatusStatus of the user's account. Usually active. Possible values: active, inactive.
team_nameTEXTTeam NameName of the team the user belongs to.
timezoneTEXTTimezoneTimezone of the user as the offset from Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in the format `UTC(+
updated_atDATEUpdated atTimestamp of the last update in UTC (ISO8601 format).
zendesk_user_idTEXTZendesk User IDIf your Sell account is linked to a Zendesk account, the user will have a Zendesk user ID.