Shopify Field Reference

Sample[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=order_id,order_current_total_price,order_email,order_updated_at&_renderer=csv

The Shopify connector lets you pull Shopify data on an object level (e.g. order, contact). If you specify the fields date_from and date_to it will filter for a date range in which the objects were created.

Sample query for order objects[your API key]&date_preset=last_28d&fields=order_app_id,order_sales_channel,order_name,order_note,order_tags,order_cancelled_at,order_cancel_reason,order_closed_at,order_created_at,order_count,order_currency,order_current_total_discounts,order_total_discounts,order_total_discounts_set,order_current_total_price,order_current_subtotal_price,order_current_total_tax,order_total_price,order_email,order_financial_status,order_updated_at,order_line_items,order_fulfillable_quantity,order_shipping_address

Sample query for customer objects[your API key]&date_preset=last_28d&fields=customer_email,customer_created_at,customer_updated_at,customer_date,customer_first_name,customer_last_name,customer_state,customer_total_spent,customer_verified_email,customer_multipass_identifier,customer_tax_exempt,customer_phone,customer_currency,customer_id,customer_last_order_id,customer_last_order_name,customer_note,customer_orders_count,customer_tags&_renderer=powerbi


account_idTEXTAccount IDShopify Account URL
account_nameTEXTAccount NameShopify Account URL
TEXTMarketing Event Breadcrumb IDThe breadcrumb ID of the event.marketing_event
budget_typeTEXTMarketing Event Budget TypeThe budget type of the event.marketing_event
customer_created_atTIMESTAMPCustomer Created at (Timestamp)The date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the customer was created.customer
customer_currencyTEXTCustomer CurrencyThe three-letter code (ISO 4217 format) for the currency that the customer used when they paid for their last order. Defaults to the shop currency. Returns the shop currency for test orders.customer
customer_dateDATECustomer Created At (Date)The date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the customer information was last updated.customer
customer_default_addressOBJECTCustomer Default AddressThe customer's default address.customer
customer_emailTEXTCustomer E-Mail AddressThe unique email address of the customer. Attempting to assign the same email address to multiple customers returns an error.customer
customer_first_nameTEXTCustomer First NameThe customer's first name.customer
customer_idTEXTCustomer IDA unique identifier for the customer.customer
customer_last_nameTEXTCustomer Last NameThe customer's last name.customer
customer_last_order_idTEXTCustomer Last Order IDThe ID of the customer's last order.customer
customer_last_order_nameTEXTCustomer Last Order NameThe name of the customer's last order. This is directly related to the name field on the Order resource.customer
customer_multipass_identifierNUMERICCustomer Multipass IdentifierA unique identifier for the customer that's used with Multipass login.customer
customer_noteTEXTCustomer NoteA note about the customer.customer
customer_orders_countNUMERICCustomer Orders CountThe number of orders associated with this customer.customer
customer_phoneTEXTCustomer Phone NumberThe unique phone number (E.164 format) for this customer.customer
customer_stateTEXTCustomer stateThe state of the customer's account with a shop (Can be disabled, invited, enabled and declined)customer
customer_tagsTEXTCustomer TagsTags that the shop owner has attached to the customer, formatted as a string of comma-separated values.customer
customer_tax_exemptBOOLEANCustomer Tax ExemptWhether the customer is exempt from paying taxes on their order. If true, then taxes won't be applied to an order at checkout. If false, then taxes will be applied at checkout.customer
customer_total_spentNUMERICCustomer Total SpentThe total amount of money that the customer has spent across their order history.customer
customer_updated_atTIMESTAMPCustomer Updated at (Timestamp)The date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the customer information was last updated.customer
customer_verified_emailBOOLEANCustomer Email VerifiedWhether the customer has verified their email address.customer
dateDATECustomer Created at (Timestamp)The date and time (ISO 8601 format) of the queried object.
emailTEXTOrder EmailThe customers email address.order
ended_atTIMESTAMPMarketing Ended AtThe event end datetime.marketing_event
event_typeTEXTMarketing Event TypeThe event type.marketing_event
line_item__discount_allocationsTEXTLine Item Discount AllocationsAn ordered list of amounts allocated by discount applications. Eachdiscount allocation is associated with a particular discount application.amount: The discount amount allocated to the line in the shop currency.discount_application_index: The index of the associated discount application in the order'sdiscount_applications list.amount_set: The discount amount allocated to the line item in shop and presentmentcurrencies.order
line_item__dutiesTEXTLine Item DutiesA list of duty objects, each containing information about a duty on the line item.order
line_item__fulfillable_quantityNUMERICLine Item Fulfillable QuantityThe amount available to fulfill, calculated as follows:quantity - max(refunded_quantity, fulfilled_quantity) - pending_fulfilled_quantity - open_fulfilled_quantityorder
line_item__fulfillment_serviceTEXTLine Item Fulfillment ServiceThe service provider that's fulfilling the item. Valid values: manual,or the name of the provider, such as amazon or shipwire.order
line_item__fulfillment_statusTEXTLine Item Fulfillment StatusHow far along an order is in terms line items fulfilled. Valid values:null, fulfilled, partial, and not_eligible.order
line_item__gift_cardTEXTLine Item Gift CardWhether the item is a gift card. If true, then the item is not taxed orconsidered for shipping charges.order
line_item__gramsNUMERICLine Item GramsThe weight of the item in grams.order
line_item__idTEXTLine Item IdThe ID of the line item.order
line_item__nameTEXTLine Item NameThe name of the product variant.order
line_item__origin_locationTEXTLine Item Origin LocationThe location of the line item’s fulfillment The location ID of the line item’s fulfillment origin. Used by Shopify to calculateapplicable taxes. This is not the ID of the location where the order was placed. You can use the FulfillmentOrderresource to determine the location an item will be sourced from.country_code: The two-letter code (ISO 3166-1 format) forthe country of the item's supplier.province_code: The two-letter abbreviation for the region of the item's The name of the item's supplier.address1: The street address of the item's supplier.address2: The suite number of the item's The city of the item's The zip of the item's supplier.order
line_item__priceNUMERICLine Item PriceThe price of the item before discounts have been applied in the shop currency.order
line_item__price_setTEXTLine Item Price SetThe price of the line item in shop and presentment currencies.order
line_item__product_idTEXTLine Item Product IdThe ID of the product that the line item belongs to. Can be null ifthe original product associated with the order is deleted at a later date.order
line_item__propertiesTEXTLine Item PropertiesAn array of custom information for the item that has been added to the cart. Oftenused to provide product customization options.order
line_item__quantityNUMERICLine Item QuantityThe number of items that were purchased.order
line_item__requires_shippingTEXTLine Item Requires ShippingWhether the item requires shipping.order
line_item__skuTEXTLine Item SKUThe item's SKU (stock keeping unit).order
line_item__tax_linesTEXTLine Item Tax LinesA list of tax line objects, each of which details a tax applied to the item.title: The name of the tax.price: The amount added to the order for this tax in the shop currency.price_set: The amount added to the order for this tax in shop and presentment currencies.rate: The tax rate applied to the order to calculate the tax price.channel_liable: Whether the channel that submitted the tax line is liable for remitting. Avalue of null indicates unknown liability for the tax line.order
line_item__taxableTEXTLine Item TaxableWhether the item was taxable.order
line_item__tip_payment_gatewayTEXTLine Item Tip Payment GatewayThe payment gateway used to tender the tip, such asshopify_payments. Present only on tips.order
line_item__tip_payment_methodTEXTLine Item Tip Payment MethodThe payment method used to tender the tip, such as Visa.Present only on tips.order
line_item__titleTEXTLine Item TitleThe title of the product.order
line_item__total_discountNUMERICLine Item Total DiscountThe total amount of the discount allocated to the line item in the shopcurrency. This field must be explicitly set using draft orders, Shopify scripts, or the API. Instead of usingthis field, Shopify recommends using discount_allocations, which provides the same information.order
line_item__total_discount_setNUMERICLine Item Total Discount SetThe total amount allocated to the line item in the presentment currency.Instead of using this field, Shopify recommends using discount_allocations, which provides the sameinformation.order
line_item__variant_idTEXTLine Item Variant IDThe ID of the product variant.order
line_item__variant_titleTEXTLine Item Variant TitleThe title of the product variant.order
line_item__vendorTEXTLine Item VendorThe name of the item's supplier.order
manage_urlTEXTMarketing Event Manage URLThe manage URL of the event.marketing_event
marketing_activity_idTEXTMarketing Event Activity IDThe activity ID of the event.marketing_event
marketing_channelTEXTMarketing Event ChannelThe markerting channel of the event.marketing_event
marketing_event_budgetNUMERICMarketing Event BudgetThe budget of the event.marketing_event
marketing_event_currencyNUMERICMarketing Event CurrencyThe currency of the event.marketing_event
marketing_event_descriptionTEXTMarketing Event DescriptionThe event description.marketing_event
marketing_event_paidBOOLEANMarketing Event PaidThe flag that indicates if an event is paid.marketing_event
order_app_idTEXTOrder App IDThe ID of the app that created the order.order
order_billing_addressOBJECTOrder Billing AddressThe orders billing address.order
order_cancel_reasonTEXTOrder Cancel ReasonThe reason why the order was canceled.order
order_cancelled_atTIMESTAMPOrder Cancelled AtThe date and time ( ISO 8601 format) when the order was canceled.order
order_closed_atTIMESTAMPOrder Closed AtThe date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the order was closed.order
order_countNUMERICOrder CountThe number of orders. Default value is 1, but for refunds, the value is zero.order
order_created_atTIMESTAMPOrder Created AtThe autogenerated date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the order was created in Shopify. The value for this property cannot be changed.order
order_currencyTEXTOrder CurrencyThe three-letter code (ISO 4217 format) for the shop currency.order
order_current_subtotal_priceNUMERICOrder Current Subtotal PriceThe current subtotal price of the order in the shop currency. The value of this field reflects order edits, returns, and refunds.order
order_current_total_discountsNUMERICOrder Current Total DiscountsThe current total discounts on the order in the shop currency. The value of this field reflects order edits, returns, and refunds.order
order_current_total_priceNUMERICOrder Current Total PriceThe current total price of the order in the shop currency. The value of this field reflects order edits, returns, and refunds.order
order_current_total_taxNUMERICOrder Current Total TaxThe current total taxes charged on the order in the shop currency. The value of this field reflects order edits, returns, or refunds.order
order_emailTEXTOrder EmailThe customers email address.order
order_financial_statusTEXTOrder Payment StatusThe status of payments associated with the order. Can only be set when the order is created.order
order_fulfillable_quantityNUMERICOrder Fullfillable QuantityThe fullfillable quantity of the order.order
order_fulfillment_serviceTEXTOrder Fulfillment ServiceThe order fulfillment service.order
order_gross_salesNUMERICOrder Gross SalesThe order gross sales (before taxes, shipping, discounts, and returns).order
order_idTEXTOrder IDThe unique identifier of the orderorder
order_inventory_item_costNUMERICTotal invetory item cost of an orderTotal invetory item cost of an order.inventory_item
order_inventory_item_idTEXTInventory Item IdThe ID of the inventory item.inventory_item
order_line_itemsOBJECTOrder Line ItemsThe line items of the order.order
order_nameTEXTOrder nameThe name of the orderorder
order_net_marginNUMERICOrder Net MarginThe order net margin.inventory_item
order_net_salesNUMERICOrder Net SalesThe order net sales (Equates to order_gross_sales - order_total_discounts - order_refunds_net).order
order_noteTEXTOrder noteAn optional note that a shop owner can attach to the order.order
order_product_priceNUMERICOrder Product PriceThe order price.order
order_quantityNUMERICOrder QuantityThe order quantity.order
order_refundsTEXTOrder RefundsA list of refunds applied to the order.order
order_refunds_netNUMERICAggregated Order Refunds NetSum of order_refunds_subtotal and order_refunds_refunds_total_tax.order
order_refunds_subtotalNUMERICAggregated Order Refunds SubtotalThe subtotal of the refund line items.order
order_refunds_total_taxNUMERICAggregated Order Refunds Total TaxThe total tax on the refund line items.order
order_sales_channelTEXTOrder Sales Channel (A duplicate of `order_app_id`)The ID of the app that created the order.order
order_shipping_addressOBJECTOrder Shipping AddressThe orders shipping address.order
order_tagsTEXTOrder tagsTags attached to the orderorder
order_total_discountsNUMERICOrder Total DiscountsThe total discounts applied to the price of the order in the shop currency.order
order_total_discounts_setNUMERICOrder Total Discounts SetThe total discounts applied to the price of the order in shop and presentment currencies.order
order_total_priceNUMERICOrder Total PriceThe sum of all line item prices, discounts, shipping, taxes, and tips in the shop currency. Must be positive.order
order_updated_atTIMESTAMPOrder Updated AtThe date and time (ISO 8601 format) when the order was last modified.order
preview_urlTEXTMarketing Event Preview URLThe preview URL of the event.marketing_event
product_created_at_datetimeTIMESTAMPProduct Created At DatetimeThe date and time the product was created.product
product_descriptionTEXTProduct DescriptionDescription of the product.product
product_handleTEXTProduct handleThe product handle.product
product_idTEXTProduct IDThe product variant SKU number.product
product_image_srcTEXTProduct Image URLThe image URL of the product.product
product_inventory_quantityNUMERICProduct Inventory QuantityThe product quantity in inventory.product
product_inventory_valueNUMERICProduct Inventory ValueThe sell value of the product inventory.product
product_priceNUMERICProduct PriceThe price of the product.product
product_tagsTEXTProduct TagsTags attached to the product.product
product_titleTEXTProduct TitleThe title of the product.product
product_typeTEXTProduct TypeThe type of the product.product
product_vendorTEXTProduct VendorThe vendor of the product.product
referring_domainTEXTMarketing Event Referring DomainThe referring domain of the event.marketing_event
remote_idTEXTMarketing Remote IDThe remote id.marketing_event
scheduled_to_end_atTIMESTAMPMarketing Event Scheduled To End AtThe scheduled end date of the event.marketing_event
skuTEXTVariant SKU numberThe product variant SKU number.order
started_atTIMESTAMPMarketing Started AtThe event start datetime.marketing_event
utm_campaignTEXTMarketing Event UTM CampaignThe UTM campaign of the event.marketing_event
utm_mediumTEXTMarketing Event UTM MediumThe UTM medium of the event.marketing_event
utm_sourceTEXTMarketing Event UTM SourceThe UTM source of the event.marketing_event
variant_idTEXTVariant IDThe unique identifier of the product variant.order
variant_titleTEXTVariant TitleThe title of the product variant.order