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Pinterest Organic Field Reference


The Pinterest Organic connector retrieves Pinterest organic data on an account, board and pin level.[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=date,pin_id,pin_impression,pin_click,pin_outbound_click


account_idTEXTAccount idAccount id (Board id)
account_nameTEXTAccount nameAccount name (Board name)
board_ownerTEXTBoard ownerBoard owner username
datasourceTEXTData SourceThe name of the Windsor connector returning the row
dateDATEDateThe Datepin_analytics
day_of_monthTEXTDay of monthDay of the month
monthTEXTMonthNumber of the month
pin_alt_textTEXTPin alt_textPin alt_text
pin_clickNUMERICPin pin_clickPin analytics pin_clickpin_analytics
pin_descriptionTEXTPin descriptionPin description
pin_idTEXTPin idPin id
pin_image_urlIMAGE_URLPin image urlPin image url
pin_impressionNUMERICPin impressionPin analytics impressionpin_analytics
TEXTPin linkPin link
pin_outbound_clickNUMERICPin outbound_clickPin analytics outbound_clickpin_analytics
TEXTPin permalinkPin permalink
pin_quartile_95_percent_viewNUMERICPin quartile_95_percent_viewPin analytics quartile_95_percent_viewpin_analytics
pin_saveNUMERICPin savePin analytics savepin_analytics
pin_titleTEXTPin titlePin title
pin_video_avg_watch_timeNUMERICPin video_avg_watch_timePin analytics video_avg_watch_timepin_analytics
pin_video_mrc_viewNUMERICPin video_mrc_viewPin analytics video_mrc_viewpin_analytics
pin_video_v50_watch_timeNUMERICPin video_v50_watch_timePin analytics video_v50_watch_timepin_analytics
sourceTEXTSourceThe name of the Windsor connector returning the row
todayDATETodayToday's date
weekTEXTWeekWeek (Sun-Sat).
week_dayTEXTDay of week and day numberWeekday number and name combined (Sun-Sat).Numbered from 0 Sunday to 6 Saturday.
week_day_isoTEXTDay of week and day number, ISOWeekday number and name combined, ISO format (Mon-Sun).Numbered from 1 Monday to 7
week_isoTEXTWeek ISOWeek, ISO format (Mon-Sun).
year_monthTEXTYearmonthYear and month, e.g. 2024|3
year_of_weekTEXTYear of weekThe year that contains first day of the week (Sun-Sat).
year_of_week_isoTEXTYear of week, ISOThe year that contains first day of the ISO week (Mon-Sun).
year_weekTEXTYear weekYear and week for US weeks (Sun-Sat), e.g. 2024|15
year_week_isoTEXTYear week ISOYear and week for ISO weeks (Mon-Sun), e.g. 2024|20