ProfitWell Field Reference

Sample,account_name,currency,timezone,date,created_on,activated_on,churned_on,updated_on,customer_id,email,firstname,lastname,mrr,total_spend,plans,status&api_key=[your API key]


account_idTEXTAccount IDThe ProfitWell account IDaccount
account_nameTEXTAccount NameThe ProfitWell account nameaccount
activated_onTIMESTAMPActivated OnThe activation date of the customercustomer
churned_onTIMESTAMPChurned OnThe churn date of the customercustomer
created_onTIMESTAMPCreated OnThe creation date of the customercustomer
currencyTEXTCurrencyThe ProfitWell account currencyaccount
customer_idTEXTCustomer IDThe customer ID of the customercustomer
dateDATEDateThe last updated date of the customer (duplicate of Updated On)customer
emailTEXTEmailThe email address of the customercustomer
firstnameTEXTFirst NameThe first name of the customercustomer
lastnameTEXTLast NameThe last name of the customercustomer
mrrNUMERICMRR (Account currency)The MRR of the customer in the account currencycustomer
plansOBJECTPlansThe plans of the customercustomer
statusTEXTStatusThe status of the customercustomer
timezoneTEXTTime ZoneThe time zone of the ProfitWell accountaccount
total_spendNUMERICTotal Spend (Account currency)The MRR of the customer in the account currencycustomer
updated_onTIMESTAMPUpdated OnThe last updated date of the customercustomer