Adobe Analytics Field Reference


The Adobe Analytics connector pulls data from Adobe Analytics. It uses the API Version 1. The supported default fields are limited as they are suite specific to your set up. To get the entire list of fields you will need to connect your Adobe Analytics suite here.

A sample URL with the Adobe Analytics connector is:[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=account_name,campaign,suite_name,orders


account_idTEXTAccount IDThe account ID
account_nameTEXTAccount NameThe account name
datasourceTEXTData SourceThe name of the Windsor connector returning the row
dateDATEDateReport date
day_of_monthTEXTDay of monthDay of the month
monthTEXTMonthNumber of the month
segment_idTEXTSegment IdSegment Id
segment_tagsTEXTSegment TagsSegment Tags
site_segmentTEXTSegment NameSegment name
sourceTEXTSourceThe name of the Windsor connector returning the row
suite_idTEXTSuite IDSuite ID
suite_nameTEXTSuite NameSuite Name
suite_typeTEXTSuite TypeSuite Type
todayDATETodayToday's date
weekTEXTWeekWeek (Sun-Sat).
week_dayTEXTDay of week and day numberWeekday number and name combined (Sun-Sat).Numbered from 0 Sunday to 6 Saturday.
week_day_isoTEXTDay of week and day number, ISOWeekday number and name combined, ISO format (Mon-Sun).Numbered from 1 Monday to 7
week_isoTEXTWeek ISOWeek, ISO format (Mon-Sun).
year_monthTEXTYearmonthYear and month, e.g. 2024|3
year_of_weekTEXTYear of weekThe year that contains first day of the week (Sun-Sat).
year_of_week_isoTEXTYear of week, ISOThe year that contains first day of the ISO week (Mon-Sun).
year_weekTEXTYear weekYear and week for US weeks (Sun-Sat), e.g. 2024|15
year_week_isoTEXTYear week ISOYear and week for ISO weeks (Mon-Sun), e.g. 2024|20