LinkedIn Pages Field Reference

Sample[your API key]&date_preset=last_7d&fields=date,organization_id,careers_page_views,all_page_views,life_at_page_views&_renderer=csv


about_page_viewsNUMERICAbout Page ViewsAbout page views
about_unique_page_viewsNUMERICAbout Unique Page ViewsAbout unique page views
account_idTEXTAccount IDThe organization identifier.
account_nameTEXTAccount NameThe locale-specific name of the entity.
all_desktop_page_viewsNUMERICAll Desktop Page ViewsAll desktop page views
all_desktop_unique_page_viewsNUMERICAll Desktop Unique Page ViewsAll desktop unique page views
all_mobile_page_viewsNUMERICAll Mobile Page ViewsAll mobile page views
all_mobile_unique_page_viewsNUMERICAll Mobile Unique Page ViewsAll mobile unique page views
all_page_viewsNUMERICAll Page ViewsAll page views
all_unique_page_viewsNUMERICAll Unique Page ViewsAll unique page views
association_follower_countsNUMERICFollower Counts by AssociationFollower Counts by Association
association_follower_counts_organicNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by AssociationOrganic Follower Counts by Association
association_follower_counts_paidNUMERICPaid Follower Counts by AssociationPaid Follower Counts by Association
association_follower_typeTEXTFollower Counts by Association TypeFollower Counts by Association
careers_page_banner_promo_clicksNUMERICCareers Page Banner Promo ClicksCareers page banner promo clicks
careers_page_employees_clicksNUMERICCareers Page Employees ClicksCareers page employees clicks
careers_page_jobs_clicksNUMERICCareers Page Jobs ClicksCareers careers page jobs clicks
NUMERICCareers Page Promo Links ClicksCareers page promo links clicks
careers_page_viewsNUMERICCareers Page ViewsCareers page views
careers_unique_page_viewsNUMERICCareers Unique Page ViewsCareers unique page views
country_follower_countsNUMERICFollower Counts by CountryFollower Counts by Country
country_follower_counts_organicNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by CountryOrganic Follower Counts by Country
country_follower_counts_paidNUMERICPaid Follower Counts by CountryPaid Follower Counts by Country
country_follower_nameTEXTFollower Counts by Country IdFollower Counts by Country
ctrPERCENTCTRClick-Through Rate
desktop_about_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop About Page ViewsDesktop about page views
desktop_about_unique_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop About Unique Page ViewsDesktop about unique page views
desktop_careers_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Careers Page ViewsDesktop careers page views
desktop_careers_unique_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Careers Unique Page ViewsDesktop careers unique page views
desktop_custom_button_click_countsNUMERICDesktop Custom Button Click CountsDesktop custom button click counts
desktop_insights_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Insights Page ViewsDesktop insights page views
desktop_insights_unique_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Insights Unique Page ViewsDesktop insights unique page views
desktop_jobs_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Jobs Page ViewsDesktop jobs page views
desktop_jobs_unique_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Jobs Unique Page ViewsDesktop jobs unique page views
desktop_life_at_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Life At Page ViewsDesktop life at page views
desktop_life_at_unique_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Life At Unique Page ViewsDesktop life at unique page views
desktop_overview_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Overview Page ViewsDesktop overview page views
desktop_overview_unique_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Overview Unique Page ViewsDesktop overview unique page views
desktop_people_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop People Page ViewsDesktop people page views
desktop_people_unique_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop People Unique Page ViewsDesktop people unique page views
desktop_products_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Products Page ViewsDesktop products page views
desktop_products_unique_page_viewsNUMERICDesktop Products Unique Page ViewsDesktop products unique page views
followers_gain_organicNUMERICOrganic growth of the organization's followers per dayGrowth of the organization's followers over day through organic.
followers_gain_paidNUMERICPaid growth of the organization's followers per dayGrowth of the organization's followers over day through ads.
function_follower_countsNUMERICFollower Counts by FunctionFollower Counts by Function
function_follower_counts_organicNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by FunctionOrganic Follower Counts by Function
function_follower_counts_paidNUMERICPaid Follower Counts by FunctionPaid Follower Counts by Function
function_follower_typeTEXTFollower Counts by Type of FunctionFollower Counts by Type of Function
industry_follower_countsNUMERICFollower Counts by IndustryFollower Counts by Industry
industry_follower_counts_organicNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by IndustryOrganic Follower Counts by Industry
industry_follower_counts_paidNUMERICPaid Follower Counts by IndustryPaid Follower Counts by Industry
industry_follower_typeTEXTFollower Counts by Industry TypeFollower Counts by Industry Type
insights_page_viewsNUMERICInsights Page ViewsInsights page views
insights_unique_page_viewsNUMERICInsights Unique Page ViewsInsights unique page views
jobs_page_viewsNUMERICJobs Page ViewsJobs page views
jobs_unique_page_viewsNUMERICJobs Unique Page ViewsJobs unique page views
life_at_page_viewsNUMERICLife At Page ViewsLife at page views
life_at_unique_page_viewsNUMERICLife At Unique Page ViewsLife at unique page views
mobile_about_page_viewsNUMERICMobile About Page ViewsMobile about page views
mobile_about_unique_page_viewsNUMERICMobile About Unique Page ViewsMobile about unique page views
mobile_careers_page_employees_clicksNUMERICMobile Careers Page Employees ClicksMobile careers page employees clicks
mobile_careers_page_jobs_clicksNUMERICMobile Careers Page Jobs ClicksMobile careers page jobs clicks
NUMERICMobile Careers Page Promo Links ClicksMobile careers page promo links clicks
mobile_careers_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Careers Page ViewsMobile careers page views
mobile_careers_unique_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Careers Unique Page ViewsMobile careers unique page views
mobile_custom_button_click_countsNUMERICMobile Custom Button Click CountsMobile custom button clicks
mobile_insights_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Insights Page ViewsMobile insights page views
mobile_insights_unique_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Insights Unique Page ViewsMobile insights unique page views
mobile_jobs_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Jobs Page ViewsMobile jobs page views
mobile_jobs_unique_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Jobs Unique Page ViewsMobile jobs unique page views
mobile_life_at_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Life At Page ViewsMobile life at page views
mobile_life_at_unique_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Life At Unique Page ViewsMobile life at unique page views
mobile_overview_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Overview Page ViewsMobile overview page views
mobile_overview_unique_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Overview Unique Page ViewsMobile overview unique page views
mobile_people_page_viewsNUMERICMobile People Page ViewsMobile people page views
mobile_people_unique_page_viewsNUMERICMobile People Unique Page ViewsMobile people unique page views
mobile_products_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Products Page ViewsMobile products page views
mobile_products_unique_page_viewsNUMERICMobile Products Unique Page ViewsMobile products unique page views
organization_descriptionTEXTOrganization DescriptionThe locale-specific description of the entity.
organization_follower_countNUMERICOrganization Follower CountNumber of organization followers.
organization_idTEXTOrganizationThe organization identifier.
organization_nameTEXTOrganization NameThe locale-specific name of the entity.
organization_primary_typeTEXTOrganization Primary TypeType of primary organization being used in the lookup. Possible values - NONE,SCHOOL,BRAND
organization_statusTEXTOrganization StatusStatus of the organization, such as operating or out of business.
organization_vanity_nameTEXTOrganization Vanity NameEntity's unique name used in URLs.
organization_websiteTEXTOrganization WebsiteThe locale-specific website of the entity.
overview_page_viewsNUMERICOverview Page ViewsOverview page views
overview_unique_page_viewsNUMERICOverview Unique Page ViewsOverview unique page views
people_page_viewsNUMERICPeople Page ViewsPeople page views
people_unique_page_viewsNUMERICPeople Unique Page ViewsPeople unique page views
post_idTEXTPost IDPost ID (could be Share ID or UGC post ID)
products_page_viewsNUMERICProducts Page ViewsProducts page views
products_unique_page_viewsNUMERICProducts Unique Page ViewsProducts unique page views
region_follower_countsNUMERICFollower Counts by RegionFollower Counts by Region
region_follower_counts_organicNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by RegionOrganic Follower Counts by Region
region_follower_counts_paidNUMERICPaid Follower Counts by RegionPaid Follower Counts by Region
region_follower_nameTEXTFollower Counts by Region NameFollower Counts by Region Name
seniority_follower_countsNUMERICFollower Counts by SeniorityFollower Counts by Seniority
seniority_follower_counts_organicNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by SeniorityOrganic Follower Counts by Seniority
seniority_follower_counts_paidNUMERICPaid Follower Counts by SeniorityPaid Follower Counts by Seniority
seniority_follower_typeTEXTFollower Counts by Seniority TypeFollower Counts by Seniority
share_activityTEXTShare ActivityURN of the activity associated with this share. Activities act as a wrapper around shares and articles to represent content in the LinkedIn feed.
share_audience_type_all_followersBOOLEANShare Audience Type All FollowersMake share visible to everyone, even guests on LinkedIn (default="true")
share_change_actorTEXTShare Change ActorThe entity authorized the change.
share_clicks_countNUMERICShare Clicks CountNumber of clicks (per day).
share_comment_countNUMERICShare Comment CountNumber of comments (per day).
share_comment_mentions_countNUMERICShare Comment Mentions CountNumber of mentions of the organizational entity in a comment across LinkedIn. The field does not have a value when individual share statistics are requested.
share_countNUMERICShare CountNumber of shares.
share_created_timeDATEShare Created TimeWhen the event created.
share_descriptionTEXTShare DescriptionContent description. This field is displayed to a small percentage of members on the mobile web version of the site. It is not displayed on the desktop site or native mobile apps. Maximum of 256 characters.
share_editedBOOLEANShare EditedA flag that indicates if this share was edited by a member.
share_engagement_rateNUMERICShare EngagementNumber of organic clicks, likes, comments, and shares over impressions.
share_entityTEXTShare EntityURN of the content being shared. Typical URN format is urn:li:digitalmediaAsset:C551DAQFRc4PDJV0OBg or urn:li:richMediaSummary:{id} (deprecated).
share_idTEXTShare IDUnique ID for the share.
share_impression_countNUMERICShare Impression CountNumber of impressions.
share_last_modified_actorTEXTShare Last Modified ActorThe entity authorized the last change.
share_last_modified_timeDATEShare Last Modified TimeWhen the event last time modified.
share_like_countNUMERICShare Like CountNumber of likes. This field can become negative when members who liked a sponsored share later unlike it. The like is not counted since it is not organic, but the unlike is counted as organic.
share_media_categoryTEXTShare Media CategoryThe type of media represented by contentEntities.
share_mention_countNUMERICShare Mention CountNumber of mentions of the organizational entity in a share across LinkedIn. The field does not have a value when individual share statistics are requested.
share_ownerTEXTShare OwnerOwner of the share.
share_target_functionsNUMERICShare Target FunctionsRestrict share to specific functions. Not applicable to member shares.
share_target_geolocationsNUMERICShare Target GeoLocationsRestrict share to specific geoLocations. Not applicable to member shares. Supported URN types - countryGroup, country, state, and region.
share_target_industriesNUMERICShare Target IndustriesRestrict share to specific industries. Not applicable to member shares.
share_target_interface_localesNUMERICShare Target Interface LocalesRestrict share to specific user locales. Not applicable to member shares.
share_target_locationsNUMERICShare Target LocationsRestrict share to specific locations. Not applicable to member shares. Supported URN types - countryGroup, country, state, and region.
share_target_senioritiesNUMERICShare Target SenioritiesRestrict share to specific seniorities. Not applicable to member shares.
share_textTEXTShare TextUnique ID for the share.
share_titleTEXTShare TitleContent title. Either Share URL or share text is shown when no title is provided.
share_unique_impressions_countNUMERICShare Unique Impressions CountNumber of unique impressions.
share_urlTEXTShare URLURL of the content being shared.
staff_follower_countsNUMERICFollower Counts by Staff Count RangeFollower Counts by Staff Count Range
staff_follower_counts_organicNUMERICOrganic Follower Counts by Organic Staff Count RangeFollower Counts by Organic Staff Count Range
staff_follower_counts_paidNUMERICFollower Counts by Paid Staff Count RangeFollower Counts by Paid Staff Count Range
staff_follower_rangeTEXTFollower Counts by Staff Count Range NameFollower Counts by Staff Count Range Name
ugc_post_idTEXTUGC Post IDUnique UGC post ID