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Minimised unprofitable campaigns and increased profitable campaigns across channels


The AG with headquarters in Zürich is the issuer of the Visa Bonus Card, LibertyCard and SIMPLYCARD. is the leading issuer of credit and prepaid cards with integrated loyalty programs, supports mobile payment solutions like Apple Pay or Google Pay and employs 140 people. Since 2011 the AG is part of the Cornér Bank group. is an advanced advertiser in a very competitive financial field. They are always experimenting with the newest technologies.

CHALLENGE: needed:
- To see all marketing spend and performance data in one place
- Full transparency into the performance of multiple touchpoints and complex journeys.
- Data driven attribution uses among others the following marketing channels
- Google ads
- Bing
- Facebook
- Criteo
- Affiliates (mostly specialised on the financial sector)
bonuscard at a glance

  • Issuer of Visa Bonus Card, Visa LibertyCard and SIMPLYCARD
  • Leading issuer with integrated loyalty program and mobile payment solutions
  • Advanced marketer using multiple different marketing channels like search, social, affiliates

The decision-making process of selecting the right credit card is a complex one. That means that the customer journey can be long and therefore hard to track.

THE SOLUTION: connected with API’s to all marketing platforms so the data is always up-to-date and its easy to see performance of all channels quickly.’s data driven attribution algorithm provides the attributed conversions along the full customer journey. Then matches the attributed performance to the costs from all platforms so its easy to see the performance in one KPI from every channel.

In addition to this makes it easy to drill down in every customer journey in detail.
The software also gives prioritized recommendations on how to optimise the marketing ROI.

Now has the full transparency and overview into the multichannel performance at all times.


  • Spending allocations thanks to the visibility of first and last touch channels.
  • Performance of all channels truly visible for the first time.
  • Minimised unprofitable campaigns and increased profitable campaigns across channels

WINDSOR.AI’s clients typically improve marketing ROI by up to 30%, free themselves of unprofitable campaigns, and focus their marketing with data-driven customer journey insights.
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