TOP Advertising Agencies in Switzerland (Updated 2023)

advertising agencies in switzerland

A look at the AI readiness among the top marketing and advertising agencies in Switzerland.

We come in contact with many of the top marketing and advertising agencies in Switzerland and analyze advertising campaigns that have been set up by the leading agencies. As an attribution company and google partner our software analyses many campaigns run by top agencies globally and in Switzerland. In this post we take a quick look on how data-driven and ready for AI the Advertising agencies in Switzerland are.

For a long time there has been discussion about programmatic advertising and data driven marketing. Not to mention marketing automation. Now more recently that AI is going to personalise and automate the work of the agencies.


Is the Ad agency in Switzerland being in-housed or automated by AI?

For us this is interesting as we analyse and optimise so many campaigns for the most advanced and successful advertisers in the world. We also come across many quite poorly setup campaigns. If we generalise these are often campaigns that at some point, have been setup by an agency but have not really been maintained. And often the agency is not giving them the attention they would need.

Also if campaigns are managed without automation tools it is a huge amount of work to optimise campaigns. So to be able to see if the agency is doing a good job the client many times needs not only lots of knowledge but also proper tools to analyse the performance. Not easy.

Generally the best performing campaigns and advertising teams we see are run by in-house teams in e-commerce and online travel. Generally this is because the teams know not only the marketing so well but also know the business so well.


Ranking criteria

We ranked the agencies using three Criteria:


Data Capabilities

Does the advertising agency have the skills and capabilities for modern data-flow development. This is a requirement for automation and AI. Unfortunately in many cases data flows are still spreadsheets sent over email.

In capabilities section we also considered have the campaigns been setup well. Are there well structured, small ad-groups with narrow keywords or is most of the traffic caught by broad and expensive matches.



Is the agency open to transparency and performance analyses and optimisation opportunities? If the agency shuns transparency it is often a worrying sign.


Processes and performance

How much of the work is automated? Have the campaigns we have come across by them been well performing or unmaintained expensive broad campaigns.



Top 13 advertising agencies in Switzerland

Anyways, here is the ranking:


1. Dept ( Former yourposition )

The campaigns from Dept we have come across have been well managed and the platforms have been well setup. The campaigns set up by them generally have good quality scores, relevance scores and are well structured.


2. Webrepublic

Generally the campaigns have been performing well and have been well structured and setup by them. However they are not as data-driven as they would like to seem and sometimes resort to buzzwords they know the clients wouldnt understand. In some instances they have been afraid of transparency.


3. Namics

Namics does a great job and is really forward looking towards becoming more data driven and also transparent. Yet unfortunately the data pipelines still many times consist of spreadsheets and email. Instead of realtime automated data-flows which would make it ready for AI….


4. Publicis Switzerland

Publicis is a globally recognized advertising agency with a presence in Switzerland. They offer a wide range of advertising and marketing services, including creative campaigns, branding, digital marketing, and public relations.


5. McCann Switzerland

McCann is a renowned global advertising agency with offices in Switzerland. They provide advertising, brand strategy, digital marketing, and creative services.


6. Havas Switzerland

Havas is a leading global communications agency with a presence in Switzerland. They offer a comprehensive range of marketing and advertising services, including media planning and buying, digital marketing, and creative campaigns.


7. Jung von Matt/Limmat

Jung von Matt is a highly regarded advertising agency with offices in Zurich. They specialize in creating innovative and impactful campaigns, branding, digital marketing, and creative strategies.


8. Ruf Lanz

Ruf Lanz is a well-established creative agency based in Zurich. They offer advertising, branding, design, and strategic marketing services.


9. Rod Kommunikation

Rod Kommunikation is an advertising agency located in Zurich. They provide a range of services including advertising campaigns, branding, digital marketing, and social media management.


10. Leo Burnett Switzerland

Leo Burnett is an award-winning agency with a presence in Switzerland. They specialize in creative advertising campaigns, strategic thinking, and brand development.


11. Forsman & Bodenfors Switzerland

Forsman & Bodenfors is an international advertising agency with an office in Switzerland. They focus on innovative and creative campaigns, brand strategy, and digital marketing.


12. Farner Consulting

Farner Consulting is a communication agency based in Zurich. They offer a wide range of services including advertising, public relations, digital marketing, and strategic communication.


13. Wirz Communications

Wirz Communications is a renowned advertising and communication agency in Switzerland. They provide services such as advertising campaigns, branding, digital marketing, and creative strategies.


Summary: Top advertising agencies in Switzerland

Remember, the “best” advertising agency in Switzerland  for your specific needs will depend on factors such as your industry, budget, project requirements, and desired outcomes. It is advisable to research each agency, review their portfolio, client testimonials, and case studies, and even consider reaching out to them for a consultation to assess their capabilities and how well they align with your goals.


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