Case Study - Schroders


As a global investment manager, Schroders helps institutions, intermediaries and individuals across the planet meet their goals, fulfil their ambitions, and prepare for the future. Doing this takes experience and expertise.
Schroders bring together people and data to spot the trends that will shape the future. This provides a unique perspective which allows them to always invest with conviction Schroders remains determined to build future prosperity for them, and for all of society.


Schroders is advertising across many different channels which include AdWords, Social Media, Outbrain, Email and Programmatic. The marketing team in Singapore wanted to find a simple way of analyzing the customer journeys without any bias and double-counting of conversions across different channels.
Having a media and agency independent partner to analyze key performance indicators such as efficiency of the ad-spend across channels (CPA) was important too, as the company is moving more and more into outcome driven campaigns with call to actions goals such as form submissions

Schroders at a glance

  • Founded in 1804 in London
  • Total assets under management GBP 447.0 billion
  • FTSE 100 component, traded on the London Stock exchange (LSE)
  • 4600 Employees in 29 offices globally
  • Targeted advertising to reach intermediaries, individuals and institutional investors

“One reason we chose is because of their independence of any publishers or media companies.” said Isaac Poh, Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Lead. “It brings real transparency into our media-buy.”


Bringing visibility and transparency into the customer journeys took three steps

  1. On-boarding all DoubleClick Campaign Manager and Google Analytics journey data
    onto the - Attribution Insights platform to get an understanding on how users convert across channels. Having ad-server data in addition to Google Analytics data allowed us to include view-through conversions in the data modelling.
  2. Adding the costs data from the various sources through the use of API’s and stitching them together with the customer journey data from analytics and ad-server data.
  3. Apply data-driven multi-touch attribution model to calculate the true CPA based on all activity in the customer conversion journey.


Schroders is looking to decrease the CPA on an on-going basis and expand the use of the Attribution Insights platform across different markets in APAC.


  • 41% decrease in overall marketing CPA
  • Minimised unprofitable campaigns and increased profitable campaigns
  • Eye-opening, data-driven insights into the full customer journey.
  • Quantified insights to help plan overall marketing

WINDSOR.AI’s clients typically improve marketing ROI by up to 30%, free themselves of unprofitable campaigns, and focus their marketing with data-driven customer journey insights.
Our secret? Ground-breaking, artificial-intelligence-based historic and real-time data analysis, with attribution modelling that tells you what works and what doesn't.

Still waiting? Get in touch with us to receive a clear and customized view of your attribution modeling statistics.

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