“Windsor.ai helped us see how profitable the price-comparison websites really are for us and how much more we should invest in them!”
Jens Weber, SEA-Manager, Benz24.

Case Study - Benz24


Benz24 is one of the leading online-shops in construction and home improvement in Germany offering more than 100.000 Products. The company is growing fast and expanding to new marketing channels and markets. The company needed a way to measure the different marketing channels effects during the customer journey.


Benz24 is advertising across many different channels which include AdWords, Social Media, Retargeting, Email, affiliates and Programmatic.
The marketing team wanted to easily see the ROAS from all channels in one place and optimise based on data driven attribution.
Having a media and agency independent partner to bring data from all different marketing platforms together and showing the performance and ROAS in an easy way was important for benz24
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Benz24 at a glance

  • Fast growing Online-Shop
  • Active in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland
  • Successful in a very competitive online market
  • Online shop was started in 2007
  • Benz24 is the online shop of Benz GmbH & Co. KG Baustoffe which was founded in 1919


Bringing visibility and transparency into the customer journeys took three steps

  • On-boarding all data from SEA, Retargeting and social platforms.
  • Adding the costs data from the various affiliate sources
  • Apply data-driven multi-touch attribution model to calculate the true ROAS based on all activity in the customer conversion journey.

Case Benz24 Data Integration


Continuous optimisations and automating more of the optimisations.

WINDSOR.AI’s clients typically improve marketing ROI by up to 30%, free themselves of unprofitable campaigns, and focus their marketing with data-driven customer journey insights.
Our secret? Ground-breaking, artificial-intelligence-based historic and real-time data analysis, with attribution modelling that tells you what works and what doesn't.

Still waiting? Get in touch with us to receive a clear and customized view of your attribution modeling statistics.

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