Case Study - KEF


Since it’s foundation in 1961 by ex-BBC Design Engineer Raymond Cooke and his partner Robert Pearch, Kent Engineering & Foundry (KEF) has been known for its world leading research and development. KEF has always been a collaborator, and its early days saw a close partnership with the BBC’s research department which ran throughout the sixties and seventies producing legendary speakers such as the LS (loudspeaker) 3/5A which went on to see over 50,000 pairs.
Since this early days on the foundry site in Maidstone, in Kent ’the garden of England’ the company now sells its revered award winning range globally.


KEF has primarily been a B2B business and recently decided to expand our direct B2C market. To expand our business, brand awareness and lead generation campaigns are crucial to reach our potential customers who may not know of KEF or have very little knowledge of the brand itself. KEF has complex customer journeys to tackle throughout different stages of the marketing funnel.
Transactions can happen across multiple channels, online and offline. KEF sees the need to optimise budgets across channels, regions and audience groups depending on their readiness to purchase any KEF products.KEF needs to centralise all data in one place for more holistic data analysis — With global, regional and local campaigns run from Headquarters, Regional Sales Offices, and local distribution markets respectively, there are multiple sources of data which needs to be integrated:

  • Online spend at different levels: Google Ads, Facebook, Email, Affiliate Marketing etc.
  • Conversions and revenues: direct store, eCommerce partners, brick and mortar stores
  • A dire need to understand the impact of upper funnel online spend (brand awareness campaigns) on attributed conversions and revenues

kef logo

KEF at a glance

  • British loudspeaker manufacturer, founded in 1961
  • Globally active both through ecommerce and in stores
  • Products range includes Studio monitors, Loudspeakers, Subwoofers, Bluetooth Speakers and Headphones


“ integrates all our multi-channel data sources and runs algorithmic attribution models on our data. This helps us to understand how our marketing campaigns impact online and instore revenue at different stages of the marketing funnel.” Villie Tsang, Head of Digital Marketing in GP Global Marketing, KEF and GP Batteries


All of KEF's revenue data from all revenue and marketing channels was integrated into the - Attribution Insights platform. The platform then connects the costs to the attributed revenue.
Cross-channel media performance overview
Cross-channel media performance overview
KEF has full has full transparency for the first time into the marketing spend and performance across all channels.’s data driven attribution algorithm provides the attributed conversions along the full customer journey.
Then - Attribution Insights matches the attributed performance to the costs from all platforms so it’s easy to see the ROI from all channels.
Customer conversion journeys
Customer conversion journeys


  • KEF for the first time has full transparency into all the spending and the performance
  • KEF overall increased ROAS by 32% across all channels by applying the optimisations
  • KEF understands how online spending impacts offline and eCommerce partner conversions

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