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Windsor.ai Agency Program

Your clients come to you for insights and your expertise. If you spend your precious hours on gathering manual reports and manual processes, the time to create insights and your expertise suffer. Most importantly, growing the business is challenging if time is spent on repetitive tasks. Windsor.ai removes manual data processing and adds a layer of actionable insights to delight your customers. Our platform is built to make sure you can focus on what matters: Happy clients and growth.

Improve marketing ROI with Attribution Modelling

Optimise Media Performance

Insights, optimisations, and automated reporting across all clients.

Your client campaign budgets, performances, and outcomes are scattered across a multitude of channels and different technologies– each with their own reports that don’t add up. With Windsor.ai you can automate 80% or more of your data wrangling, while optimising your KPIs with advanced, machine-learning attribution models, create dashboards and reports– so you can replace manual work with automation across clients, and gain back time to deliver outcomes.

Optimise Business Outcomes

Apply machine learning models to drive results

Marketing never rests. As one question is answered, the next one is asked. How do we tie our performance to CRM data? To offline revenues? How do we predict our performance? These questions are opportunities. With Windsor.ai, you can extend your analytics across the entire customer journey and into deeper granularities, to deliver the custom solutions your most advanced clients are seeking.

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Case Study: iProspect provides campaign reporting and machine-learning based performance optimisations to their clients

iProspects mission is to help their clients leverage the latest digital and performance media techniques to connect with their customers and grow their businesses. They apply a data-driven strategic approach using insights and analytics across all digital disciplines.

“With performance and the customer at the heart of

what we do, our Windsor.ai dashboards are

now truly the beating heart of the agency.”


Lawrence Yang | Managing Director Hong Kong & Regional Director APAC | iProspect

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